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Pixel Tutorial

:new: Added a FAQ list~

♦ Q: How do you make the background transparent in SAI?
A: When you save as .png a window should pop up. It will look like this:
Png by Riukkii 
You have to select the second option and then hit ok.

♦ Q: The window with the .png options doesn't appear.
A: If that window doesn't pop up, you may have to update your SAI. Older versions don't support transparency (32bbp).

♦ Q: Do you work in one layer?
A: No, I use different layers for lineart, base colors and shading.

♦ Q: How do you recolor the lineart?
A: You should keep the lineart in a separated layer. To color it, just lock the opacity of the lineart layer and color with a darker color than the shading.

♦ Q: I can't make an eraser brush that's binary.
A: Don't use the eraser tool. Instead set a new binary tool and change the opacity from the predetermined settings to 0.

♦ Q: Does only SAI have a binary tool?
A: No, Photoshop pencil tool or MSPaint pencil are the same as the binary tool.


Edit - I have the spanish version of SAI so the tools and settings were in spanish too. I downloaded the english ver and took new screenshots of the toolbar, now you have the tutorial entirely in english hehe xD Also corrected some writing mistakes ;;


Huge file! > A <

Okay, this is a tutorial basically of how I pixel everything. That chibi is a bit old, I've improved a little since then but it's a simple character and I think it's easier to understand the tutorial that way.
The image of the chibi used here is enlarged.
Here's the original: Kouki by Riukkii

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, I'll try my best to answer them~ 
Oh and if you find any grammar/spelling mistake please tell me ;; hehe

Featuring some guides about the basics of pixel art:
Pixel Art Tutorial- What the heck is pixel art? v1 by Pix3M Pixel Blending + Shading Tips by BluE3 DO's and DON'Ts Guide for Pixels-Unlimited! by Drache-Lehre

Also you should read this amazing topic about creating pixel art: Topic: The Pixel Art Tutorial

Please don't copy, edit, repost or reupload this tutorial.
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xxDark-Wolfxx's avatar
very awesome tut, thank you very much!
Moonmentsz's avatar
You are AMAZING :D Thank you so much for the tutorial, I'm very new in digital art and i had no idea how to start pixel art :P xoxo
Lara2004backup's avatar
it helped thanks!  Larz Pagedoll by Lara2004backup
wearthesun's avatar
thank you so much for this! it helped me a lot with my first pixel art ^^ The Wind Waker
Riukkii's avatar
That's really good for a first attempt *q* Great job!
I'm glad my tutorial helped you~ ^^
wearthesun's avatar
thank you so much! ^^
Cynderen's avatar
This will be so helpful! I was so scared of making some pixels in SAI but I see that's so easy and simple. Thank you very much!!
Riukkii's avatar
I'm glad to hear that! A lot of people are scared of pixeling for the first time and think it's very difficult >v< But it's actually fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it~ ^^
Cynderen's avatar
Sure I did that, it helped me a lot! Thanks again!! If someone would like to make pixels I'll recommend this tutorial. :D…
Shiemi-Hime's avatar
¡Muchas gracias por el tutorial! Tengo ganas de intentar el pixel art y esto me ha servido mucho ;w; <3
Riukkii's avatar
De nada! Que bueno que te sea de ayuda <3
Suerte con los pixels~! ^^
DreamyHeart89's avatar
Entoces cuàl es el pincel que utilizaste por las sombras?
Riukkii's avatar
El mismo que utilicé para las lineas, binary tool (:
wacomire080x's avatar
Thank you so much
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
Riukkii's avatar
My pleasure ^^ I hope it helps~ <3
XxJJDxX's avatar
best ever thank u so much!
Riukkii's avatar
Thank you! ^7^
Sadic-Sibilla's avatar
Best tutorial ever! just what i was hoping for :D tysvm Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
Riukkii's avatar
Thank you! //u// 
Alice-Laiho's avatar
This is so helpful!! :heart: Thank you very much for this,this was my first try Me as a pixel pagedoll    .I hope it's ok for a first try :D 
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