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Rival-Gates is a group that focuses on competitive storytelling in a fantastical setting based on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games. In this group you will pick between two guilds to join and through your stories help one or the other unlock the mysteries of this world and earn fame and glory.

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    Submissions for this event are due by April 30st, 11:59 pm PST

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    This event will not be judged so no need to send in a note.

    Teams who complete their entries before the release of the next event will receive the Bonus rewards detailed in the journal!

    Thank you!

    If you'd like to view all the previous events and their journals, click the image below!

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    The guilds have arrived in the reclusive Dos Village, home to mountains of scrap and artifacts of the Ancients, in search of the final key in a place called “The Under”. Concerns of the Jawbreakers showing up at any moment in pursuit of the key are flying high.

    Any guild can take on the tasks below! For completing the task of fortifying Dos, members will receive a Firium Z-Crystal or an Electrium Z-Crystal.


    For completing the delivery task, members will receive an amulet coin, an old family heirloom of Tim’s that’s worth quite a bit if you sell it back to him (15 Meobans).


    A single task rewards 2 Meobans if completed. Tasks will remain up until the launch of the next event and can be completed for these rewards during this time.

    Baldr Business Icon

    "Aight, listen up ye guildies from across the waters! Since we seem to be expectin’ some unpleasant company - company need I remind you you have brought upon us - Dos will need your help reinforcin’ her borders."

    Boulder Neutral Icon

    "There’s lots of scrap around here. We’ll be needing good defenses, simple as a wall of some of the more jagged pieces of metal, but we’ll also need ingenuity. If you’re good with tinkering, feel free to take what you like and make what you can out of it. Traps and the like."

    Baldr Business Icon

    "Aye. I’ll also need a full report of what these “Jawbreakers” look like and what they can do, so those of ye who’ve had close encounters with them, don’t leave anything out."


    The Admirals, the local guild of Dos, have asked that the Rift City guilds help in reinforcing their settlement in anticipation of the Jawbreakers. You are encouraged to use whatever you can find on the island or in the shallows to create barriers and traps that would hinder an attack from Gus and his gang. Any information about the Jawbreakers crew is also appreciated. What they look like, how they act and fight, and any tools in their arsenal would be helpful to know.

    Baldr, the barraskewda, and Boulder, the regional graveler, are a part of the Admirals and are here to help should your teams need assistance with heavy lifting or navigating the waters around Dos. You can see a ref of them here.

    Watt Neutral

    “Hey there stranger. The name’s Watt. I deliver all messages here in Dos. Spoken, written, drawn, doesn’t matter. Inner to Outer, Outer to Inner, I’ll deliver it! However, I’ve run into a bit of trouble you see.”

    Watt Nervous

    “There’s a message to be delivered from the inner circles of Inner Dos to the east docks of the Outer Ring of Dos. Normally that ain’t a problem. However I’m still recovering from a bad clip last time I did that run. The client, Grim, who hides himself away in a cave at the docks, can be a bit… wild. But, a client’s a client!”

    Watt On To Business

    “Anyway, a miss Candra in Inner Dos wants the package delivered to the wild ‘mon in Outer Dos. Whether she views the thing as a sort of pet or it’s a matter of love, doesn’t concern me. Just get the package safely to the client. Be discreet please. The clients value their privacy. Do this and I might be able to nick something for ya!”

    Task #2:

    A local resident of Dos, Watt, has requested that you take up this task. He may have given you the names of the clients, but your team may not know what they’re in for. Candra, a luxio, of Inner Dos would like you to deliver a package that contains a small cake and a lovely handwritten letter to Grim, a slightly wild ursaluna, who lives on the east docks of Outer Dos.

    If you’re seen carrying a suspicious package, especially in the hands of an outsider like you, the magearna and genesect patrolling Inner Dos may hound in on you. And with it being food, some of the wild pokemon of Outer Dos may sniff it out and attack. If you are chased, nearing Grim’s home may sort it out, but it will also put you and the package in danger, as Grim may take a while to calm down. Please make sure the contents of the package remain intact and that you aren’t seen taking the package from the client or delivering it to the recipient. You can view a ref of Watt here.

    Some requests have been made by members for the ability to make custom robot versions of other Pokémon. The lore of Rival-Gates was already flexible enough to account for future paradox Pokemon and so with this announcement, we are making it so members can make other robot designs for other Pokémon not covered by Nintendo as long as they follow this rule set: 1) They must have a one to one for the typing, move-set lists (including technical and trainable egg move lists), and abilities of the original species the robot is based on. The only exception is to give the Pokémon the Quark Drive ability in place of any normal ones the Pokémon usually gets. 2) They can no longer evolve if they are a pre-evo robot. For lore reasons- it was a lot more likely a human engineer would choose a fully evolved Pokémon over a pre-evo to study and replicate (unless a specific use case was needed for a smaller/weaker Pokémon). 3) The robot’s design must be clearly identifiable as the original Pokémon
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    Hello Everyone! As the tentative deadline of the 30th has arrived, this is a reminder that we are utilizing a rolling deadline for Mission 6 this time around! You have until we post the entirety of the Job 7 story update and release the journals to get bonus rewards for M6 and potentially get a cameo in the comic for participation as we try and include as many active members as we can. For this story update, we know there will be 57 pages, all of them thumb-nailed out already and in a shorter page format when compared to previous comics made for RG. We will post them as we finish them so you will have an accurate understanding of how close we are to finishing and plan accordingly. As the last key of the four major cities, this is a special one with a lot in store! We hope you enjoy the ride to come and we will continue to enjoy seeing everyone's stories in turn! Check out the cover here! ~The Rival-Gates Administration Team
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    As games come and go, there have always been a collection of Pokemon that stand out among the rest, either for a weird quality they have, or how these traits would work in the world of Huana. In the past we released "Gen Journals" which we will still do to announce the use of new Pokemon, but as that system grows numerous in the journal count, we wanted to have a central hub for all Pokemon to simplify and aid in character creation. Here is a complete catalog of every Pokemon with a noticeable trait with general world building to use to help inspire what it’s like to live in the world of Rival-Gates as these species. We will be updating this document as folks ask questions or new gens come out with odd Pokemon. Please note that if a mythical or legendary Pokemon appears on this list, it is free to use on a team! General notes: Pokemon are born from two parents from an egg regardless of the animal they are based on. They can be born as either the “mother’s” species or the
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    i've just checked this page after months and oh my god everything looks so good!!!! this is so cool!!! wah!!!

    Srarlight has worked hard to make it look as nice as possible after the website owners updated its layout!

    it really shows! its extraordinary! incredible work!

    I'm still getting use to the group's new look and format (not a dis at all btw it looks great!) Could someone please tell me how to submit pages into the right folders so mistakes can be avoided and not repeated?

    When you click on the button to submit something to the group, there will be a dropdown menu in the corner to select which folder you want to subnit it to! Since the "Featured" folder is automatically the first folder that gets made by a group on DeviantART, it will usually have that one selected. You just have to click on it and scroll down to the mission/job folder you want!

    Ohh the new page design looks sick!!

    I’m glad you think so! If the changes to groups is going to be mandatory, might as well try and spruce up the place where we can!