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Magic Staffs (downloadable stock)

I was drawing a new staff and couldn't decide on its colour - I loved all the variants! I thought - maybe different people will need different colours, so I decided to make this stock. =)

You can purchase this set for 500 points and get a full-size png without background and watermarks.
Just click on "Buy premium download" under the picture!  

By purchasing/saving/downloading this image you agree to abide rules below. If you don't like these rules, please do not download this artwork!

:bulletgreen: please credit me by my DeviantArt name or add a link to my page.
:bulletgreen: all stock in my gallery is for non-commercial use only!
:bulletgreen: don't repost this stock on other sites in its original form! It is also prohibited to make other stock/resources with this PNG and offer them for free or for personal gain.
(but of course you can upload your personal arts where this stock is used)

More of my stock and clipart here - [link]
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Rittik-Designs I am working on what will eventually become a TV show, and if it is okay with you I would like to use this staff design as the basis for the staffs that will be used in the show. Would a TV show be considered commercial or non commercial? also do you have this staff more colors than the ones above? the reason I asked about the colors is because the staffs is that there will be staffs in the show that are colors which aren't in the selection above
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Oh, I'm sorry, but stocks are for personal use and I'm afraid that TV show is considered as a commercial project.
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Can you teach me how to make something like that? I really wanna learn. 
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Oh, I'm sorry but I don't do tutorials...
I'd like to hire you as a freelancer artist for a game and I was also wondering if I could use these in a paid game. Would be highly appreciated and will give credit where is due.
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Hello! Thank you for taking interest in my arts! Unfortunately, at the moment all commissions are closed. I'm already working for two game projects and I'm afraid I can't take one more. Sorry!

As for these staffs, they are only for non-commercial usage.
Aww that sucks can you at least point me towards an artist with as much talent as yours ?
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:iconepic-soldier: creates awesome designs. Also, :iconliowa: draws staff designs and many other items.
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thanks for the feedback!
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How do you create these???!!!
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I draw in Photoshop =)
If I purchase this set for 300 points, am I then allowed to use these as loot icons in a downloadable, non-commercial game?
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If it's a non-commercial game, then yes =)

thanks for your answer, and sorry for the long delay. I was busy with other parts of my game. I have now purchased 4 of your downloadable stock sets and will grab maybe a dozen more.

It would be very nice if you, if you could give a permission in the form of an email to Burghard.von.Karger((at)), so I have something for my records.

To save you from the trouble of composing the text, I suggest the following,

Hello Burghard,

I am hereby giving you permission to use downloadable stock assets you purchased on DeviantArt from Rittik-Design as item graphics in a non-commercial game.

<Date><Your signature>

I will, of course, be careful to protect your copyright as well as possible. I know it is not possible to stop a determined hacker from extracting game resources, but I can do some things, such as using only the resolution my game actually requires, use cropping, adding backgrounds and maybe some encryption if it does not slow down things too much. Also I will only be using a few items from each set; I don't need 100s of different ones.
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I sent the permission to your e-mail! =)
Good luck with your project!

that is very kind of you.
Unfortunately the message has not arrived in my email. Could you please try again?
The email address is
 - and then an "@" sign
 - and then ""
Sorry for giving my email in such a confusing way. I believe that there are some automatic programs searching all forums for email addresses to which they can send spam. If I write the email address like this, I hope they don't understand.
Kind Regards,
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It's a bit strange, I checked my e-mail and the address is the same. I don't know why it didn't come... Well, I sent it again and I hope you'll receive this one.
You're not only an artist, but an uncredible esthete. Your creations are breathtaking!
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Aww, thank you! ^^ You're making me blush!
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So pretty... but no points... Still, amazing!
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I'm really glad you like it! =)
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