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Daddy!Levi x Mummy!Reader Another One (Modern AU)"You're f*cking kidding me," your boyfriend grumbled to himself. This wasn't the first thing he wanted to see when he got home. All he wanted to do was shower and go to bed. Cursing under his breath, he grabbed the white item, making sure to hold the side that wasn't contaminated and strolled out of the bathroom. "(Y/N)!" he shouted, not getting a response in return. As he entered your shared bedroom, he called you once again, in a voice that was quieter and warier. When the apartment was silent, he frowned, exiting the room to go down the corridor and into the living room, which was connected to the kitchen. Still, you were nowhere to be seen."... What are you screaming your head off for? I'm trying to put Mikasa to sleep," you scolded the raven in a hushed tone. He noticed a flash of (H/C) from the sofa, so he neared the furniture and stood behind it, leaning down to your ear."Care to explain what this was doing in the bathroom?" he questioned calmly, shoving the object into your line of sight."Oh..." Looks like you had forgotten to dispose of it since Mikasa had started to cry and you had to calm her down. Glancing down at your, now asleep, baby that was pressed against your chest, you sighed. "Yeah, I'm pregnant. Again," you spoke as if it was a regular occurrence.You had your first child when you were eighteen (which was two and a half years ago) since you and your boyfriend were (and still are) careless. You had dropped out of university to dedicate yourself to your baby. Whereas, Levi stayed so he could finish his education, get a real job (that wasn't his current part-time one at a bar), and support you and your growing family. It was hard being a student, a parent and having to work, but he would do all of that if it meant you could all live in a stable home. And he only had to finish the rest of this year of university, meaning he would only have to worry about work and his family, not essays and dozens of assignments.You and Levi had to sacrifice the last of your young, carefree years. No parties, no going out late at night, no drinking, etcetera. These babies were completely unplanned, yet, both of you still love Mikasa and will love the one that is growing inside of you."Sh*t. We already have one, we don't need another.""I don't why you're complaining since it's your sperm that made this happen. And you're not going to be the one giving birth."Rounding the sofa, Levi plopped down next to you with a huff escaping his lips. "It's not like I don't want another kid, it's just that they're messy and whiny, and a lot of work and money. You know I still love Mikasa, right? No matter how annoying she can be.""I know," you said, leaning your head on his shoulder and closing your eyes as he draped an arm over your shoulder. "So... you're not angry?""... Not really. I think we should give our baby girl a little sibling. Even if you break my hand and make me lose my hearing while giving birth."Smiling, you lifted your head and pecked his lips. "Thank you for staying with me, babe.""... Hey?" he whispered and gently nudged you when your eyes lidded, and you hummed in return. "I know this is kind of random, and I have no ring since I can't waste money on that sh*t. Anyway... Let's get married. But after I graduate.""Come again?" Your eyes snapped open and you retracted your body from your boyfriend's to gawk at him. "... Did you just propose in the most sh*tty way possible?" you snorted, kissing his cheek after you recovered from your shock, which he took as a positive reaction."I'm guessing that's a 'yes'...?""Of course, you idiot," you grinned and clutched his shirt to yank him towards you, so you could mould your lips with his. "I love you so much," you purred in between kisses.Ruining the moment, the baby in your hold started to cry. With great reluctance, you parted from his lips and stood up, bopping your child up and down and softly hushing her.Levi tenderly gazed at you, warmth blossoming in his chest at the thought of you becoming his wife. He was certain that he wasn't rushing into anything since you've known each other for ten years, and have been in a relationship for nearly six years, so since you were both fifteen years old. Your parents may hate him for getting you pregnant at a young age and before marriage, but neither of you cares and still stick together, dismissing the judgmental stares from random people since you both looked younger than other parents and had a toddler.Snapping out of his trance, he felt your fingers drift through his charcoal locks as your other arm was looped around your daughter."You can go to bed since you had a long day today. I'll just wait for her to fall asleep and come."Your boyfriend (now, kind of fiancé) nodded and kissed both yours and Mikasa's forehead before leaving the room. When the small human in your hold had quietened and lidded her grey hues, you carefully carried her to the nursery, placing her down in the cot and planted a kiss on her cheek. Quietly, you left the room, leaving the door ajar as you made a few steps to enter your bedroom, finding Levi lying down and opening his eyes once you closed the door. You changed into pyjamas and slithered under the covers, besides the raven male. His arm was stretched out across your pillow, so you rested your head on his bicep as he shifted onto his side to face you. He leaned his forehead against yours as both of you closed your eyes."I promise I'll get you a ring," Levi whispered, reaching under the covers and lacing his fingers with yours."I don't care about that. I'm just happy about getting married to you.""