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Magic items adopts 11 (CLOSED)

Sacred Rose - sold to GuardianofLightAura
Ring of Whispers - sold to Azure-wolf96
Queen of Hearts' Scepter - sold to Mizu-Kumi
Shards of Sin - sold to MiuStar01
Fire Salamander's Key - sold to kelsaa42
Viper's Eye Amulet - sold to Rain-Courage

:bulletorange: DO NOT edit, trace, copy or repost my designs! They belong to people who bought them!
:bulletorange: Please, read the Terms of Usage and info about adopting my designs - Rules and Guidelines
:bulletorange: Feel free to take a look at my gallery for open adopts and stock - Gallery
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В ювелиры бы тебе, такая красота ещё б и материальная была.
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Спасибо большое! :tighthug: Боюсь, ювелир из меня уже не выйдет, хотя я бы очень хотела некоторые дизайны сделать настоящими вещицами))
Feralem's avatar
А если не секрет, то какова твоя специальность?
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Педагог дополнительного образования)) В детском садике английский преподаю =D
Kooliokatz's avatar
so beautiful!!!! Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] 
Kooliokatz's avatar
haha like i said! 100% deserve it!
Witchmiester185's avatar
Sooooo awesome!!! :heart:
Mizu-Kumi's avatar
Can I have the Queen of hearts?
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Sure! =)
How would you like to pay? Paypal or Commission widget (points)?
Mizu-Kumi's avatar
Comission widget please n n
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Ok! =) Please, pay through the Commission Widgets on the profile page =)
(You may need to choose several of them to match the price)
Mizu-Kumi's avatar
Where is for 700 points? D':
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Oh, youshould choose the 500 points and 200 points! =)
Sorry for inconvenience, I just can't make widgets for all possible prices (it would be huge!), so buyers choose several widgets to match the price. =)
Infinitas-Somnis's avatar
Waaaa so beautiful!
awesome stuff, love all of them
YunSpirit's avatar
As fantastic as always! :aww: I could look at these amazing magical items for several hours! :)
Can you reserve "Viper's Eye Amulet" for me to thursday, or is it too long? ^^;
Rittik-Designs's avatar
Thanks a lot, my friend! :huggle: Of course I'll hold it for you!
And I'm glad to see you on DA again! I haven't heard from you for a long time and started to worry a bit. :hug:
YunSpirit's avatar
I'm sorry that you had to wait so long, sorry! :( but the point is sent now :aww: .
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