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Been awhile, this is my last SS before Lion
Theme is Kromo by Pantoni, port by me, not complete maybe usable :)
Wall by ekud : [link]

Bye :D
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I miss the days of Shapeshifter. :(

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I offer myself as betatester ;). Great work as always Rissol
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Very cool, man! :thumbsup:
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está lindo! podes partilhar comigo sff a "black bar dock" ?
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Very awesome. You should complete the port and release it, I would love to use it for sure :)
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Thks :D

Im waiting for some resources from Pantoni, but seems he's very busy so it will take time, and then i can complete it, some resources will be different for sure :)
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Great all around, what font are you using....
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I dont remenber, i will look for it and tell u :)
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Thanks bro, so did you get a chance to look?
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nice shot man :D
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is that ESET on your menu icons?
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so awesome!!!!
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Love the itunes skin and Amazing shot.
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Impressive as always ! Everything matches !
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Stunning shot !
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another amazing shot! ;)
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