... Approximately, do you know how many weeks you are?""Mm, nope. But, I'm guessing this baby will be born around the time you graduate, which means we can only have a small wedding, considering how much money we'll soon be spending on two children.""That's fine. I don't care if it's just us two or if it's in some abandoned building. I would be satisfied with anything, as long as it's you I'm marrying," he murmured, causing you to smile since his reply was out of character for him. However, there was something bugging you and you needed to voice it out."... Do you want to marry me just because you feel obliged to, or because you actually want to?""Idiot, obviously, it's because I want to. Even if we didn't have kids, I would've proposed one day. But probably not like how I did.""Mhm, good. Let me sleep now, I'm so tired," you muttered, nuzzling your face into his neck.Content with how everything turned out, Levi tugged you closer and stared at the curtains that concealed the windows etched into the wall on the wall far behind you. He was drowned in his thoughts, letting a small smile locate itself onto his lips.He couldn't wait to tell you about his new job as an accountant, meaning you'll definitely have the money for a bigger wedding (though, both of you would still rather have something simple). And he couldn't wait to announce your engagement to friends and family (but, he doesn't know how your family is going to react).
Levi x Reader Someone To Watch Over MeDespite being rather clumsy, you have exceptional skills when it comes to titans. Though, you still make some mistakes which leads to someone having to clean up your mess or save 'your dumb a*s' as that certain someone says.And here you were, after killing a titan, with no horse since you had no idea where it disappeared to, along with your squad members. You tried whistling for it, calling its name, but it was to no avail. And there were no trees around so if a titan decided to pop out, you wouldn't be able to use your gear to get away. How wonderful is your situation?However, you also had faith that someone would come to help you as they always do. But it slowly faded when no one was in sight. But then, you had realised you had flares, so if you shot one, at least one person might be able to see it.You covered one of your ears and shot it, hoping that you wouldn't die in such a stupid situation.Huffing, you started to walk in the direction of a single tree to take shelter under, so whoever came to save you would be able to find you easily since you were in the same area that you shot the flare.After about five minutes of waiting, you heard trotting beside you and you immediately twisted your head in that direction, sighing in relief and smiling at the frowning male who had your horse with him."What the hell are you doing, (Y/N)? Are you looking to get killed?" he snapped and you averted your eyes away from him in embarrassment as you mounted your horse."... Thank you, sir. I knew you would come to save my dumb a*s.""Tch. Obviously. Who else can put up with your sh*tty stupidity? Come on, we need to get back into formation."You nodded, riding alongside him in silence until you were back with the Special Ops Squad."Oh, (Y/N)! Where did you go?" Petra asked with concern."Uh, I killed a titan and my horse disappeared. And as soon as I was back on the ground, I couldn't see you guys.""I bet you pissed your pants because you thought you were going to die," Oluo said, causing you to roll your eyes."Of course, I didn't. I knew Corporal Levi would come to save me as he always does.""There might be a time when you can't rely on me, brat. You need to be more independent.""But, sir, you can't leave me. I'll seriously die if you leave me for just ten minutes.""I'll be fine with that," he muttered and you frowned."So rude. I bet you actually enjoy saving me all the time since you're like a knight in shining armour."He scoffed. "We should be focusing on this expedition, not talking about an idiot.""Hm. Avoiding the subject, are we?" you teased and he shot you a warning glance, telling you to shut your mouth. And, so you did.