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Staff adopts 33 (CLOSED)

1 - sold to Zaffara
2 - sold to Stubbornkizer
3 - sold to sapphire-spider
4 - sold to Stubbornkizer
5 - sold to Stubbornkizer

Staff 4 was designed by my mother! Heart

:bulletorange: DO NOT edit, trace, copy or repost my designs! They belong to people who bought them!
:bulletorange: Please, read the Terms of Usage and info about adopting my designs - Rules and Guidelines
:bulletorange: Feel free to take a look at my gallery for open adopts and stock - Gallery
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The fifth staff is the most beautiful of all. I like the combination of dark blue and gold.
Hey could you make a tutorial or something cause i really want to know how to make the weapons  look so enchanted
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't do tutorials.
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1 and 5, OMG **
Where, how, how can you gat so much beautiful ideas **
Rittik-Designs's avatar
:aww: You're making me blush! I don't think my arts deserve such praise! ^^
As for ideas - they are everywhere. I get inspiration from nature, from my dreams, from objects in everyday life. It's easy - I just see some interesting detail or shape or colour and start thinking what I could make from it. =)
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Yes, you deserve it !

Oooh, I see ** Y'oure doing it with a graphig tablet, aren't you ? Wich size is it ?
And the curves are really well done, by the way ! The colors are bright and all, really nice to see ^.^
Rittik-Designs's avatar
I have a Bamboo tablet, A5 format. It's not very big, but very comfortable to draw on (or maybe I just got used to it =))
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Ooooh, I see ^^ I thought it would be with an A5 or another, very big ^^
I got an A4 as a matter of fact x)
ANyway, thank you ^.^
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My favs are #3 and #5, but your mum did come up with amazing idea as well (: I guess that kind of skill runs in the family :D
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Thank you so much! :huggle:
This one got me.
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Awesome, amazing, impressive and... beautiful.... XD
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4 is beautiful ;-;
SevLily-Adoptables's avatar
holy crap, 5 is AMAZING :O
SevLily-Adoptables's avatar
Caterinna's avatar
Просто замечательные посохи!*^*
Ооочень нравится 1й, сочетание черного и белого, их переплетения... вах:D
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Пасибо! Это мой самый любимый из набора))
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