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New Heavenly Maiden RO Page

New Homepage Design for Heavenly Maiden RO:

We're just too slow and lazy to finish and launch it. But I'm sure, someday we can do it! XD

© by ritchat. Try stealing it and be prepared to be eaten by me. :D
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oh wow. I just happened to run into this and I must say it would be awesome to have this as homepage! it's such pretty looking. I hope you guys will find time to set this up (finally, huh? the desing is here for over a year :O_o:)
with greetings,
Saila, member of HMRO c:
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We did start programming the page a year ago, but it never got finished,
and at this point in time, I'm certain it never will.

Thing is, I quit RO over a year ago and I doubt I will come back (especially not as an admin).
Maybe on and off for a visit, but I don't want to spend my little free time working on the server.

Same goes for our programmer, as far as I know. Although I really don't know what he thinks,
since I don't talk to him anymore.

But I know Kei still loves the server and recently he seems to be interested in it again.

Btw, was it you who sent me a facebook friendship request?
I didn't accept because I didn't know you... *sweat*
Care to send it again? ^^'''
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d'aww, that's a pity. I would love to have our main page looking like this c:

too bad you don't have much free time. but I can understand that, not everybody can keep playing games whole life, we need real life too~

from what I know, Kei was even online and playing few days ago, but he still doesn't have much time & he doesn't find server active enough to return completely. most of work is done by Cry nowadays, he's so-so active, when he finds time, though he can't do everything, so he's just planning and switching exp events. or chit-chatting with us.

yeah, it was me ^^; I can understand the declining, I hardly accept request from someone I don't really know :D
I will send it again c:
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Very nice...