Job 2: Route to All Words

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A large mysterious object in the middle of a forest. From the way you’ve described it, does that mean the ancients made it? If they’re responsible that must mean its ancient itself.

If its that old, and that big, how come there is no record of its existence?

Well honestly, the fact that it has gone so long undiscovered is not that surprising. It’s in the middle of the Ivory Forest after all. It should be considered a miracle it was found in the first place.

Yeah and guess who found it? Yep that’s right! Me and my guild!

Through pure idiotic luck no doubt.

Lucky or not it won’t be because of luck that we solve its mystery before you guys!!

Yeah! We’re gonna figure it out before you guys even take your first step out of Rift City!


AHEM! I know all this talk of finding out what’s going on with this gate is exciting, but I must remind you about your more pressing objectives.

You know your guilds are funded through donations. I can’t justify sending you so far away just to find a translator for some ambiguous investment. Please do make cleaning up the trade routes to  Neve Town your top priority for now. They’ve been getting worse over the past few years. Foliage has choked it out in some points along with fallen trees and there have been reports of feral pokemon setting up nests on or around the routes making it unsafe for merchants.

There have also been reports of more organized bandits trying to rob and attack our merchants. These things are hard to help with such a long route but do take care and discipline any bandits that give you grief. That might make them think twice about jumping someone again.

As much as I believe this gate should be looked into myself there is no getting around our duties. With luck, this should open up trade with Neve town again. You are dismissed; report back to me as soon as you're able on the conditions of the trade routes and any progress with the translator.

You can trust us with a job well done Mayor. We will be back promptly, with a translator in tow.

Not before we do! We beat you last time, and we can do it again!

Jay has found a strange gate in the Ivory Forest with some text written in an unknown language. The guilds are now racing to secure a suitable translator from Neve town, a place well known for its scholarly pursuits. Its up to your teams to help your guild solve the mysteries surrounding this gate!

To go along with this, the guilds have been tasked with resecuring trade routes between Rift City and Neve Town. Each guild has laid its course to tackle a different trade route and plan to take a break at the Aerial Tramway at the base of the mountain.Your teams are instructed to not scale the mountain with out everyone accounted for so make sure they wait for their guild here for now.  Your team can tackle any of the prevailing issues on their way to the tramway. The route needs cleared of overgrown foliage and fallen trees where there is a high possibility some feral pokemon have taken to living on the routes. There is also a chance you could encounter more organized bandits looking to steal your items. Deal with them so they won’t attack any more merchants along the route.

You are free to use your guild leaders to achieve these goals and collaborate with other members to get to the job done as quickly as you can! Race to see who will arrive at the mountain first!


Oh hey before you go I got an estimate on what the next donation we will receive will be! You can expect to get these rewards!

A TM Slip


A Furniture Voucher

Please only take one or the other!

You will receive 10 Meobans regardless!

Oh. Huh, there's a footnote here from the mayor? Apparently someone heard there were plans to clean up some trade routes and they sent Izel some... Soap.

Uh okay well I guess I'll give your guild leaders that stock and they can distribute it when they see fit as, uh, a reward. Or you know keep any garbage you find along the way that works too. It's free game after all out there.

Well good luck with all this!


Bonus items are rewarded to those who complete the job before the deadline.

You can pick one of these bonus rewards:

Rough Soap: A one use item that invokes Rock Polish.

“Scrubs you so squeaky clean you can glide through the air with ease for a clean getaway! Huh. Is that how that works? “

Road Sludge: A one use item that lowers a target’s speed. Similar to Mud Shot.

“Gross and nasty, this mysterious substance was found on the side of the road. It would be awfully sticky and distracting if you got it on yourself or others... Did you just put that in your pocket??”

The Deadline for this job is February 22, midnight, PST. You have the entirety of the 22nd to submit your entries.

Remember to send the group a note with a link to the first part of your entry and a link to your team’s app! We will be judging these entries.

Good luck!
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