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Waiting for Leopard :)

Theme : Neon by Mr.Toner // Siro Color Mod by Me
Wall : Carrot by Psychopulse // Color Mod by Me
Icons : Tiger Folders by Iconmac // Mod and Color Mod by Me
Kobhens by Kobhen and Clark Kent // Mod by Me

Thks to Ave Tenebrae and to original authors :D
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© 2007 - 2021 rissol
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Can you tell me which app allows u to have the itunes controls in the menubar?
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Can someone tell me where i can find the original wallpaper of this great theme ?
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My favorite song ever right there :D
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Great mod of colors!
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Excelent work with colours one more time
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Fantastic screenshot! I'm getting the theme as we speak... I'd just like to know what font you're using? It looks very familiar...
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fantastic dude !
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:faint: super pretty !
Psychopulse's avatar
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That looks fantastic! Any chance of releasing this for download? I want it :)
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Great ss... the theme&colorset is great
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Muito bom o desk, Rissol!
Parabéns!! :clap:
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Fantástico, cores muito simples e que se conjugam mto bem :D
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Awesome! Great work :clap::+fav:
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This is absolutely gorgeous. Any chance of a release of this Neon mod?
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WOW thats a babe :D
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belissimo tom de cor ! ótimo para ser utilizado dia a dia, parabens !
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Fantastic! :clap:

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another nice work my friend :D
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