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The Love Memories are Made Of (AlyaXAstral) - Ch2
Astral took my hand and we disappeared into the key again. Since we are Astral Beings, we do not sleep and we do not eat, so to pass the time we talk and gather more information on what exactly we like to do with our lives. In our world, there are just as many things to do as there are in the human world. We live in peace as we build up relationships between family, friends and of course our soul mates. While staring at Astral, I could sense that he was still dense and unsure of what love actually contained with a female and male of our world.
“Love is new to me. Teach me,” he exclaimed, completely expressionless. I cannot teach him how. Love comes directly from the heart, not the mind. The mind may be involved, but it is not the source.
“I cannot teach you. Love comes from the heart, not the mind. You must learn on your own,” I told him. “I can help to some detail, but if I were to just show you, or teach you, it would not be love. It would be fake love.
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Blackbird Love (Rewritten) Chapter 5
(Wendy’s POV)
Crow helped me off of his duel runner. We both stood on the pile of trash below us. I stared down below at Domino Cities new duel champion, Yusei Fudo. But what was he doing here?
“You got some explaining to do pal,” Crow said and slid down the hill of trash. “So start talking.” I carefully slid down the trash too and just watched what was happening. I was scared these two would get into a fight.  
“First things first,” Yusei said. I stared in shock, thinking of a way to stop the fight if something happened and if I was game enough to.  
“You asked for it,” Crow yelled. I gasped and stood back. I sighed in relief as they did a brotherly handshake. I walked over to them. It was no doubt that Crow would introduce me to Yusei.
“Hey Yusei” Crow said with a smile. Judging by their smiles and warm welcome, it was clear that these two hadn’t seen each other in a while.
“Good to see ya Crow,
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This Way Alya will be Safe - Polaris Sketch by rissy20 This Way Alya will be Safe - Polaris Sketch :iconrissy20:rissy20 2 0
Blackbird Love (Rewritten) Chapter 4
(Wendy’s POV)
I woke up the next morning to the sun peeking in through the window. I yawned and slowly turned around to see Crow staring at me.
“Morning Beautiful,” he said. He leaned in and kissed me lightly. I greeted his kiss and kissed him back.
“Goodmorning Handsome,” I said. He busted up laughing. “What’s so funny?”
“I’ve never been called handsome before,” he replied. I giggled.
“Well you’ll hear it every morning if you like, would you?” This time I kissed his lips. After breaking apart, Crow was about to say something when he was interrupted by a small knock on the door. The only other people who it could be were the kids. “You should get that.” He kissed me one more time before getting up and heading to the door. I stood up and head after Crow. He opened the door to find, all of the kids staring at us.
“Morning Guys,” I said. Before I knew it, I was smothered with hugs.
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Blackbird Love (Rewritten) Chapter 3
(Wendy’s POV)
“Uh…Hi,” he said with a smile.
"Hi...," I whispered. I was still embarrassed. But why was I embarrassed? I have sung to a lot of people before, so why am I embarrassed that he was watching me? Crow stared at Jasmine. “She’s sound asleep now.” Crow gave me a warm smile.
“You must be good with kids.” I saw a strange connection between us. The way he looked at me. The way he spoke to me. He has a uniquely strong effect on a girl like me. “So...let’s go somewhere and talk and let Jasmine sleep.” I smiled, nodded and followed him out the door. Both of us were silent as Crow led me further along the road to another room. Which I’m assumed was his. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw a sign above the door that said ‘Crow’s Nest’ with a child-like painting of a crow. He opened the door and led me inside. We both walked over to his bed and sat down. “So.... why did you leave
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Blackbird Love - Valentines Day Special
~Wendy's POV~
It was February tenth, close to Valentines Day. Crow kept asking me what I wanted to do for it, but I told him to just surprise me or to just leave it. We couldn't really afford doing things that wasn’t necessary. When he asked why I told him we can celebrate our love on our wedding anniversary. Our beautiful daughter was also growing and we need to focus on her needs first.  Crow pouted but agreed. I held Feather tightly as she slept in my arms. She could not sleep last night. I think she was beginning to realise that Crow worked night shifts and wasn’t near her as often as I was. I rocked her and placed her in her bed. She deserves the sleep. I walked back out to see Emily staring at Yusei working on his runner down stares. She was upstairs keeping her distance.  Crow was also down their talking to him and cleaning his own Duel Runner.
“Emily?” I said. Emily gasped and blushed hard. She pulled me over to shush me. “What exactly are you doin
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Blackbird Love (Rewritten) Chapter 2
(Wendy’s POV)
The guardian of theirs stopped his duel runner and took off his helmet. He brightly smiled at the children in front of him as he greeted their love. He glanced up at me but didn’t say anything. This guy…named Crow, as the children called him, had spiking orange hair and gorgeous grey eyes. He wore a dark green headband with two silver rings attached to it. He also wore nuts used in mechanics for earrings. His face bore the image of a criminal, but the way he smiled was inviting.
“What’d ya bring us? What’d ya bring us?” the kids chanted.
“First have all you kids been good?” He asked them. His voice was gruff and manly. He was how any teenager would say, hot. I blushed at my thoughts of him.  
“Yeah!” the kids replied. I giggled at their enthusiasm.  
“Well in that case…..Tada!” He handed out Duel Monsters cards to them.  
“Wow! Thanks Crow they’re great,”
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Blackbird Love (Rewritten) Chapter 1
(Wendy’s POV)
‘I have to get away’ I thought. I have travelled from New Domino City to get away from my father. The Satellite was the best and probably the safest. With me I have only my deck, and the basic essentials. I wore my usually blue dress with a belt around my waist. I stared around at the Satellite. I didn't recognise any place or anyone. The only thing I noticed was the poverty stricken city. I stopped and frowned. Not only was I lost, but I was in a place I did not know.  
“Argh, I’m lost,” I sighed with frustration. I decided to walk further around the Satellite. As I walked around I noticed the houses appeared to contain small families who appeared to be sick and poor. The houses appeared to show small life within them. A child of the age of six or possibly younger, snuck her head out of the dirty brown door and stared at me. She smiled and waved. I smiled, giggled and waved back. The mother, or perhaps a guardian appeared behind the ch
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I'm going to be a father? (King Atlas Sketch) by rissy20 I'm going to be a father? (King Atlas Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 1 0 Queen Adhera and King Atlas (Sketch) by rissy20 Queen Adhera and King Atlas (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 3 0 Polaris (Sketch) by rissy20 Polaris (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 2 0 Astral (Sketch) by rissy20 Astral (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 2 0 Baby Alula (Sketch) by rissy20 Baby Alula (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 0 0 Baby Atlas (Sketch) by rissy20 Baby Atlas (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 0 0 Rana (Sketch) by rissy20 Rana (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 0 0 Emily (Sketch) by rissy20 Emily (Sketch) :iconrissy20:rissy20 0 0


