Job 4: The Drowning Depths

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I guess there’s no convincing you idiots to not head down there, huh? Well fine; it's your funeral!

Aye, Nami! Don’t go spoiling their senses of adventure! In all my years I’ve never heard tale of this Gate. If I was still a young lad, I’d go down there to find it myself! HWAHAHA!

That’s besides the point, Captain. We’ve been working with the water dwellers near the mines for years, and no one has ever reported finding some “Gate Key”.

That’s not really a concern. A thorough investigation is still in order to make absolutely sure.

Well do be careful then, love! Don’t want to come to hear some of you breathed in water when you shouldn’t have!

You all worry too much. My guild can handle anything! We’ll search the tunnels and be out before the day is done!

Eager as always to get hurt it seems.

No worries Riptide! We’ll make sure we get it all figured out. With the map Nami gave us, we can probably avoid that nasty drowning business!

Well like I said, that map is as ancient and as unreliable as the good captain here.

AWHAHA! Little lassy, I’d have your tongue for that if I wasn’t so proud of yah!

Well old or not, our guilds will be searching the area, so any map is better than no map at all...

Aye, right. I suppose if you're going to do it, I’ll at least wish you luck. You’ll need it.

But at least try to stay near the tunnels with ventilation and air access if any land dwellers are really going to go down there. Place is dark as night, too!

You can use some of our supplies to navigate the place, but return them when you're done or you’ll owe us! And don’t get in the way of any of our workers.

Sure thing! Come on, Roaring Icebergs! We have some swimming to do if we’re going to find that key first!

Hah, you're likely to drown more than anything running in like that. Ardent Cinders, let’s go - we have some planning to do.

The guilds have arrived at Attwell to explore the depths of the old mines! Deep in the lowest drenches of the tunnels lies a dormant secret waiting for the guilds to find. Which guild will be the first to tackle these watery depths and find this rumored key? Using supplies graciously rented to the guilds by Attwell Village’s Spiked Cannons, your teams will need to figure out ways to brave terrain that they might find a bit too wet for comfort. Those who can swim and breath in water freely will have to work hard to aid those who won't have as easy as a time searching the watery depths. You’ll need all the help you can get exploring the miles of tunnels.

While Nami’s map is very helpful it seems it is incomplete, lacking details of the lower areas. Some tunnels are lit using any number of bizarre glowing stones and your typical lanterns. However, tunnels further down have been neglected for years, shrouded in darkness and threatening to collapse. Additionally there appears to be quite a few fish pokemon that call these tunnels their home so try your best to not trespass unless absolutely necessary. Pokemon are free to use special tools in order to accomplish this task as long as no unapproved weapons are used. Explosives and other things are highly discouraged as the mine was built by the ancients and might give entirely in certain areas. The Spiked Cannons don’t want to have to deal with cave ins.

Below is a ref to the item your team is looking for. The area it is located in is completely up to you, but the key will be resting on a platform and cause those who are near to feel an odd pressure in the room. Holding it seems to give the wielder a strange tingling sensation, but no actual harmful side effects will be noted.

Esther, Konjac, Glitch, and Twitch will all be waiting back on The Spiked Cannon’s ship for this job and it seems Nami is hard pressed to let her guild aid you in finding this key so it’s up to your teams and your guild leaders to achieve these goals. You may collaborate with other members during this mission.


For participating, teams will earn:

10 Meobans (Remember if you've ranked up you'll receive more based on your rank)

And for your team's hard work:

A Hiring Form

Bonus rewards

Oh, before you all head out: I’m working with Wren to buy some cool souvenirs from Nami! Maybe these will help compensate anyone who doesn’t like getting their feet wet!

Bonus items are rewarded to those who complete the job before the deadline.

You can pick one of these bonus rewards:

Buizel Floaty - A rough inflatable float that can be used in a pinch to avoid sinking. This item can be used 3 times before popping for good.

"According to Nami, these old floaties were used to teach children aboard Fjord's boat to swim. No shame in safety kids!"

Anchor Shot - A strong miniature anchor attached to a chain. This device is designed to deal a wicked blow and ensnare opponents. This item will work only once unless repaired at the cost of 2 Meobans.

"Inspired by an odd, local ghost pokemon, this spring loaded, steel punches to the gut is also handy for slowing down local bandits. "

Job 4 is here and it's a doozy! With this job the guilds have officially started making progress on solving the mysteries around this gate.

Remember to send the group a note with a link to the first part of your entry and a link to your team’s app! We will be judging these entries.

The deadline for this mission is December 20, 11:59 pm PST

Good luck!

~The Rival-Gates admin team
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if an entry is late do we still send it in to the group as a note or is that only for judgement?