~/~Another expedition, another mishap. However, instead of Levi protecting you, you had gotten yourself injured this time. It wasn't too bad. Well, that's what Levi told you as he carried you to the infirmary before gingerly laying you down on a bed. And you doubted his words since you've never seen worry show itself in his eyes. Of course, he did worry about your dumb a*s, but he's never actually looked this troubled before. So maybe it was more than bad.For some reason, you started giggling as you laid on the infirmary bed, Levi at your side."What's so funny?" he inquired, arching a single brow."I don't know, to be honest. I just felt like laughing.""Weirdo. How are you going to laugh when you're in a state like this?""You were the one that told me it isn't that bad. I'm going to believe you so I have nothing to worry about."A distraught look flickered across his features for a split second, but you never caught it.He did say it wasn't as bad as you thought. But that was so you would stay calm. And in some way, saying it was like reassuring himself and telling himself that you were going to be fine."Obviously you're going to be fine. I'm just saying people don't randomly laugh when they know they're injured.""... I don't even know what happened, Levi," you mumbled as your eyes stopped sparkling and you gazed up at the ceiling. "I don't even know where I got injured, or how. Everything is in pain, I can't tell which parts of my body are wounded. Can you tell me the truth, please? Where did I get hurt and is it actually okay?"Levi stared at you, a pang pulling at his heart as his eyes softened, ruffling your hair. He'd never seen you so troubled or in so much pain. You would always be fine, no matter what happened to you. And he thought that that small show of affection would lighten the mood."Your torso is the main injured area. A few ribs are broken and there's a gash on the side of your abdomen. Your shoulder's dislocated. I think you banged your head as well. And, honestly, even though you have severe injuries, I think you'll recover. Because no matter how stupid and clumsy you are, you're strong. I didn't put you in my squad for no reason.""Thank you, sir," you whispered, a soft smile touching your lips and you brought your eyes to look at him, to see that he was gazing at you with a gentle expression. If he was someone that smiled, you would've thought that this is a moment when he'd smile. But there was no upturn of his lips, just a gentle expression that made your heart skip a beat. "Anyway, you don't need to stay with me. I'm sure there are many other soldiers to attend to.""They'll be fine. I need to keep on eye on your dumb a*s because I'm sure you'll somehow bring further harm upon yourself.""Do you really think I'm incapable of keeping myself safe?" you laughed softly."Well, you said it yourself - that you can't live without me. I'm only going to believe you," he responded, using your words."Does that mean you'll marry me?" you teased, eyes shimmering once again."Idiot. Why would I marry someone like you?""But then, say we get married to other people, our significant others wouldn't allow us to be this close. They'll accuse us of cheating or something of the sort.""If your future husband really cares about you, then he should know what's best for you. And that's me being by your side.""Exactly, sir. We might as well get married so you can ensure my safety."He rolled his eyes, and you could see he was holding back a smile as he ruffled your hair once again. "I know for a fact that you will find someone better than me.""Pffft. You're funny, sir, as if there's someone better than you. Tell me: have you seen another guy as handsome, and sweet, and strong, and protective, and caring as you?""How am I sweet and caring?" He cocked an eyebrow in your direction."You're really going to ask that after saving my a*s millions of times?""Whatever. Is this some love confession or something?""Nope," you smirked. "Just stating suggestions.""Well, then, I suggest you shut up and save your energy because your body clearly isn't full of adrenaline right now.""But talking to you makes me forget about everything. I literally forgot we were in the infirmary because I'm basically dying.""Tch. You aren't going to die, brat," he muttered, convincing both you and himself."Aw, you're gonna miss me if I die, aren't you?""Stop talking so casually about death," he mildly chided. "And you're not dying on my watch.""Okay, then~ Thank you, Levi!" you grinned, about to sit up but your whole body screamed in pain. You winced and hissed in pain before going back to your original position."Keep your a*s right there. You aren't allowed to go anywhere.""I'm fine. Just talk to me, so I don't feel the pain.""I doubt it actually helps.""It does"Despite being suspicious of your theory that him talking makes your pain subside, you two carried a conversation for about an hour or so before it was getting late and you had to sleep."You still better be here when I come back in the morning. Don't get up for anything.""Yes, yes, I understand. And you have to promise me that you'll get a decent amount of sleep." "I have work to do.""Corporal Levi," you whined just before he left. "You better sleep.""Yes, yes, I understand," he spoke in the similar soft but slightly annoyed tone as you. You smiled at him before he left, and you were left alone, falling asleep in less than ten minutes.If only Levi knew that you suggesting for the two of you to get married wasn't just a joke.