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Yep, I'm back (again).
Slowly catching up with things in DA-land.. new layout, new submission systems, over 6k messages & deviations to view.. I guess that's what happens when you disappear for over a year! :-o

To any of you folks still watching me, hello! I'll try to make your patience worthwhile! Drop me a note if you want to say hi. :) I've misssssed you! :love:

Here's a shiny new Deviation for you to check out. Hopefully I'll have more soon.. :)…

Confession time...

Mon Mar 19, 2007, 5:26 PM
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All right.. who else is on Facebook? Fess up! ;p

Printable Images:

Dragon Serenade by rissdemeanour    Breuvages Magiques by rissdemeanour    Saylem's Robot by rissdemeanour    Katja and Mern by rissdemeanour

Send me a note for more info! :)

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Resolution #3: Selling out ,)

Wed Jan 24, 2007, 7:24 PM
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Well, I think I'm finally ready to start on Stage 3 of my DA return. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, so I'm pretty excited!

After much trial and error, I'm happy to say that I'm now offering my own prints! :dance:

I have a new printer that I just love, and I'm really impressed with the quality so far. I've mainly tested it on photos and digital art, but experiments with paintings & drawings are in the works.
So, if you're interested in any prints, let me know in a note and I'll give you all the details. :)

Featured Images:

Dragon Serenade by rissdemeanour       Saylem's Robot by rissdemeanour

Update: 2 more printable images:

Katja and Mern by rissdemeanour       Breuvages Magiques by rissdemeanour

* prints will be available in glossy or matte finish *
* images will not be watermarked *
* all prints are signed by the artist :) *

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Happy New Year!

Thu Jan 4, 2007, 8:50 PM
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DA related New Year's resolutions:
1. Catch up on viewing & commenting on deviations
2. Upload some new stuff
3. 1 and 2 will probably take a while.. so I'll hold off on making any more promises until the previous ones are taken care of! But I do have fun plans for #3! ;p

2006 was a really mixed year for me.. like may of my fellow Deviants, it seems. Here's hoping 2007 brings us all better fortune! Cheers! :ahoy: :hug:

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Long time gone...

Mon Sep 25, 2006, 6:49 PM
Just a quick update for those of you who are still watching me after this long absence-- kudos to you all, I envy your patience! ;p

So, yes, I'm still alive and kicking despite a rather stressful and eventful spring & summer. There have been some very big changes in my life.. some for the worse, but most for the better.. and as a result I haven't had the free time or the inclination to spend much time online. But, with things starting to settle down once again, and the chill starting to creep into the autumn breeze, I have a feeling I will be returning to the warm glow of my computer.. mug of tea on hand, cat on lap.. inbox full of wonderful Deviations waiting to be viewed, and mind full of encouraging comments waiting to be shared. :D

Please bear with me while I wade through a sea of Deviations, journals, and messages (1,049 Deviations alone! :O_o: ). I will respond to as much as I can, but it will definitely take a while. As for my new stuff, it will also take me a while to get everything sorted out. In the mean time, you can feel free to browse through my photos over at my flickr page. While you're at it, if you have a flickr account please drop me a line- I'd love to add some fellow Deviants to my contacts. :)

I could probably ramble on a bit longer, but I can't resist exploring DA again! So many things to catch up on...


It's good to be back. :XD:

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Painting, painting, painting...

Sun Feb 19, 2006, 3:28 PM
Lately I've been in a painty mood. So far, I've managed to complete one new piece (yes, this is a big deal for me! ;) ), get a lot of work done on an old piece ('Autumn'), and become re-inspired to work on one that was frustrating me.
Yesterday was pretty stressful (my granddad's memorial service), so it's nice to feel creative again! :)

Edit: finished Autumn! Hooray! :D…

Edit 2: The painty mood continues... finished Tenby! Yay! :)…

:painter: Autumn ~ complete!
:painter: Tenby ~ complete!
:painter: Nouveau Night Elf ~ 60% complete
:pencil: Eddie Izzard ~ 80% complete
:pencil: Lions ~ 60% complete
:pencil: SGA Cast ~ 20% complete
:macos: Nouveau Night Elf ~ 40% complete

*sigh* I wonder how many of these I'll actually finish...