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Important Update on Stories and Life (Please Read)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 3:21 AM

Hey DA fans long time no update eh...?

Ah well, a lot of things have happened since I last updated here. First things first is that there will be barely any updates on here with writing. Now, before you guys jump to conclusions as to why I will tell you the reasons that aren't true.

It's not that I don't love my ocs.

It's not that I don't like any of the Yu-Gi-Oh's anymore.

It's not because I am lazy.

It's not because I am 25 and too old to write fanfiction.

It's not because I don't have a computer or internet to update.

The reason being is that I have been to a doctor and I have been diagnosed with severe stress, severe anxiety and moderate depression. After I was told this it was clear as to why I lacked the motivation to write.

For so long it was hard to open up Word and write whatever I wanted.

It wasn't my ocs that brought me down. I still dream about them and talk about them.

It wasn't my failed ability in writing first or third person.

No. It is depression.

I guess I had to know sooner or later, so I could focus on recovering.

I have wanting so badly to write my ocs and continue my stories. I had even started re writing Blackbird Love into first person completely, better and more organised. Now, when I even open the chapters to write my mind goes blank and I lack any motivation to even write anything. Which then leads to me crying because I cannot do it.

I just simply cannot do it right now. I hope you all understand all of this. If you don't understand what anxiety or depression is, I can clarify if you send me a message.

Be that as it may guys, if any of you still check my Quizilla for updates (There may be one or two that check, I don't know), until I get happier and work my way out of stress, anxiety and depression, I will not be updating my stories.

However, I will give you guys the links to my Tumblr blog AND to the OC side blog I created just for stories and RP's and fanart. Even though even today I still get fanart of my OCs.

If any of you are still reading this, thank you so much for sticking by me and waiting for me. I love you all for enjoying my stories and my OCs. The OCs I have created mean so much to me. Which hurts my heart to know that I cannot write them for a while.

As for the blogs to talk to me every day, they are mostly tumblr sites.

My Main Tumblr blog is:

My OC blog: alyafromtheastralworld.tumblr.… (The video at the top is my friend saying happy birthday to a tiny little child fan of mine that loves Alya.)

My Twitter:

My Quizilla:…


If you would like to keep in touch, I am on my main tumblr basically everyday so you would get a reply. Even if you don't have a tumblr, you can still send Anonymous messages. But if you do, let me know your DA URL, or your nickname and tell me that you came due to this update.

As a final reply on this update, I can tell you not to worry. I do have friends and I do have things that I will not give up for. Including Zumba every week, making gifs (and posting them on my Tumblr), talking to online friends and watching new animes (Such as Haikyuu!!. Which is my obsession at this moment.)

If you got this far in reading, thank you so much for your support. I love you guys and I hope any of you do keep in contact at some point. *hugs you all*


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