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Published: February 21, 2018
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*I got permission from the original artist here on Deviantart who drew this beautiful picture a to give you a better idea as to what the character looked like in the Gargoyles community fanfiction series, The Gargoyles Saga. This picture belongs to :iconnoble-maiden: she has done a terrific job on this lovely picture and many others as well. If you would like to see more I HIGHLY recommend that you check out her page and to also ask for permission if you want to use her picture(s) in any way before doing it.*  :D

To follow you up with another motivational screenshot to "TimeDancers" Timedancer Adventures I think it is now the appropriate time to introduce you all to Sata.

" One of the figures was a beautiful female gargoyle with hair as dark as midnight and skin like cool jade. Her almond-shaped eyes could either melt a heart or pierce it. She wore a modified dark red kimono embroidered with chrysanthemums over an ivory tunic, the flowing sleeves bound up from wrist to forearm for efficient swordplay with a wicked-looking katana blade gripped in her hand.  - Out of Joint, Part 2 "

The female gargoyle originally from 16th century, Feudal Japan of the fictional town of Ishimura, Japan she who would join Brooklyn (unwillingly at first) on his journey and later on becomes his mate and also the mother to their twins.

Sata makes her appearance in the TGS: TimeDancer Saga in chapter 14 called "Dishonor" (Story Concept by Brian Dumlao and Written by Laurean Broadbent and Christi Smith Hayden) when the Phoenix Gate sends Brooklyn to Feudal Japan and there he meets Sata and her clan. She knocks him out taking him as a spy sent from a rebel rouge gargoyle clan but later on after they get that little matter cleared up and during a battle that is taking place between Sata's clan and the rouge one the Phoniex Gate reappears in the midst of it and Sata ends up unwillingly joining Brooklyn in his travels when the Phoenix Gate engulfs them both sending Brookly and Sata on many journeys through out time, which during the course of their travels Sata and Brooklyn fall in love with each other and eventually becomes mates.

I would prefer not to go into too many details as to what happens because in case you are interested in reading the TimeDancer Saga tgs.gargoyles-fans.org/td/ I would not want to give too much away in spoilers. 

Sata was the second-in-command of her clan before joining Brooklyn and was devoted her to clan and in the ways of the sword.  Having a strong sense of responsibility along with a brave heart, Sata had a very graceful demeanor but don't let her beauty fool you as she is very skilled with a sword and can take down any opponent in one swift of her mighty swordsmanship. She was known throughout her clan as Ishimura's fiercest warrior, being independent and tough by nature, she did not like others helping her. Sata relied on her advanced fighting skills, never letting an enemy escape once she had her sights on it. She fought aggressively and confronted every enemy bravely. But despite her hard cold exterior at times underneath it all is a female who is deeply passionate and extremely loyal and loving to those she cares about. She holds a great sense of honor to the ways of her people and to the Japanese culture. She is also very stubborn and does have a nasty temper when she is angry or very passionate about something and is not afraid to consider breaking some ways of tradition especially if it involves traitors to her clan.

I will honestly say that at first I was not a big fan of Sata back then but over time she has really come to grow on me and I  found her to be an extrodinary character indeed. Sata serves as the perfect example of being a beautiful women of elegance and following the ways of her people and culture but can also step up to the plate and kick some serious ass when needed to. Especially in the ancient times of Japan when a woman was not really entitled to do any sort of battling with a few exceptions like Tomoe Gozen or even some women who were the wives of Samurais but mostly handled a Naginata instead of a Katana.

Throughout TimeDancer and the other TGS stories Sata has developed well and really come into her own as a character who was handed an unsual and unique fate and path to follow travelling through time with her mate Brooklyn and later on their kids, visiting multiple cultures, different historical events as well as learning many new and various things along the way to make her into a stronger character.  

Despite the fact that she only exists in the TGS community I have to say that I prefer her over Brooklyn's "canonical" mate Katana. (That is a motivational screenshot for another time :D).

Sata is indeed an inspiration for other females in the TGS/TimeDancer universe and would be an excellent role model and mentor for them as well. 

Sata (c) TGS

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Moonstone27 General Artist
Sata nostalgia, Brooklyn's fan design mates were fun when the fandom first started:3
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interesting until.... *the Portuguese tericos shows up in there and single handlly takes her to the cleaners and dominates her in duels and other melee talents.* nope portugual and the west strikes again!!! and christanity to boot. :P 

other wise I like this. 
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I highly doubt that. Gargoyles age at half the rate of humans are more stronger as well and more agile she won't be that easily defeated. It almost sound like you are trying to push your religion onto others from the way you are commenting and I respect your own religious beliefs very much but please don't do that on my page. Everyone has their own beliefs on the world, religion and on humanity. 
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Not really on the pushing part that is more for lols there and what not. Nothing foul there though if it came out that way applogies in advance. Also since you have her at least for this case in feudal Japan you left it wide open for what period of Japan’s history such setting is. Once more sorry if it came out wrong
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay and thank you for understanding and my apologies to you as well because I did have a similar experience before a few years back. I do respect others religions and beliefs but not when they are forced onto others but my apologies once again if you were trying to make jokes about it. 

That is where the mystery lies at least for my crossover idea as in the Gargoyle fanfiction series TGS Sata is from the 16th century meaning she is from the Sengoku Period which was the bloodiest history in Japan. But when it comes to InuYasha I have my doubts about that timeline as they say that Kagome Higurashi travels 500 years into the past but from what I have looked up and what has happened I think that it's not 500 years for her. 

Once again I also apologizes for my midjudgement
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it is ok I had that happen more often then you think and I even got blocked by someone for doing this cause I failed to explain properly. :shrug: oh well what's done is done. and yeah I do the jokes like that just I need to explain it afterwards which ruins it ish.

well then we know the history of the sengoku, there is also the genpi war and boshin war as well for the rise and fall of the sammuri. though the show for InuYasha was made in the 90's since the show like you said or something shows her sent 500 years back that would place her in the pre sengoku around the 1400's when the ashgowa shoganate was still strong. it would have to be at least if we go by the years matching up etc from the 90's or early 2000's to put it with in the 500 year play other wise it would be 400 years for time travel cause the whole sengoku started around 1545 and ended around 1600 with the last campagins after the towagowa shoganate cemented there hold over japan. 
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's okay and I am sorry too you seem to be a nice person and you are more understanding about it then the other who tried to "convert" me but I actually did find it funny a bit though.

Well here is where I run into the issue with the whole "500" years into the past as in the one episode before they meet the others InuYasha and Kagome meet a boy who goes to save his longtime crush who married a nobleman and Kagome mistakes him for Oda Nobunaga who was a powerful daimyo (feudal lord) of Japan in the late 16th century who attempted to unify Japan during the late Sengoku period, and successfully gained control over most of Honshu. But here is where the confusion happens he was born in June 23, 1534 and died in June 21, 1582 at age 47.

Now the events of InuYasha starts in 1997 when Kagome was pulled into the well and into the feudal era of Japan where she is told that travelled 500 years into the past which would make it 1497 so if that was the case and Oda Nobunaga was alive during the events of InuYasha then it was not 500 years Kagome was travelling into the past but more like 400 something years. I am sure it was just a historical error on Rumiko Takahashi-san's part or maybe just to show how stupid Kagome Higurashi really is.
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yep I am a nice guy at heart but I run in to many people who take it the wrong way on here. those snowflakes. :|
and yays that it was funny :D :dance:

yeah I kind of agree that was a epic fail on the part of the rumiko takahashi and a failure of writing on that part. if he really wanted to play the 500 years thing there would be more signs in there to conferm it in 1499 the ashigawa shoganate is still strong in terms of influence and military power if it were during the accual period when Nobunaga was alive and well showing that it was like you said 400 and some odd years back it should had shown a lot better for background which clan owned the province where modern day toyko resides cause it was no where near the clans that were in the procimity of Kyoto where the ahsigawa reside and the clans that were there the towagwa and there 'master' clan and the oda's home starting province and castle. it is accually during the whole sekoku period was part musashi province and it's owners for the fishing community it was at the time was the edo clan minor offshoot of the Taira Clan and were the first ones to fortify the fishing village and it was ota dokan in 1457 was the one who built edo castle here is there clan's history. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edo_clan
it is these guys that Kagome and company would run in to for clan power in that area. 

in any case we will need Wikipedia and google images to try and match this. 
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I would look it up on the website because with it being the Sengoku period of Japan I know that Rumiko Takahashi chose the theme as she wanted to write a darker atmosphere for InuYasha there is not a lot of bloody wars going on. 
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She sounds awesome!
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RivaAnimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
She really is. I am glad she grew on me over the years :D.
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