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New Projects

Tue Jan 31, 2006, 12:54 PM
Well, after a bit of artist's block, I'm finally feeling inspired to work on a few projects that I have been meaning to finish for.. well.. way too long! :roll:
I'll be posting some really old stuff to my scraps, so if you feel like having a laugh, go take a look! ;)

:pencil: Eddie Izzard ~ 80% complete
:pencil: Lions ~ 60% complete
:pencil: SGA Cast ~ 20% complete
:painter: Autumn ~ 50% complete
:painter: Tenby ~ 60% complete
:macos: Nouveau Night Elf ~ 40% complete

*sigh* I wonder how many of these I'll actually finish...

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Wed Jan 18, 2006, 4:09 PM
Woo hoo- I hit 3000 page views today! :boogie:

Thanks so much to all my watchers.. you guys are awesome! :hug: :XD:

Anyone catch the 3000th view, by the way?

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Here is my long overdue list of friends, watchers, and clubs. They all deserve a visit, so get clicking! ;)

Friends & Watchers:

:iconabsolutkaty: :iconakimimoto: :iconkunibob: :iconposterboy: :iconsaganaki:

:iconabuwaddi: :iconalli-cat: :iconallshadesofgrey: :iconbiohazard-bunny: :iconbressor: :iconcandoriscariot: :iconcard: :iconchangas: :iconcircusspider: :iconcova: :icondark-sith-vdas: :icondeedlitnut: :icondevco: :icondonnydonn: :icondsent: :iconpablobellas: :iconghabstopr: :iconhatsuli: :iconicewulf: :iconinvariant: :iconistheloneliestnumber: :iconjazztunez: :iconjonern: :iconkaterina-art: :iconkerowyn-: :iconkickerofshins: :iconkieri: :iconkkart: :iconkrige: :iconlindseycarr: :iconmeralis: :iconnayarami: :iconnightmareprince: :iconnovemberdusk: :iconphppenguin: :iconsaylem: :iconsilma-nunquenya: :iconsysk: :icontalyra: :icontonymec: :icontoostonedtobobsled: :iconunit00-evangelion:

More Great Artists:

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:iconenchantedforest: :iconnature-club: :iconnatureshaven: :iconseaclub: :iconstargateatlantisclub: :iconjustanimals: :iconnightphotography:
:iconcanada-club: :iconbritishcolumbian: :iconvancouver:
I'm still here!

Just very busy in the real world these days...
There's been some stressful things going on with my family (health concerns.. but it seems things will be okay), and it's been a bit crazy around the house with the addition of a tank full of finny friends!  :trout: :trout: :trout:

I do have a few things to post, and I hope you like them! :)

And now, wish me luck.. I have over a hundred deviations to view... this may take a little while! :O_o:
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:skull: :pumpkin: :zombie: :ahoy: :pumpkin: :skull:

Well, Hallowe'en has come and gone for another year. *sigh* At least this time I got all my photos posted before December! :w00t:

I managed to make up two costumes this year, one for a party the weekend before that took, well, quite a bit of work. Photos by akimimoto  here (I'm the great big geek dressed as a Night Elf). :roll:
I also threw together a pirate costume to go out in for the evening itself, as the weather didn't seem very purple-body-paint friendly.

So what did you all go as? Anyone else have some photos they'd like to share? :D

Also in the spirit of the seaon, I finally posted a couple of my favourite photos from Zombie Walk this past summer. (This is the event that the zombie-girl-scout picture is from)

Oh- did anyone happen to catch my 2525th pageview? Please let me know, and I'll make you a picture of some sort. :) I have the worst luck with these things...
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Hope everyone has a blast tonight! :boogie:

This is a really short entry.. a placeholder until I can get my costume photos posted! ;) So far, I've been a WoW Night Elf (elaborate, but fun.. and very purple), and a pirate (thrown together by raiding my closet.. I'm always surprised what I can find in there!).

What are you all dressing up as? I want to see pictures, people! :XD:

Anyway, have fun & stay safe! :)
Is it just me, or has it been really quiet around here lately?
Must be midterms, I guess..

This is first year in a long time that I haven't had to worry about exams and papers and all that. In a weird way, I kind of miss it...  *hides from the rain of heavy textbooks and pointy things*

Ah well. With all my online & real-world friends so busy I guess it'll give me a chance to get ahead on some of the projects I have lying around here. I have a few interesting pieces in the works that I hope you'll like. :)

Good luck on papers & exams, everyone!

