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Mission 2 is finally live!

The Ardent Cinders are the first to arrive in Neve town, where they discover that trouble has been brewing in this normally peaceful town. After speaking with the town’s guildmaster, Barrik the Abomasnow, they discover that a young scholar has been kidnapped! Paired with the Taiga Fist Brigade, will they be fast enough to stop the kidnappers?

Ardent Cinder’s Mission 2 can be found here

The Roaring Icebergs have been left behind! Refusing to stand idle and wait for the next tram, they’ve begun marching up the mountain on foot. Unfortunately they run into trouble along the way, and fall into an underground chasm! Will they be able to make it out of these treacherous caverns alive?

Roaring Iceberg’s Mission 2 can be found here

The deadline for Mission 2 is July 24th 11:59 PST.

Missions will come directly after jobs and each guild will receive a task respectively based on the results recorded from the paired job. Unlike jobs we do not judge submissions created for a mission but instead hope that you will all take the opportunity and use these prompts to develop and further your own stories or goals for these characters. Completing a Mission will grant a team a stamp that will eventually aid in your team in ranking up. Ranking up has several benefits mostly in the realms of rewards.  Teams that collect enough and rank up get access to a larger home and will receive more pay for a job well done. Bellow is a basic idea of what you can expect for ranking up.

Rank break down:

Basic= 0-1 stamps
Perks:Is paid the basic Price: 10 for jobs 5 for missions. Can house up to four members although one slot is locked

Super= 2-4 stamps
Perks: Is paid more for jobs leading to quicker purchases of rewards: 12 for jobs 7 for missions. Can get a bigger house and unlock two slots for standby teammates for a total of 6 members.

Ultra= 5-7 stamps
Perks: Is paid even more: 14 for jobs, 9 for missions. Updated house now has four slot available to unlock meaning you could potentially house 8 members by unlocking the 4 extra slots.

Master= 8 stamps
Perks: Paid the most: 16 for jobs, 11 for missions. Has full access to secret missions along with the a large home that can hold up to 10 members by unlocking all 6 of the extra slots.

Missions also typically reward cooler trinkets for being completed that can be used later to perhaps wow us during a job with how you creatively use them.

Rewards can still be earned completing the mission past the deadline up until the release of the next mission, but you will lose out on the stamp. HOWEVER you have the chance to earn a slowpoke stamp for completing a mission at all. 2 slowpoke stamps is the equivalent of a normal stamp and can be used to rank up.

Take the time to check out Tim’s shop if you haven’t already!

And as always, have fun!

~The Rival-Gates Administration Team
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