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Hi folks,

I'm curious about your opinion and thinking. So here's a little survey =) I don't see an option to make choices and a real survey (premium option?), so you'll have to type a, b or c as answer - ideally with a comment.

Well, here's the topic: Imagine you find your artwork somewhere on the net submitted by someone else. Your sign/name is stripped, of course there's no reference to your profile. It's used for different stuff: offered as wallpaper, like a stock image in collages, as beautiful item on homepages, as youtube-video-image, in facebook-sites, picture galleries, and so on more or less non-commercial or at least with no famous big company behind.

What do you think? What do you do?

a) I'm unbelievably angry. If there's a possibility I'll report the fake-artist immediately and I consider all my artworks getting big fat watermarks all over. I'm the artist, it's my art!

b) On the one hand I'm angry, on the other hand it's non-commercial use and it's not worth the effort to do anything.

c) I'm always curious where my artwork is used. The foreigner using my pic does not behave in a correct way, but obviously he likes my work and it's kind of a compliment to me.