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New flash set MUST HAVE

Help me change the world!!
Here's a preview of a 5 sheet set of flash I'm selling! I'm only previewing one sheet cuz the other 4 will only be seen by whoever buys them. They're equally as funny as this one.
I'm selling these so when people come in for live love laugh tattoos, they might see these sheets making fun of the worlds most generic tattoo and change their mind. Plus there's some funny ass ones for people to get as jokes for the hell of it. A great novelty item for any tattoo shop and for artist who are sick of doing the same saying every time they do 3 stars big to small on anyone!! Or atleast help give these uncreative customers of yours new ideas and let them know there's more than 3 words to the english language.

I'm selling the signed set of 5 sheets 11x17 for $40.00 and I'll pay the shipping anywhere in the world.
Let's put an end to Live Love Laugh! Get your joke flash from the first person to sell sets that make fun of it lol!!
And don't forget to live love and laugh.

Email me at to order and i'll send you my paypal info. Or note me here on Deviantart!
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I live by Shit Sleep Shampoo. Undying words to the 1000 page biography I'm writing about myself before I turn 25.
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I'm a beer pizza and blowjobs kinda guy lol!
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damn, Where were you last week when I had to do live, laugh, love 3 times in a row!
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LOL, well the important thing is that I'm here now!
3 in a row!!!! OUCH!
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well not three in a row, I think there was a kanji for strength, or courage somewhere in between. ha ha!
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These are so funny!
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Thank you lol
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Ya like these huh? lol
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Damn....someone else is getting it too!!?? hahahahahah And I thought I would be the only one.....hahhahaa
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I want "Strippers, Whiskey, Cocaine" on my neck.
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It's a good one man!
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STRIPPERS WHISKEY AND COCAINE --- ONE MAN WOLF PACK!!! thats the one i think ill get
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Do it and post pics! lemme know if you do it, i'll feature you!
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haha love how you used a couple i was saying :P I will have to show this to my artiests, i wish i had a penis so i could get a couple of the manly ones like beer pizza blowjobs, i guess i could get the tits ass and hookers one or lick suck swallow, there are so many though :D im deff gonna do one as a joke haha
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