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Free Icon Base

This is an icon base I made some time ago. It was going to be for my use but I found it really hard to make full body icons, they didn't turn out well OTL So I decided to make it free to use~ > u <

This base is free to use! You don't need to ask me if you can use it.

Click on the download button!

Some rules:
- If you upload your icon to your gallery, please credit me in the description.
- If you post your icon on a web site that is not deviantart please link back to my page or this deviation.
- You are allowed to use this base for commissions, gifts, art trades, prizes, or anything you want (:
- Enjoy!
Sample: Yumi by Riuori (I tried OTL)
Featuring some icons made using this base <3
Pomme [Icon] by BunriCHERRY ICON by milkycherryXiao Yudi Icon by PrinceYuiKashika Icon by Spudfuzz

See the full collection here:…

Base © Riuori

Pixel tutorial:
Pixel Tutorial by Riuori
© 2013 - 2022 Riukkii
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Using! Thank you 💕

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Using! You are the best!
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Used darling! Thanks so much for letting us use for commissions too <3  Xinyiki - Clarity - FV Icon by Daniekazaeri
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No problem! You did a great job on that icon, it's so cute <3
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Aa thank you lovely QoQ/ I really appreciate it
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Sabrina001 by EmmalynnMiracle  Used! It's my first time using an icon base, so it's not that great. ^^''
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Used! Thank you so much :)
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using in the future!
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Using! Thank you!
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Used and I find this really adorable
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I will use it uwu
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How do you draw on it?
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You have to download the base by clicking on the download button or saving the image from here
Then you can open it in your prefered drawing program and draw over it (preferably on a separate layer, if your program has this option)
Here's a pixel tutorial by me that can be applied to icons, if you are interested in making pixels~ ^^
Pixel Tutorial by Riukkii
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Can I use this?
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