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Twitter: RisTigger (for updates and...stuff.)

News Update!
My laptop decided to quit working so my comic making software is...gone. I'm working through how to make this stuff in Photoshop. On the plus side, it should be easier for me in the long run. Down side is that it's taking a while to adjust. I'm still going to REALLY try to get everything out in a timely manner which I might be able to do. Just please be patient for now. Who Goes There will be posted on Friday though!

Current Projects:
Who Goes There? (The Thing RPG)
Last Day for Samurai (monthly comic based on The Seven Samurai)

Comics on Hiatus:
Once Upon a Dragon (Once Upon a Time RPG)
Tales of the Strange and Bizarre (Ed, Edd n Eddy RPG, Really?)

Future Projects:
Fire on the Table
Who Goes There? The Forgotten
Hell on Wheels
Burn Notice


This is the schedule for every month.

Once Upon a Dragon - Monday
Tales of the Strange and Bizarre - Wednesday
Who Goes There? - Friday

Week 5: Week long break!
Pajlada's not Home How do I start these again? It's been so long! But playing again really made me remember how much I love playing RPG's. We had a fun time even though Pajlada couldn't be with us. Probably best...it will make sense in a second. So we started the session with a dream for Vistra. It seemed like it would be a normal night, but then suddenly she has a very vivid dream. All her friends are dead around her and there's fire everywhere. Ourania appears with the dagger she gave Vistra. She says that when Vistra is in grave danger, she must thrust the dagger into her friend. She then gives the dagger to Vistra and forces her to thru
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So my internet broke (COMCAST!) and we couldn't do D&D this week. It really sucks and I feel bad for denying my friends the chance to punch drow in the ass. But we did get through some stuff. So here's a rundown of what happened. You'll recall the party found a map of spots the drow are going to be attacking. They decide to search some of these spots that they haven't been to before. The first is a mansion housing a dwarf diplomat that manages trading between the dwarf lands and Tethyamarside. The next location is a dwarf forge that makes weapons for Tethyamarside. Finally, a church of Moradine (the dwarf god) that doesn't seem to have a
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The Church of War So we finally return after two weeks without D&D (hooray!) and...we were missing someone. Kae's player never showed up and we wasted about 2 hours waiting. Oh well it happens and anther player (Darri) volunteered to play as Kae for the time being. The session started off with the players very battered and beaten from the last encounter. So they were quick to take a rest and regain some HP. Vistra takes a nap and starts dreaming of a giant spider that attacks her. They travel deeper into the citadel and find a larder stocked with food. Vistra takes this opportunity to have a sample of the beer that's been stored here. S
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Dude, you haven't updated in two years, are you okay?
... Your 'Who Goes There?' campaign comic DEFINITELY justifies a watch~
Who Goes There is very spooky. I better watch the movie while I await your update!