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Samantha is off her CPAP machine that helps her breath!!!!
She is doing it all on her own and is doing amazing!! She should be out of the hospital she's in within the week and moved to St. Catharines where she'll be watched for a few weeks before she gets to come home!! She's been a fighter since day 1 and is doing stuff way ahead of where she should be this young. Since all her headgear is off from the breathing machine she is spending the night in her first pair of PJ's! she had a bath tonight and the nurse said she loved it. She just sat there and enjoyed it. I'm so damn excited to have her home and so proud of her for kicking life in the balls to prove she's tough as nails since she's been born. I love her so much and can't wait to be able to hang out and be the best dad in the world. I even have a coffee mug now that says Super Dad!
Thanks for everyone support through this weird few weeks, it's all been appreciated and well worth it.



Carl Grace IS an awesome tattoo artist.
He's an awesome all around tattooer, but this feature is about black and gray tattoos.
Hatefulss is the perfect example of what you'd want to be if you want to be a good b&g artist. His work is spectacular, super smooth and well layed out. There's no sign of sloppy work in his gallery that looks like someone smothered Vaseline on the skin and shook a pepper shaker over top. His realistic work is immaculate. It doesn't look like it was done just for the money and lazy with filled in solid white eyes and teeth lol! This guys work shows that it's obviously done for the portfolio factor and done with pride. I've lived alot of places, I've encountered alot of different artists that work for different reasons. Some do it to be cool. some do it to feel popular. Some do it to be facebook famous where they have a ton of idiots cheering them on but they have absolutely no respect in the actual tattoo industry. Some do it for money. Some do it cuz they think there's no reason to want to ever try to be someone. But Carl Grace is none of those therefore gets the utmost respect from the industry and fellow serious artists. This guy is who you should try to be like if you are a so called black and gray tattooer. Study his work, learn from it, and see it as an example of what you should try to set your standards as.
I have respect for people who tattoo their asses off like this and get out there to let the world know what they're made of. This guy is well known for who he is and the quality of his work, not cuz he has a ton of uneducated people cheering him on cuz he's just some local dumbshit.
That being said, your work is awesome dude. Keep stomping ass and setting examples for people like me that respect your work and look up to you.
On top of that, His color work is just damn top notch as well!
Visit this dudes page, fave his work, and learn a little something while you're there.

Some of Hatefulss work

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OH wow! Congrats hon! That first day home is amazing. She's one amazing little girl. It'll be interesting for you to see who she becomes. I'll keep sending well wishes your familys way.
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Thank you! We're anxious to have her come home
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I'm so happy to hear everything is looking up! You go Samantha! We're routing you on! Can't wait to see some more pics of your beautiful girl!
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we'll have some up soon!
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Hooray for Miss Samantha! :D
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Thanks brother, that means too much for words. I'm going on a 6 month tour visiting different shops and expos, I'd love to make it up to where you are. Just let me know. Again, thank you.
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I'm in saint catharines Ontario at a shop called goldenhorseshoe. We're 5 minutes away from niagra fall right on the border of the U.S.
I told my boss about your message and he send you an email through your website!
I'd get tattooed by you the second you hit town if you come!
We can hook you up with a guest spot if you're willing to come. That would be awesome!
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Ya bro, I'm serious, I'm actually going to go on a 6 month tour and would love to make my way up to Canada, my wife is from Canada. I got your bosses message and responded so we'll see what happens ;;)
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Oi! Bring that curry back! :P
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he's got awesome tattoos
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He does man. one of my favorite artits right now by far
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The guy rules.
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