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Here's Lookin' at You Kid

This is my new tattoo done by Greg at the Inkspot in Ottawa.
They said the baby was about the size of a jumbo shrimp when we got this ultrasound so the tattoo is about life size.
We have a scan on the 25th that says if it's a boy or girl and I'm planning to have that one tattooed on me too. That same day we have Ozzy tickets that a client gave me, so the baby will be going to it's first concert lol! They say by then the baby will be able to hear stuff outside the belly, so he's gonna have a fun night.
It wasn't me who did this tattoo, it's a tattoo I got today. Just so it's clear that I'm not trying to take credit for something I didn't do.
After doing all these photocopy portraits on people, I figured it was time I got one too haha!

This tattoo wasn't photoshopped or enhanced in any way, what you see here is exactly how I got it.

My Tattoo and Drawing Gallery is Here - [link]
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That just might be the most amazing portrait tattoo I've ever seen. Actually, strike that: it IS the most amazing portrait tattoo I've ever seen. Incredible concept, executed gorgeously. Your little one is going to feel so honored as he grows up. :)
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Thank you! She's amazing
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Pretty much the coolest/most original baby portrait!
Your eye looks scary as hell though in the original scan, the tattoo toned it down a notch.
Congratulations on the baby!!!
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Thank you!!
I thought it was a cool idea. I do so many photocopy face portraits I figured I might as well get one
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Adorible :D
So happy for you an Abby!
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Thank you! We're super happy!!
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YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! man this is awesome!!!!
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thats so cute congrats by the way and I'm sure your babay will have fun :)
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Whoa! You definitely don't waste any time!
It's great! Looks like you somehow fit yourself into your wife's womb to say hi. You know, because you just can't wait!
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I don't waste seconds! lol thanks
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LOL,,you really did it:rofl:
that's carzy
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You thought I was kidding? Lol no way man!
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