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Published: February 15, 2018
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To many of those who might not be familiar with Gargoyles I suggest that you click on this link: Another Masterpiece and read it before continuing on with this Motivational screenshot.

But to those who have seen and watched this one of a kind masterpiece of the 1990's would know fully well that before its' cancellation after the 3rd season, that series creator Greg Weisman in 1995 proposed a spin-off of Gargoyles, and the title of it was TimeDancer - the one who travels through time with the lost Phoenix Gate. This spin-off would have chronicled the adventures of Brooklyn (Favorite Character) with the Phoenix Gate as the supposed lost phoenix gate which was thrown into the timestream by Goliath to keep it from falling in the wrong hands would come into Brooklyn's possession and send him on an adventure travelling back and forth through time for 40 years before returning him home more older, wiser and with his own family to boot.

The reason for this spin off series is that Greg Weisman felt that the characters Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington could not continue their lives as "The Three Musketeers", believing "that childhood friendships must evolve or die". Also due to Brooklyn's popularity with fans was another big factor that convinced Greg to create a spin-off that the gargoyle could be the lead in.  

The premise was soon developed as a single episode and suggested to Eric Lewald during the production of The Goliath Chronicles. Ultimately, they turned it down (the non-canonical episode "Runaways" was made instead). In short, it was too late for the concept to be made into a fully-fledged spin-off, no official pilot was made, and it was never seriously considered by any networks.

But that did not stop quite a few talented and gifted fanfiction writers from coming together to form a Gargoyles writing community that would launch as website called TGS (The Gargoyles Saga) tgs.gargoyles-fans.org/ that would have a list of all of the other spin-off series that Greg Weisman had also proposed on as well as the TimeDancer Saga that these talented writers wrote either individually and/or together. The chapters also include quite a few well illustrated pictures by some talented artist and a couple are here on DeviantArt.

The community-version of TimeDancer has the writers try in some ways stay loyal to Greg's Weisman's spin-off idea but they do feature some alternate verions to the spinoff series of their own.

For one example, in Greg Weisman's original idea Brookly travels to Feudal Japan where he meets and finally finds love with a female samurai gargoyle named Katana gargwiki.net/Katana who only appeared for a brief moment at the end of the Gargoyles graphic novel, Phoenix gargwiki.net/Phoenix but in the TGS version of TimeDancer Brookly also gets sent to Feudal Japan where he meets the Ishimura Clan and among them he meets a beautiful female Gargoyle named Sata: Sata who went on many adventures with Brooklyn and eventually became his mate and mother to his twin hatchlings (a rarity for gargoyles) Graeme and Ariana: Twins and Nudnik before they are finally sent home after bouncing around the timestream for 40 years as well.

I don't want to go into too many details about Sata, Katana or their kids as I want save that all for future motivational screenshots. :D

All in all I have to say that this spin-off series TimeDancer even when I first heard about way back in 1995 it did indeed peak my interests and it does sound like it would have been an interesting series to see happen if a network decided to pick up on the project.

One other Gargoyles fan even said that TimeDancer reminded them of Doctor Who...but...my boyfriend who is a HUGE Doctor Who fan would have to disagree as the Doctor Who series has the main character "The Doctor" travelling not only through time but also through space to other planets while Brooklyn stays primarily on Earth unable to leave but does leave for space for a brief while though.

Although we won't be able to see this interesting spin-off come to life on a television screen to see and join Brookly as he goes on many different adventures through time, make new friends/allies, fight new foes and also in the process finally fall in love and start a family we can still enjoy reading it on the TGS website where alot of writers literally put their hearts and dedication into making these stories and gargoyles projects come to life in their own ways by creating new characters such as Brooklyn's mate and many interesting story-plots.

Also it's not just the TimeDancers saga that you should check out but the other spin-off series that Greg Weisman envisioned that were also brought to life through words, heart and dedication as well.

Once again here is the link if anyone is interested in reading this spin-off or the others just click on this link: tgs.gargoyles-fans.org/ it is worth the read. 

Gargoyles (c) Greg Weisman
TimeDancer (c) Greg Weisman/TGS


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interesting ideas there that could not come to pass.
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This spinoff sounds like it would have been interesting.
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
It would have but if you are interested in reading it I highly recommend clicking on the links that will take you to the website that has the stories to this wonderful spin-off series. It might not have been done by the original creator but as I said in my comment box these writers did a wonderful job on these projects and writing TimeDancers you simply can't ignore it.
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Don't really care for season three of Gargoyles...
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Me neither. I know that some fanfiction writers wrote a 3rd season of their own in the TGS website and that to me is more of a 3rd season that the "Goliath Chronicles" :roll:
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