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Hello everyone! I'm glad to see so many faces here joining me on this tour of Rift City! This tour is sponsored by The Hive! Your one-stop shop for Rift City real-estate. We know how big this place can seem to you newcomers, but we’ll make you feel right at home by the time we're done!  

Oh and what a special treat this is! Looks like my boss is here with me today. Say hello to Deborah! Without her help, land distribution and home ownership in Rift City might still be a real funky mess!

Hello. As Xico already mentioned, my name is Deborah. I hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer here. The homes we have for sale are the finest one can buy, and we have many options to cover all your financial needs.

Right she is, the finest money can buy! We should know, we take these old abandoned buildings and fix them up, good as new!. The ancients would be proud.

Ah, I see a lot of guild uniforms in this crowd. I suppose that means you're all interested in our partnership deal with the mayor and your guild leaders. Good, good, good! We can’t let you stay in those little dirt hovels after all.


Well let us explain our little partnership and what that means for you!

The Guild's Homeowner's guide!

Rift city is huge! You’d think that means more places to rest one's head, but expectations aren't always true! Most of the buildings here were supposedly built by ancients, so you know what that means? Yep, they are just as ancient, and believe me, it shows.

That's where Deborah comes in! She's in charge of the restoration and distribution of new homes to prospecting wannabe citizens.


So what does that mean for you? Well, your guilds worked with us to produce guild-sponsored housing just for you and your teams!

You’ll be living in designated houses paid for by your guild. Housing is mandatory for everyone who’s employed by the guild and the mayor, but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of options around Rift City to meet your needs!

Your guilds have a ranking system, yes? Outside of receiving more money for ranking up, your leaders worked out something special with us to reward those of you who get promotions.

Of course, everybody starts out at Basic rank. This grants you access to our most basic homes. No surprise there! Our basic homes are a little smaller and plainer than some other places here in rift city, but they can hold up to 4 pokemon. They can be anything from a dug out hollow in the rift's walls to a small wooden shack near the ocean. We do have more spacious homes for basic rankers, but those are reserved for you more sizable ‘mons.  

Sorry, that’s all you get, but at least you’re getting it for free, right? All you have to worry about is helping and supporting all of us out here in Rift City! Oh and wouldn't you know it, the more you do that, the sooner you’ll get a promotion and get access to our nicer homes. Consider it a special thank you from us at The Hive.

Super, Ultra, and Master Rank homes will get progressively nicer and more spacious so you can house more team members. While our basic homes can only house up to four members, once you rank up you can house even more!  At Super rank, you can move into a nicer home and we make sure you’re able to house 6 team members. At Ultra rank, we make sure you can house 8 team members and if you make it to Master Rank... why you’ll be a regular celebrity! After all that work, we’ll make sure you get a special and spacious home! It should be big enough to house up to 10 team members!

That said, we do not provide any more furniture once you start ranking up. It would be too expensive to fully furnish every single home we provide, after all. We hope you will be satisfied with your space regardless.

Of course, of course, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some new comfy beds! After all, you can’t just have your friends and family living on a dirt floor! We want to make sure you can properly house any new ‘mons who decide to move in with you. We’ll provide enough furniture for you to house at least 3 team members, although I hear you’re only allowed to start with 2. The good news is that you’ll be able to buy furniture vouchers which you can trade for any furnishing your heart desires! I’d say you’d need at least 3 vouchers to cover the needs of any new pokemon you’d want to join your team.

Well I suppose that’s it! Be sure to stick around or come by later when you're ready to set up your first home. Oh, and every move after! We’ll be more than happy to talk about your needs and find you the perfect place to rest after a long days work.

Think of homes as the means to get more members on your team. Every rank comes with a standard sized home with slots that need to be unlocked via furniture vouchers. Once they are unlocked, you’ll be able to use hiring forms to fill them up. Furniture vouchers will not be hard to come by and you can turn it into any piece of furniture your characters would possibly want in their home. Below is a basic breakdown of the number of pokemon you can have on your team per rank and how many furniture vouchers it would take to free up those slots.

Basic Rank homes: 4 team slots with 3 already pre unlocked. The last slot requires 3 furniture vouchers to unlock and it takes 3 furniture vouchers to unlock any more future slots.

Super Rank homes: 6 team slots. Requires 9 furniture vouchers to unlock all slots.

Ultra Rank homes: 8 team slots. Requires 15 Furniture vouchers total to unlock all slots.

Master Rank homes: 10 team slots Requires 21 Furniture vouchers total to unlock all slots.

See the New Member's Guide for another break down of this guilds systems

A new Homeowner's App is now available to help you keep track of this process.

These NPCs work in Rift City and are available for your stories to provide furnishing if you wish to depict it.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns you have with the home system below and we will be sure to get back to you!
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How would a basic rank home look like, just to know