~/~Another member joined Levi's Special Ops Squad - Eren Jaeger. And as the rest of the squad was wary of him, you got along with him quite well, giving him pleasant company, instead of a hostile attitude like a few others did. "Oh, (Y/N)!" a female, excited voice called for you and you turned towards her."Yes, Hanji?""Want to help me with experiments on Eren?" she asked with a grin."Yep! Let's go," you replied, just as eager as her, and her grin widened."Eren!!!" she yelled for the male that was on the other end of the corridor. However, he still heard her, jogging towards both of you with a soft smile."Need me for an experiment?" he questioned before Hanji even spoke."Certainly. Let's go.""Wait. Shouldn't Corporal Levi monitor him?" you asked."Yes, he's already outside. Don't worry, (Y/N), you won't have to be far from your boyfriend," the female teased."Not my boyfriend.""Crush?""... Maybe," you mumbled."Aha! I knew it!! Finally, you told me!" she squealed while Eren only looked surprised, not uttering any words as we left the building. You told her to shut up because Levi could possibly hear her. And she obeyed. "Shorty~!" she sang, skipping towards him and draping an arm over his shoulders."Tch. What the f*ck do you want, Sh*tty Glasses?""Nothing. I'm just happy to see you."He rolled his eyes before they settled on you, which is when you gave him a smile, going to his side."What are you doing here, brat?" he asked you. "You could get hurt.""Well, Hanji asked for help. And since you're here, I won't get injured.""Hm. I wonder when your trust in me will disappear.""The day I die. Because, first of all, I would be dead. And second, because you should've saved me from death, but you didn't.""What if you die from old age? How am I meant to prevent that?""That's the only exception - natural causes. But if it's anything else, I'll lose my trust in you.""What if I die before you?""You aren't allowed to. I forbid it."He snorted and playfully rolled his eyes at your idiocy. "You really are a dumba*s.""I know, sir--" you were cut off when something grabbed you."(Y/N)!" Levi shouted, using his gear to slice the fingers of Eren's titan and free you. He gently placed you down on the ground before carefully, but brutally, cutting Eren out of the nape. His teal eyes were open, staring at the furious expression of Levi. "What the hell were you doing, brat?! You could've killed (Y/N)!""W-w-what?! (Y/N)?! I-I'm so sorry! Where is she?!" he exclaimed, eyes wide and searching for you as his titan evaporated.Levi landed by your resting figure and he crouched down, gazing at your lips that had a smile. How were you still smiling?"You were being serious when you said you wouldn't be able to live without me.""Of course. I think I would've died on the first day as a scout just by cleaning.""Anyway, did you break anything? Does anything hurt?""His grip wasn't that tight. I don't think I broke anything. Though, my body does ache now.""Do you need to go to the infirmary?""No, I'll be fine," you told him and sat up slowly."(Y/N)!! I'm so so so sorry!! I didn't have control! I'm sorry! Are you okay?!" he spoke hurriedly and with concern when he came to your side."Eren, don't worry about it. I'm fine.""Thank god," he sighed. "I'm sorry.""Stop apologising. You weren't in control, it was an accident.""I would punish you, brat, but (Y/N) will probably get annoyed if I do.""Definitely. You know me well," you grinned. "However, I don't think I'll be helping Hanji with titan experiments for a while.""Good. You're finally learning, and not remaining an idiot," Levi said and you fakely pouted."I'm not that dumb, you know.""You've never shown me a smart side of you, so no, I don't know.""So rude...""Whatever. I don't think you should just be sitting here. Go lie down.""I have cleaning duties, though.""I don't care. You're injured so I'm dismissing your chores. Go rest, brat.""Okay," you beamed, standing up, carefully and you scrunched your face up as your body begged to fall back down. But you breathed in sharply and stayed strong, and began walking, mentally letting out an 'ow' with every step, not daring to say it aloud since Levi would send you to the infirmary.