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Sleeping Sam

Me and my amazing daughter crashed out on the couch lol.
Hard to believe Sam celebrated her first bday in january but still wasn't supposed to be born yet. She was supposed to be born at the end of april or early may. Crazy how things happen. I wouldn't change it for the world though cuz I got to have those extra few months to spend with her.
Sam is acting and developmentally at her born age, not the age she's supposed to be, meaning that she's ahead of the game instead of delayed like most preemies born that young could potentially be. She's doing awesome. I've had alot of messages asking how she's been doing so I figured i'd update. I'm not on here doing much anymore being so busy at work and not having much time to update journals and stuff, but I'll be back soon and active like I always used to be.
Not sure if I said I moved or not, it's been so long. But I'm currently working at Hart and Huntington in Niagara falls, and considering a move to Victoria BC to finally settle down and call someplace home. I was goiung to move back East, but decided I must have been drunk when I made that decision lol!
So here's a quick pic of my Sammydoodle for ya'll to see.
We'll all alive and well.

My Tattoo and Drawing Gallery is Here - [link]
Talk to you guys soon
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I am so happy to hear is is doing so well! I am a Momma too of a little monkey that escaped early at 36.5 weeks. It is nothing compared to your early arrival, but every parent has so much fear and worry when that happens. Sammy is lovely! She looks like a little Cherub and it's easy to see who is daddy's girl!
Cheers to Sammy!
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She is getting so big! How old is she now?
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She is! She turned 1 in january. her one year due date bday is at the end of april. Thats when she should have been 1 lol
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It's still so crazy to think about how early she was. I always thought me and my sister were really early at 2 months early - but we were also twins which is common. She really is a miracle-I'm glad she is doing well.
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She's beautiful! And looks sooo healthy! It goes so fast. And looks comfy.
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LOL! yes we passed out watching tv that night.
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Aww she's so sweet! looks like a daddies girl! Are you sure you don't want to move to Calgary and apprentice me?? Just teasing! Glad everyone is happy and healthy : )
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Definitely a daddys girl lol. And I might be a bit closer soon cuz we're thinking of moving to Victoria bc. a bit closer anyway
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What's the difference?
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Wow Rich! Shes gettin big!!Is she walkin yet?
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She's growing fast man. She is almost walking. she cruises the furniture and will take like 5 steps from the furniture to us if we're sitting on the floor. Won't be long now!
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Thats great man!Hell I remember how small she was when ya first posted pics,and dayam!!she's quadrupled!Good shit Rich,but from an old guy.....get ready,hehe :headbang:
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lol! I'll be ready. Already got the baseball bat
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Humm,I wasn't really talkin bout the guys ......yet
I was really talkin bout little finger that can move around the house on their own,hehe....get ready:headbang:
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lol, she's starting to get all over the place. won't be long now
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