Job 5: Into the Moon Pool

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What in the world is going on here?!? That machine went right through me!

Beats me! I’m just happy you didn’t get hurt!

Yeah, I do feel thankful for it, but...

Nuri, how in the world are we going to catch up to something like that? Let alone grab the key?

I haven’t quite figured it out, but my greatest concern is to not get lost.

It’s obvious this realm has rules that function much differently from our own, and we have no way of understanding it.

Yeah, this place weirds me out more than the Ivory Forest!

We’ve already done as much as we can to mark the pool we entered from but I’m still not sure we’ll be able to find it again once we leave.

If this world is really just some large cylinder, I would hope that its internal logic is the same as one and that our pool is located in a fixed spot within it.

I truly hope so, leaving it behind is the only option we have if we need the key to stop whatever danger Izel is seeing.

You’re right! Izel is counting on us so no matter the plan we should get going quickly before the key gets too far away!

For once I agree. Speed will be paramount to claiming the key and removing ourselves from this frightful dimension at once.

But of course whatever the speed we must be cautious to not get swept away and lost here. I want everyone to come home.

Agreed! Looks like we have a ghost key to catch!

The guilds of Rift City are on the hunt again for a mysterious gate key! Help either the Ardent Cinders or the Roaring Icebergs as they attempt to navigate this frightful dimension to chase down a ghost train on the rampage!

The Moon Pool realm’s gravity is finicky and inconsistent. Members will be able to walk the entire length of the cylinder up or down without fear of falling, although at times they might start to feel lighter or heavier on a whim. All about the realm are more perfectly preserved remains from the Ancients. This is a rural landscape with a spattering of old fences, electric poles, roads, and quaint homes. A member might enter a house to see an untouched dinner with a tv turned to static or perhaps a lit fireplace and a surplus of unreadable books with perfectly functional electrical lights. Whatever the case, no one lives in these homes except the Moon Pool’s sole residents: ghost Pokémon. How they came to be is a complete mystery but whatever the case, the ghost Pokémon found here are agitated and often violent. Several seem to be recovering from any number of great traumas and many are confused about their whereabouts. Some mean no ill will and can possibly be talked to and befriended, but beware: this realm does strange things to the minds of ghost Pokémon, affecting their sense of self - including ghosts who are already on the guild roster.

The key the guilds seek is attached to a runaway ghost train. This train is not bound to tracks and can go wherever it pleases, although if it encounters tracks it’ll stick to them for some time before detaching itself and heading back out into the wilds. The train itself fluctuates between corporeal and intangible at a rate that might seem frustratingly random. While intangible it might completely disappear from view and reappear somewhere else, taking the key with it. Members must do their best to not only catch up with the front of the train, but manage to attain the key in its brief moments of tangibility. One top of that a large group of ghost Pokémon seem to have latched onto this train, riding aboard many of its train cars and its conductor’s chamber. Member must be wary of these wily spirits.

Glitch, Twitch, Konjac, and Esther will not be joining members for this adventure.


For participating, teams will earn:

10 Meobans (Remember if you've ranked up you'll receive more based on your rank)

And for your team's hard work:

A TM Slip

Bonus Rewards

Bonus items are awarded to those who complete the job before the deadline.

You can pick one of these bonus rewards:

Strange Screws - A small assortment of rusted old screws recovered from the train. Holding it and concentrating allows the user to momentarily vanish from sight, teleport a short distance, or move through a solid object. This item can only be used once before its mysterious energy is used up. Each team that claims this reward gets a total of three to use for a total of three uses.  

“Never has scrap felt so ominous, but man is it cool! Though, I hope it’s not cursed... It’s not right?”

Moon Vial - A vile of Moon Pool water recovered from the facility. Drinking this water induces magnet rise for a short time and allows the user to float or change the properties of gravity on their body. This item can be used three times before being used up.

“Whose bright idea was it to drink the water? This can’t be good for you... Although, maybe a sip couldn’t hurt.”

Job five is here! How will your teams fare in this mysterious realm? All of us here are excited to find out!

We will be judging these entries! When you’ve completed your entry, please send a note to the group clearly titled “Job 5 Entry”. In the note you should include a link to your team’s app and the link to your entry. If your entry has multiple parts, please be sure to send us the link to the first portion and include links to the next portion(s) in the description so we can have an easier time reading through them. We really appreciate your cooperation!

The deadline for this event is October 27th, 11:59 pm PST.

Good Luck!

~The Rival-Gates admin team

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When it comes to the strange screws, do they have to be screws explicitly, or can they just be any peace of mettol that was removed from the moon pool?