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Crush 40 vs. Perfect Chaos

Джун: Ему не нравится наша музыка?! 0о

Open You Heart!
Ну сами решите, что они могут кричать в такой ситуации... Дело было так. Хаос очень огорчился, что его победил Соник и подумал, почему же этот ёж смог его победить только когда зазвучала эта странная музыка? 0о И что же будет, когда Хаос всё таки найдёт тех, кто cподвиг Соника к победе? Это и многое другое я попыталась изобразить... Во времена этого наброска пошла тенденция рисовать группу Crush 40 в обличии ежей, и мне тоже захотелось попробовать...И первое что пришло мне в голову, это как бы они смотрелись в моей любимой игре Sonic Adventure.

Jun: He did not like our music ?!
Open You Heart!
Well, decide for yourself what they can shout in such a situation ... It was like this. Chaos is very disappointed that Sonic won and thought, why is this hedgehog could win it only if it sounded strange music?

Character Chaos by Sega
Character Jun and Johnny by Crush 40 ^^"
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I translated it and laughed my ass off.

Yung: he did not like our music?!
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If I was running from Chaos I'd be freakin dead, I'm terrible at running DX
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I HATE RUNNING DX and its why P.E is my MOST HATED class in school, after the indoor mile last year I couldn't breathe AT ALL I felt like i was gonna die DX
ChibiKylee's avatar
Omg same! I nearly fainted and the teacher scolded me for taking to long :/ is that even allowed?
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Wow :( your school sounds horrible DX I have 2 gym teachers the one I have, she's pretty nice and the other one he's WAY TOO serious DX
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It is terrible, I hope I get accepted into the school my mom applied me for. My best friend goes to that school and so do some of her friends who are really funny.
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I hope you get accepted to the better school too :) and is your best friend Lionfury12 on YT?
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Yea, We've known eachother since third grade and I'm convinced nothing can break our friendship.
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That's good :) one of my best friend moved to the east cost and he is only coming back to where I live once in a while DX we hung out yesterday though :) and why do you call your best friend Sway-chan?
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Отличный вышел бы концерт ;)
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it's ok chaos wont attack them because they made his theme song
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Crush 40 And Perfect Chaos Do Not Mix Well
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Johnny: GAH! :iconohfuckplz:

Jun: Just keep running dude! Hes getting closer!
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Johnny: Who Turned The Lights Off
Jun: Err I Dunno
Johnny: Fuck
Jun: Crap
Shadow: Uh Oh He's Getting Closer AW F***CK!!!
Jun: Dammit
Johnny: Why?
Shadow: Jesus Christ Why The Fuck Is This Not In Sonic CD
Johnny: This Isn't Sonic CD You Idiot
Shadow: Err Oops Wrong Game Title
Perfect Chaos: *Roars But Is Attacked By Super Sonic*
Johnny: Get That Watery Bastard
Super Sonic: lolz Bastard Ha Ha Ha That's Funny *Rams Perfect Chaos*
Johnny: This Isn't What I Had In Mind
Shadow: Ha Ha Ha
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Me: SQUEE! I'll save you boys!!!! *Tackles them & runs away to an undamaged shed* This place should be safe! ;P X3 :crazy:

Sonic: Wow, that person acts just like Amy! :O

Amy: What was that?! :pissed:

Sonic: Uhh...Nothing Ames...Eheheh! ^^;
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Ohh poor Ames XD
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(God, that comment is dinosaur years old, I'm surprised someone replied. lol. I still <3 Crush 40 tho, just not obsessivly.)

& yea, poor Sonikku. XD
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Yea, Sonikku is one lucky hedgehog though to have such awesome music in his games. So are a lot of other video game characters.
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[link] Вот это наверное было до побега от Хаоса
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