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Social Media Icons

By ristaumedia
Social Media Icons

Filetype: .png as .zip
Pixel: 32x32
Quantity: 9
Include: facebook, twitter, issuu, deviantART, icq, eMail, xing, ristaumedia, bestmedia24


Burgstr. 9
03046 Cottbus

telefon: +49 355 6202 295
telefax: +49 355 6202 133
icq: 600 717 558
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really late comment but really good stuff! this and some wallpapers i've found inspires me to make webpages again :D
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These are cool.
Do you know where I can find a base social media set to use?
I've always wanted to make some social media and bookmarking site icons, but collecting all of the images isn't too appealing. :no:
ristaumedia's avatar
you mean the logos to design the icons,
or a set with the most of all sites? :aww:
KenSaunders's avatar
The logos. I've seen a few sets in AI or SVG format, but they are far from comprehensive.
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I've never seen a set like that. I think it would be problematic about the copyrights. The real art to make the icons is to find the logos, I had seen so much bad copies or old versions. Google for advanced... :aww: