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Staff adopts 38 (CLOSED)

I suddenly noticed that I haven't been drawing staff designs for a long time - the latest set was in April! But I haven't run out of ideas yet! =) So here is a new set.

1 - sold to Yukimare
2 - sold to DaphfloconMojo
3 - sold to Azleah44
4 - sold to Azleah44
5 - sold to Azleah44

:bulletorange: DO NOT edit, trace, copy or repost my designs! They belong to people who bought them!
:bulletorange: Please, read the Terms of Usage and info about adopting my designs - Rules and Guidelines
:bulletorange: Feel free to take a look at my gallery for open adopts and stock - Gallery
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ice staff now belongs to @kagura-deadly-beauty

just an update!

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I don't plan on using it in any non-RP related works (yet...) but 1 is still up for sale, right?

If so, I use paypal, so there's that. RP character design considerations and depressed states ahoy...
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Yes, №1 is still open! Would you like to purchase it?
I'll send you my e-mail in a Note!
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Yes, I'll pay for it as soon as I get the link... and my computer boots up (just woke up, so sending this via phone and PC has 20 things it wants to update)
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Thanks a lot! I sent you the png! =)
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So...have people commissioned these or are they sold off? Cool idea anyway.
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Thank you! :hug:
These are adopts and all except #1 were sold =)
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Can I put #1 on hold?
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Sure! I'll put it on hold for you! =)
Can you please tell me how long the reserve is going to be?
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Is 2-3 weeks okay?
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I'll let you know in advance if something comes up and I can't get it. Okay?
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Alright thanks for the hold by the way~
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Просто потрясающие посохи!
Четвёртый завораживает красотой линий*^*
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Спасибо большущее! :3 Люблю ажурные посохи)))
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Is it possible to hold and if so for how long?
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Yes, I do holds. The time depends on the buyer: if I know the person well and they've bought from me before, I can hold for weeks and months. =) For those who buy adopt the first time, I can hold items from several days to a week.
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Oh I see :D are there also commissions?
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Yes, I'm planning to open them soon! =) I'll post a special Journal.
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