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Cherry Blossom Tree on ribs

Painterly Cherry blossom tree this girl brought in for me to do. I didn't change it or alter it. The design was fun yet simple and watercolor painted looking at the same time. She wanted it faint and painted looking so this will heal soft and light.
She was from Minnesota, it was her first tattoo and her first time in Canada, so I was happy to be the one to do this for her. I like being able to sit back and paint instead of just tattoo somebody.

My Tattoo and Drawing gallery is Here - [link] is Here - [link]
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one of my clients just brought me this for reference for her tattoo!
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I love it! Simplicity is a beautiful thing :)

I really like the cherry blossom tree as a tattoo but feel it is a bit unoriginal. Any ideas how to make it more original?
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Thanks. Most people that get tattooed nowadays sadly over do stuff that in turn makes it ordinary.
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So delicate and pretty.
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I do like the subtle colors and lines. But see this A LOT. Seems like a lot of girls are getting cherry blossoms done on their sides now. Its almost bordering on the tribal craze. Its great work. But I'm kind of getting sick of seeing it over and over. :P
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yeah cherry blossom trees are done alot now.
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nice work man ... i did some like this yesterday,there always fun
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they are man, fun shit
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That's really pretty. I love seeing tattoos like this, that don't have big heavy bold lines. It's different and gives you an idea of just how varied tattoo work can really be. And of course, you do an awesome job of it!
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Tattooing has evolved so much just in the last few years. the only way not to get left behind is to keep up with what people keep coming to get. The tribal armband days are behind us and all the clients aren't sailors anymore lol. But there's 10 different ed hardy cigarette lighters at the esso up the road!
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