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Staff adopts 30 (CLOSED)

1 - sold to RavynArcadia
2 - sold to GuardianofLightAura
3 - sold to RavynArcadia
4 - sold to Primal-Lord
5 - sold to GuardianofLightAura

Staffs 1 and 2 were designed by my mom! :heart: I coloured her sketches and I think they came out really nice!

:bulletorange: DO NOT edit, trace, copy or repost my designs! They belong to people who bought them!
:bulletorange: Please, read the Terms of Usage and info about adopting my designs - Rules and Guidelines
:bulletorange: Feel free to take a look at my gallery for open adopts and stock - Gallery
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Em-n-EmDoodles , might be deactivated but I also agree on the Dionysus part, due the god of wine thing haha. power it might have: drunkeness, vines and wine/fun. lol

so realistic ! wonderfull
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the second one reminds me of Dionysus
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Do you know much greek myth stuff as I do? (I obsess over it sometimes)
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Unfortunately, I don't know much. I had a book of Greek myths in childhood, but that's all.
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These are incredible!
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I love the third one! It's so cool! 
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у меня была идея посоха как 2 с виноградом, но совсем другой, более хрупким что ли.
нравится 5ый подошел бы жемчужной принцессе, наверное.
4 напоминает глаз какого-то египетского бога.. имени не помню

приятно когда кто-то работает совместно с мамой =) очень красивые работы вышли.
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Спасибо! :hug: Мама тоже благодарит))
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 you ´re welcome
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Wow, these are really cool! I really like all five of them, lol. :meow:
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Винограаааадик! *____*
Передайте маме мое восхищение дизайном! А Вам - восхищение покраской)
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Благодарю! ^^
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