~/~"Am I... Am I dying...?" you asked, you voice a whisper as your body was sprawled out on the floor with a liquid soaking your shirt and soon surrounding the ground below your body.A light shone brightly in your face, causing you to narrow your eyes to slits. Everything was silent around you, the only sound being a constant ringing in your ear that irritated you. But that was the least of your problems.Your saviour wasn't able to come and rescue you this time. Well, he was there, he saw what happened, but he didn't reach you on time. As he had told you, he wouldn't always be there for you. This was that 'time' he was talking about. If only he was here on time, you wouldn't be laying on the ground, thinking about how you should have told Levi about your feelings, so that he would've stayed by your side to always protect you. Well, that's only if he returns the feelings and if you'll be able to recover from this accident.You allowed your eyes to rest for a few seconds before you detected the sound of soft footsteps. An almost inaudible sigh was heard and Levi approached you, crouching down. And you thought he would scoop you up, bridal style, like the Prince Charming he is.However, that's not what happened...He had graced your forehead with a flick of his finger as he rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue and standing back up."You f*cking fool. You just tripped over your own foot and spilt tea. Stop being such a drama queen. You didn't even act this way when you injured yourself on that last expedition.""So... I'm not dying?" you piped, grinning up at him as he got a cloth and spray to clean up the tea you had dropped at the entrance of his office and on yourself. He dabbed your shirt with the cloth as you sat up."Idiot," he muttered under his breath and your grin widened as you took the material from his hands and wiped the floor. "As if I would ever let you die," he spoke, with a nonchalant kiss to the forehead, causing you to freeze your actions and stare at his hues that gleamed with amusement. But you weren't able to say anything, not even able to open your mouth. "What are you gaping at, brat? That tea is going to clean itself.""Y-you just-- You-- W-what, I'm-- I can't--" was all you were able to babble in an incoherent manner, not being able to finish any of the sentences you started before lips pressed against yours, causing you to widen your eyes.Even though you didn't respond to the kiss, Levi had parted with a smirk on his lips."Be mine, (Y/N)," he purred, taking your chin his gentle hold. "I'm never going to leave your dramatic a*s' side.""..." Still, you couldn't utter a word as you stared at him in shock."For f*ck's sake, (Y/N)! Say something!" a voice, which clearly wasn't Levi's, exclaimed, causing both of you to turn your head to the open door of his office, finding your squad members, along with Hanji and Erwin poking their head from each side of the door frame. And somehow, your eyes had widened further (if that was even possible) and a hue of red crept onto your face."Would you care to explain why you're all standing outside my office?" Levi spat, eyes shooting daggers at every individual."Eren, you sh*tty brat, you exposed us!" Oluo scolded him."But (Y/N) wasn't saying anything and I couldn't just stand there since she obviously reciprocates Corporal Levi's feelings. It annoyed me!""Tch," the sound came from both Levi and his imitator."W-we're sorry, sir," Petra said, taking a step back from the door.The raven corporal stood up from his place opposite you and slammed the door in front of their faces, silencing the argument that was about to ensue between them. He then turned back around to face you, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at you as you stared at the floor."Well...? I'm still waiting for an answer.""... I'll be yours, Levi," you finally spoke, smiling once you stood up and faced him."Good," he smirked, edging closer to you and cupping your face with both of his hands. "Now, since your clothes are soiled, you'll have to take them off."
Wallpapers, Stamps, Icons, Etc.
god dammit levi by vaunu
Levi icon by Valeria-sama
Attack on Titan Levi vs Beast Titan 3D animation by LuBruZ
Levi Ackerman Journal Skin by TaNa-Jo


Levi by RikaMello Levi :iconrikamello:RikaMello 1,513 59 Levi Ackerman by teddibe Levi Ackerman :iconteddibe:teddibe 454 20 Levi Chillin by Bev-Nap Levi Chillin :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 677 12 Levi by Hatsuraikun Levi :iconhatsuraikun:Hatsuraikun 1,198 104 Levi Ackerman by Suixere Levi Ackerman :iconsuixere:Suixere 1,618 158 Levi by tesorone Levi :icontesorone:tesorone 451 44 Levi Ackerman 2 by Maxnono0 Levi Ackerman 2 :iconmaxnono0:Maxnono0 251 11 Levi by TheOrckid Levi :icontheorckid:TheOrckid 1,011 36 Levi Ackerman by Himenyuu Levi Ackerman :iconhimenyuu:Himenyuu 1,045 120 I'm in love with my BOSS!Levi Ackerman X Reader by Kuroshitsujilova I'm in love with my BOSS!Levi Ackerman X Reader :iconkuroshitsujilova:Kuroshitsujilova 18 0 Levi by Claparo-Sans Levi :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 7,348 157 Heichou by diabolico0anghel Heichou :icondiabolico0anghel:diabolico0anghel 51 16 What happened by WXYZell What happened :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 279 11 Like a gentleman by WXYZell Like a gentleman :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 150 29 Wait for me Eren by WXYZell Wait for me Eren :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 302 29 Levi by WXYZell Levi :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 339 8




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