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iMac SS

Theme is Grain Grey by gpopper [link] with "Nuala" traffic lights and a few mods
Icons are Blend by LB Black Mod by me and Pure by Zhaoyang Machi (For a Mobile contest) (NFR)
Wall is called Vietnam (NFR) and its by my friend xnhan00 [link] awesome work

and featuring my m8 Turn on Adium

Hope you all enjoy, my special apreciation for xnhan00 (Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn) because been such a great guy and sending this so special wallpaper thks bro :D

Take care all
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Yes i'd love the wallpaper as well! ? I've sent him a message requesting it. It would go great with my dock/icons!
Check it out i think you would like:
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please share wallpaper?
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Would it be possible to link the adium message theme? Sweet shot!
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I'm digg'n that wallpaper!
wallybescotty's avatar
how do you theme a mac lol i am new to the OS and need a quick run through
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Great shot! Luv' the wallpaper ;) the icons are great too :thumbsup:
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Thks m8, nice to see you :)
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Super classy setup, bro! :+fav:
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can you give me a link to this wallpaper i dig it, im customizing mac os x completely and i would like to use this style for one of my themes
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Thks for comment, glad u liked it, sorry but i cant, wall is for personal use, i didnt received any indication from xnhan00 in that way.
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i'll ask em and see if he will share it. i like it alot and want to see what it looks like on some of my computers, very cool desktop theme
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what a duo!!
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Always impressed by your shots bro :)
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welcome back :p
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This bro :D appreciated
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