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Hello fellow deviants, Gregg Ritter here, I have some pretty exciting news!
For the past 3-4 months I've been working on-&-off on a project that has become very important to me as a creator. Recording, sound design, visual design, subtitles creation, translation and timing. All of this effort culminated something, that, I think, marks a new beginning in my creative life. Without too much chit-chat, I present to you - ''Bored?'' creepypasta!

Original story by:


Edited (re-written) by:

Gregg Ritter (Ritter_Draws)

Narrated by: 
Gregg Ritter (Ritter_Draws) :iconritter-draws:
Tobias S. (LSF Development) :iconlsfdevelopment:

For anyone who wants to read along with the story, I've provided subtitles in English and Russian.


Hey Everyone! Today I got an idea for (hopefully) the next big thing on this site and in this community!
I present to you - the Slav Squat!

Slav Squat Entry 1 by Ritter-draws

A simple slav tradition which can be shared wth anyone, including you!

Rules of entering:

1. It's gotta be a poster/drawing of your OC/Persona doing a slav squat like shown on the picture above

2. It needs to be without background or with a greenscreen like so:

GreenScreen(Chroma Key)
Bb Showcase 2016 Squat Example 2 by Ritter-draws 
Without Background
Bb Showcase 2016 Squat Example 1 by Ritter-draws 
3. The Deadline is this Halloween(October 31), so you have 2 weeks to enter!

4. Mention me in your work so I can find it easier!

5. Spread this to everyone you know so we can have a fun experience together!

The Result of this Activity:

Once all entries are done, I'll complie a picture with everyone in it, with the slav award given out to the "best slavsquat"
Slav award by Ritter-draws
Dafomin RED-EYE-reborn DariusAce AbsentedTangent ItsameWario48 PurpleMonsterEyJ RobGamings Syd-Huston AustinTheBear CosmicAscension Ionyen ninidan Odrios ThePicWather Delirious411 FLOOMEZ: Zylae FZone96 Belarhos  Ombunneah  CutieTree Pareogo RealFailz  YingYang48   AwesomeSuperSonic LuisRafael25 MrDudeooo myszka11o AnthonyBlender

Those are the people I call out and invite to take part, your turn!
And you, reader, fellow deviant! join us in this fun event!