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  • Listening to: Gulzar
  • Reading: The Firm by John Grisham
  • Watching: 30 Rock
  • Eating: Maggi
  • Drinking: Appy
I knw I am not very regular on Deviant and while some of it has to do with my own lethargy and lack of creativity (design wise) ... some of it is also down to the fact that uploading photography on deviant is very tiring .. and since that is what i am doing most these days ... So ...

Neway ... it's been 6 months since I started my personal web page ... and that too has suffered a lot due to my neglect ... so started working on revamping the home page ...
have gotten this far till now ... this is the idea ... and now i am lost how to implement this in css/html ... esp the angled text part

do let me know if you like the idea ... hope to have my site working properly soon ... and hope to be a bit more active on deviant ... its all starting to sound like new year resolutions

finally ... signing off wishing happy birthday to our dear Adobe Photoshop ... its 20 now

yay ... my website is finally online ... I am still working on the design / code and it is taking some time ... hope to have it fully functional by the weekend.

A few teasers out there till then ... have a look around here = =
  • Listening to: Chaandan Mein
  • Reading: CSS Tutorials
  • Watching: FRIENDS rerun :D
  • Playing: with photoshop/dreamweaver
  • Eating: Dairy Milk
  • Drinking: Life ;)
Just mailed my entry for the monthly calendar competition to the Smashing Magazine guys. Am wondering if i should post the wallpaper here as well or should I wait to see if it gets selected.

What say?
  • Listening to: Delhi 6
  • Reading: Photoshop tutorials
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: with photoshop
  • Eating: Hungry
  • Drinking: Thirsty
Yay ... am just getting started ... see you around a lot more in the coming year :D
  • Listening to: Kailash Kher
  • Reading: Jeffery Archer
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: FIFA 09
  • Eating: Tasteless food :(
  • Drinking: water .. bloody hot here