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Hello everyone! My name is Butter and welcome to my...

Oh, wow... I wasn’t expecting this many people to show up. You all want to know how you’ll be paid, right?

Uh, well yeah! Mayor Izel trusted me to give you the lay down of how we do things around here. As her assistant, I’m in charge of a lot around here so let’s get to it!

Jobs and Missions:

There are two kinds of work we have for you to do as part of either guild, either a Job or a Mission. A job is a task to help local pokemon and citizens, so we usually send both guilds to complete it.

And that means… well... you will have to compete with each other. I know that kinda sounds bad but it’s hard to do it differently since the city has two guilds. The mayor usually trusts the ones who performed better to take on harder or more crucial missions. But don’t worry! We pay both sides the same if they do a good enough job. In fact, we usually offer more money for jobs then for missions.

Oh, and what is a mission? Well, while a job might be more about helping out folks and the town, a mission is a little more... special than that. The very survival of our city could rely on the success of a mission! Times get tough sometimes, and we’ll need the guilds to do special tasks to keep our community strong. That might mean you will be sent very far from rift city in order to accomplish them. The mayor is pretty good at seeing where you should go next, so we trust you’ll make the best call when we aren't around.

The Main Rewards:

Now I’m sure everyone who came today really just wants to hear about what you DO get for a job well done. Well, rest assured, you do get paid for all your hard work.

There is no telling what you’ll pick up from your journey. There are a number of odds and ends scattered around that do some crazy things. The locals might give you stuff too if you help out! I’ve seen pokemon come back with the most incredible things! It must be nice to own things like that...

Oh! Oh of course there’s no guarantee that they’ll reward you, so we do pay you! Whenever you complete a Job you’ll get paid 10 in Meobans. For Missions we pay you 5 Meobans.

Huh? Why don’t missions pay as much as jobs? Well to be honest, guilds like yours often come back with all sorts of treasures  when you're done traveling... and we aren't made of money. Most of the funding mayor Izel gets is to pay you for jobs around Rift City and things the citizens want you to do. It’s hard to convince people to fund expeditions outside of Rift City, since they can’t see the mayor’s visions.

We really do appreciate you doing that though, so please don’t stop. I mean, that’s what your job is right? To help the town? OH, but we do have some rewards offered to us by some very generous volunteers.

Which we sometimes pay to stay gracious volunteers...

This TM slip allows you a free training session with a technical move master who will teach you how to perform a move in battle that you’d be unable to figure out on your own. TM slips work like Technical Machines and tutors in the pokemon games. Use this item to give your pokemon a move that it is capable of learning.

Look see, we have TM slips! Tm slips will give you a free pass to learn a move you usually can’t on your own so it’s super helpful for jobs and stuff. All you have to do is bring it to a Technical Move master and they’ll teach you a new move! You can find one pretty much anywhere, just ask around!

I hear most of them do this as a hobby, so I honestly have no clue what quality of tutoring you’ll get from your TM master. Just be sure they have the proper paperwork on them and that you're not giving your tm slip to some phony.

A furniture voucher that can be turned in any time for a new piece of furniture. Every three you obtain will unlock one available slot in your team’s housing. See the housing guide for more info.

We also reward you with furniture vouchers! We have some skilled ‘mons in the area that can make any sort of object you’d want in your home. Just give them this voucher and they’ll make you anything reasonable that can fit into your home. A fancy bed sure beats the standard guild hay, right?

Uh, I’m not the best one to explain this, but apparently if you get enough of them, like 3 or something, your guild leaders let you house another pokemon. Maybe you should ask your guild leaders about it, or attend a Hive tour. I hear they can explain it to you more and stuff.

There are a couple other things I’ve been told to uh- warn you about though. As you are working for us, there is a bit of paperwork you’ll have to do on certain occasions. Don’t worry, you won't be filling out another registration application for your team again, but...

Acquiring this evolution evaluation form allows someone to record a evolution and any changes that come with it. This item allows you to evolve one pokemon on your team one time.

Yeah, I’m sorry. If you evolve you’ll have to update all your info, and sadly paper isn’t cheap. You’ll have to pay for the paperwork and we can’t have you running more jobs unless we know what you look like after you evolve!

I don’t want another case of stolen identity on my hands! So please be a friend and make sure you can afford it before coming into our office for one, we’re on a tight budget.

This hiring form has a number of questions and info for you to fill out before the mayor starts paying someone new for a job. She won't just hire just anyone though, so make sure you meet the requirements made by the guild before using this item. After obtaining this item, you may fill one unlocked slot with a new basic pokemon for your team to participate on missions and jobs.

OK I know you want to have your friend join your team too and to go on adventures and get PAID for it, but we can’t just do that for everyone. Like I said, our budget is really tight and the extra funds to house and pay you guys are usually covered by your guilds.

So I hear we worked out some sort of housing deal? You’d have to ask someone else for more info about that, but once you get the ok, come back and you can pay the registration fees. I can work out everything else from there.

That means a friend of yours can join you on those adventures and see all sorts of cool stuff! Sometimes we also give these items out for a job well done! Be sure to ask your guild leaders what we have for you to collect after you finish a missions or job.

What? You already have some money and want to buy one now? Well your in luck! Our supplier just opened up again! If you want any of these items Tim, the owner of The Left Paw, can supply you with the forms.

I think that covers everything? I mean, if you have more questions feel free to ask, but I might not be able to help you completely. I only know the stuff the mayor tells me about so you could ask someone else for more details.

I hear the guilds have this handy question bulletin. You can look at that I bet.

Well that’s it for now! You can find me here right in front of mayor Izel’s office if you need stuff I guess. Thanks for coming and hearing me talk about stuff. Good luck on your awesome adventures!

The rewards listed in this journal are only a fraction of what your teams might pick up while participating in jobs and missions. When these special items are rewarded, the instructions for how they will work will be included in the job/mission debriefing. Some of the more valuable paper items such as the Hiring form will be harder to come by as a reward and will instead be available for purchase. Stay tuned for the store’s reopening!
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This was so cute XD good job