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◆ | Hello there! I am opening a commission for unlimited slots
OCs and Canon Characters in the show! | ◆
Please read the Terms of Serviceat the bottom of this commission journal!
I need money so please a commission can help me right now! :love: 

Simplified Commission Prices!

Depends of the design of your OC, complexity
the price can go higher and $5 for each custom changes!

Head to Bust: $15.00 / 1,500  

Half Body: $20.00 / 2,000

Full Body: $30.00 / 3,000 

Detailed Commission Prices!

Depends of the design of your OC, complexity
the price can go higher and $10 for each custom changes!

Head to Bust: $25.00 / 2,500 

Half Body: $45.00 / 4,500

+$35.00/ 3,500   for additional character 

Full Body: $65.00 / 6,500 

+$55.00 / 5,500 for additional character 


Blank/Transparent/Simple: FREE 


$25.00  to $500.00 | Specify | 
   ( 2,500 to 50,000  ) 

Pay me via my Paypal  or Points! 

I advice you to pay me through "goods and services" and DO NOT include your address if you're planning to pay me through paypal. Click HERE to know how! 

I have two different artstyles, one is Detailed and the other one is Simple, I am trying to give some examples so you guys can know the differences. There are other examples can be a little bit sketchy because sometimes I draw for fun but don't worry, I always outline them for commissions than being a lazy ass lol. 

This commission journal is still new so there will be updates, improvements, and changing prices are possible to happen in the future.  

[Terms of Service]

For MLP related commissions that aren't human related: CLICK HERE!!! 
◆I'll do the commission AFTER you pay! 
◆You can send me your commission request through my Gmail: or my DA notes!
◆Please be patient while I am doing your commission, because It will take some time depends of the complexity.
◆Please send me a clear references of your OC and be honest if I'd done any mistakes. 
◆You can send me a specific pose reference what they're doing and describe it in detail 
what is the pose about. 
◆You aren't allowed to change the pose you gave me tho, sketch can be allowed but if we are talking about a finished piece I won't accept that. So choose wisely! 
◆Please don't complain about the prices. Most of the money are used for my everyday needs and other personal reasons.  
◆I reserve the right to decline if I feel that your request is not within my ability to do or if I'm not comfortable drawing it.
◆You are welcome to order commissions as much as you want.

I Accept:
◆Canon Characters 
◆Original Caracters 
◆Anthromorphic Characters ( Anthros, Furries )
◆Other Species 
◆Pastel Gore is okay tho, they are more nicer than real gores.
◆Multiple species in one canvas is Accepted! ( Ex: Anthro and human  together ) 
◆Mecha ( please give me a reference, I won't accept if it is a description )

I DON'T Accept: 
◆NSFW/Lewd Pinups/Mature Contents are not my thing.
◆Bloody Gore.  

Thank you for reading!

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... are you still doing this? If so, I may be interested; feel free to contact me, if so.

If not, thank you anyhow for your time. *bows humbly*