Job 1: The Diggersby Dilemma

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Well you all heard the mayor, team. We have a job to do! Let's head on up and chase off those rabbits! The farm’s located up on the top of the rift, westward side! You can't miss it! Now lets show those little cinders who's the best around here!

Is that it? That’s all you have to say, Jay? Figures... I may as well brief your guild, as well as my own, since we’re stuck with the same job today.

Listen, Helmstok's farm has a feral Bunnelby problem with a big Diggersby leading the charge. If we don’t deal with them, Rift City could suffer from a major food shortage. Obviously, the best method would be to deal with the leader Diggersby, since the rest should most likely follow. However, how you choose to handle it doesn't matter to me as long as you don't kill them. Feral or not, I would prefer a solution that isn’t so… barbaric. Perhaps if you make yourself look intimidating, you could scare them off.

Intimidate? Oh please... those crooks need a good old fashioned butt kicking! That's the best way to make them run.

Tch. If you do that, you might as well capture him. Team, make sure you show those snowflakes how it's done.

Well whatever y'all choose, just try not to damage our fields and crops.  Maybe to ya cities folks them fields don't mean much, but just you wait. If our fields get too badly damaged, it's yur bellies that'll be sufferin.


Y-yes, hello. My name's Butter, the mayor's assistant. I've been ordered to issue you rewards if the job is well done.

The mayor has issued two rewards that you will receive once you complete this job.

A TM Slip

TM slips allow you to attend free training sessions with a technical move master who will teach you how to perform a new move in battle.  
TM slips work like Technical Machines and tutors in the pokemon games. Use this item to give your pokemon a move that it is capable of learning. They may only be used once per team member.

10 Meobans

Meobans are the currency of this world. In the future you will be able to use them to buy items that could aid teams on their quests for their guild.

Bonus Rewards

Bonus rewards are awarded to those who complete their entries before the deadline. Now that the deadline has passed they are no longer available.

I've talked to Helmstok and made an agreement, that the Roaring Iceberg teams that chase off those pests can get a little extra extra~! Cha-bliiiiing~!

A Liechi Berry

What a treat! Berries like these are a rare sight in Rift City and are not normally eaten for nourishment. Instead, they’re used for a quick boost of energy. This Liechi berry is a one time use item that can greatly boost a Pokemon's strength for a short period of time. This item will only be rewarded to the Roaring Icebergs so use it wisely!

...I've also arranged an extra reward for the members of Ardent Cinders for those who put in the effort...

A Ganlon Berry

This Ganlon berry is a one time use item that can greatly boost a Pokemon's defense for a short period of time. This item will only be rewarded to the Ardent Cinders so use it wisely!

The Mayor has received a request from a very disgruntled and rowdy farmer: a group of wild Bunnelby and a Diggersby have joined together to rough up his business and steal his crops! Helmstok normally runs off the Bunnelby, but this Diggersby is more than he can handle. The Mayor doesn’t like the idea of having crops destroyed and is sending both guilds to take care of them. Travel with Helmstok to his large plot of land above the ridge and help him put a stop to these pesky vermin. Try to not damage his crops anymore than they already have been! Helmstok will have a few choice words with you if you do!

This is your chance to prove your guilds worth on the job! Your guild and the opposing guild are working hard towards the same goal, so you better make sure your guild is the one that earns favor. Both Helmstok and the guild leaders are traveling with you up the ridge to supervise the operation. Feel free to have them work by your team's side to solve the problem. The general design of this Diggersby Bandit and their move pool can be up to you in order to best fit your story. But for those of you who want a suggestion here is a possible moveset for them:

Diggersby- Hammer Arm, Takedown, Bounce, Bulldoze
Bunnelby- Dig, Double Slap, Mud-Slap, Agility

We would like to remind you that we want to see your stories shine! Try to get creative and surprise us with your solutions! Once you've completed your entry and it has been submitted to the gallery folder, please make sure you send the group a note to the first part of your entry. Also remember to tell us which guild it’s for, and at least leave a link to your team’s application in the description of your entry. We need that to properly judge your entries! We will start judging as soon as we believe we have enough to get a feel for how well each subcategory is doing on average. After the deadline passes we will finish judging and tally the score. The job epilogue/mission 1 prologue will be made according to job results and we will swiftly transition into Mission 1.

The deadline for this job is October 8th!

Good luck!
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