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1 - sold to YunSpirit
2 - sold to Septembersister
3 - sold to GuardianofLightAura
4 - sold to taichara

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These wands look gorgeous
I adore the shape of the first one it looks at the same time magical and dangerous
I think the second one is my favourite, it shape is so pretty and reminds me a bit of a unicorn also the color combination is great
The third wand looks so cool it reminds me a bit of the swords they have in star wars
The fourth one is stunning, I really love the idea of it
Also the wand's effects are great the gems glow so powerful
Amazing wands :clap:
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Damn, I love no2 especially! So mad that I'm so late XD
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Thank you! :hug:
There will be more sets soon!
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These are amazing to see, I love them all, especially the dark blue one.
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Thank you so much! :la:
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Oooh...Lily would like 2...(lol Lily is part of my Silver-Bloods species)
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Чудесные(во всех смыслах :D) палочки)
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4 looks like a high level druid wand, though 1 looks like it could double as a close range weapon when magic runs out.
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Thank you! :hug: Yes, I think they can be used as stilettos =)
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wow, #4 is great! looks very Elvish. #1 looks cool too. I like how #3 looks like a lightsaber and 2 sort of looks like a unicorn horn.  
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Thank you so much! :la:
Number 2 is amazing, but 4 takes the cake! I guess I'm just a sucker for plant themed items. :D
Rittik-Designs's avatar
I'm really glad you like them! ^^ Thanks!
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
Most of these also look like they could make for vicious stillettos :P You're really so talented at what you do. I can't remember if I ever asked, but how do you make all these things? Do you use a computer program or something?
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Thank you so much! :la:
I use Photoshop. First make some sketches, then clean shapes with Pen Tool, then colour with brushes and use self-made Photoshop styles for glass and metal effect =)
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
That sounds kinda complicated o.o But pretty awesome all the same ^^
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i love the unicorn wand the best.
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Thank you! :hug: I like it too! ^^
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