*wanders off to work on Hallowe'en cotume*
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I'll be taking a break from Wales photos for a little while in order to get through the growing pile of more recent shots that is beginning to take over my computer.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, spending a lot of time outdoors actually. It seems I'm trying to make the most of the nice weather before Vancouver turns grey and wet for the next several months... :raincloud:
Anyway, lots of hiking, lots of photos- mountains, beaches, people, ...bears  (yes, there's a story behind that! :D )

If you want a sneak peek at the upcoming shots before they appear on DA, check out my shiny new photoblog here , which is in desperate need of comments and a name. ;)
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Well, just when I though I had everything under control, I went out of town for a few days. Things started to pile up here at DA while I was gone.
Then I came home, had a bunch of other stuff to catch up on, and things at DA kept piling up...
Dressed as a zombie, had a birthday, watched my friends go back to school, and things here piled up even more...
So please accept my apologies for my really late responses while I wade through all the deviations and comments. I will get through them all eventually, really!

Oh yes, while I was gone, my 2000th visitor arrived. Was it you? Did you catch it? Send me a note, and I'll make you a picture. :) If no one claims #2000, I'll give it to 2001 or 1999. If no one claims either of those, well, I guess the next one will be at 2525. I really want to draw a picture for you people, dammit! :p
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So.. I'm back! Hooray! :D
It's been a long time.. and my inbox is overflowing with new deviations to look at- eep! I'll do my best to try and catch up, but I can tell I have many days of work ahead! :gallery:
Well, I have about 800 photos from my trip to sort through, so I should probably get started on that as well. Look for new stuff soon.. :)
Well, I had planned on having a lot more finished before this day.. photos from England posted, a couple of drawings finished.. but I have run out of time. :(

This afternoon I'm leaving for Wales, where I will be touring around and working on an archaeological dig- whee! :D After that, it's off to Prague to visit a good friend, and then home again.

So.. yeah. Wish me some good travel karma, and I'll reward you with some photos.. deal? ;)

Bye everyone.. I'll miss ya! See you in August! :wave:
So.. I decided to take the time to get my account a little more organized yesterday, and created groups for all the artists I'm watching (so.. many.. people). Well, after doing so, DA apparently automatically sent out "rissdemeanour has added you to their friends list" notes... to everyone that I was already watching. Annoying, no? :x
Anyway, my apologies for the clutter in your inboxes.. I had no idea it would do that, honest!

In art-related news, I just got back from a camping trip, and should have a few fun photos to post. But not 'til morning.. after a good night's sleep that doesn't involve mosquitos, campfire smoke, and a soggy tent. I love camping.. ;) :)
Well, it's official... tomorrow I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology- hooray! :w00t:
Now all I have to do is wake up in time to make it to the department lunch, grab my cap & gown, and try my best not to trip as I walk across the stage...

I'll be pretty busy for the next couple of days, but after that I'll get started on scanning & posting photos from Greece and England, as per your requests. :D

Now I'm off to clean my place up before the family arrives... so much to do! :sprint:
Well, I never thought it would happen, but I finally finished a drawing that I started back in '98. Wow, 7 years of procrastination- that must be a new record for me!
Why did it take so freakin' long, you ask? Well, it's not that I dislike the drawing, or that I dreaded working on it, it was just an unfortunate combination of fear (not wanting to mess it up after all the hours I'd put into it), combined with the monotony of shading way way too many feathers. Anyway, it's done, I didn't mess it up, and I actually still like it after all these years! Have a look & let me know what you think:…

In other DA news, I have a huge backlog of photos that I want to post, and I don't know where to start. So I shall ask you, my wonderful watchers and casual visitors, what you would like to see first. Your choices include:
- England/Italy/France
- Greece
- Vancouver
- Salt Spring Island
- Flowers
- Sherbrooke
- Basketball
There's probably a few more categories I could list, but that's more than enough for now. :)

Since I'm in a question asking mood, there's another thing I'd like your help with. I'm going to be doing a lot more drawing in the next little while, and I need to practice drawing people. So... who should I draw? There are already way too many pictures of big celebrities on DA, so I'm looking for people who are a little less well-known.

Okay, back to catching up on comments and deviations... :sprint: