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Moral One -Light
(Re-editted due to lots of grammar errors!)
"Look at me, please? " she reached for the cloaked figure, her fingers just grazing the blackened robe's silk. She couldn't believe this was happening again. Another friend leaving.
"It's not me, it's you." The figure declared, still not lifting the hood from its site.  "This is your fault."
"What did I do?" She whimpered lightly stepping towards the figure, causing it in turn to step back further.
"This is your fault. So many things are wrong with you." it said simply, no trace of friendship in its voice. Where there once was love now pulsed a deep hate. The figure began to turn from the gently sobbing girl who had been trying her hardest not to cry.
"Please give me another chance!! I'll do anything, just please don't go!" She begged stepping forward again and grabbed a hold of the figure's cloak.  The robe burned her hands rapidly and she let go. The figure stopped and glanced over its shoulder.
"You annoy me. Everything
:iconrisquekitsune:RisqueKitsune 0 0
Her Own
(this was made years ago... damn...)
She sits alone again,
tear stained face.
holding herself close.
No one hears the screams.
she hides them in,
her holey sweater now.
Her heart rips fast again.
she gasps for air,
as she tries to drown out the sound.
Oh the pain she feels,
in a land that isn't her own.
Stuck inside her pain,
she screams for the hand of a friend.
the one who went away,
and left her in the end.
she tries not to miss the bliss that was able to make her smile,
but the restricted heart rips as she tries to stand again.
Her sweet is far away,
the distance between them.
she's reminded everyday,
that she can't hold the one,
who would wipe the tears away.
her body shakes in the cold of the room that's not her own.
Oh where are the arms to hold her,
to tell her she's not alone.
the tears won't stop falling as she tries not to cry,
she misses the friend that said good bye.
she messed up everything in her wake,
now that pain she must take.
she tries to fight alone,
in the world t
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In the process of writing the full novel now of "Blood Lust".

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Chapter Three

Kilik looked down at the envelope shortly before knocking on the door to the Eric's Lab.  "Eric, are you in there?"  Kilik listened carefully, waiting for a response.

"Yes, Kilik, come on in."

Kilik opened the metal door and walked into the room.  Eric was sitting at his desk near the door, typing away on his computer, his eyes not leaving the screen to look at Kilik. "What can I do for you, nephew?" he asked as he typed.

"A letter for you." Kilik glanced around the lab for a moment, the cold metal tables, and the other room on the far end separating them from the Blood Food greenhouse. This large room was lined with shelves full of books and science items that Kilik didn't understand enough to identify. Kilik looked back to his 'uncle', who was still typing and hadn't even glanced at the envelope and sighed lightly. "It's from Abbigail." Eric's fingers stopped typing for a moment before he glanced at the envelope out of the corner of his eyes.

"Just put it next to the keyboard, I'll look at it when I get a chance." Eric said calmly. Kilik place it down next to the keyboard and started to leave, "Kilik." Kilik glanced over his shoulder as Eric stopped typing to continue, "I'm sorry about Luciena, I know she was important to you. She was a good woman."

"Thank you Eric. Your condolences mean a lot." Kilik lips tightened as he left the room.

Eric glanced at the door as it shut and grabbed the envelope quickly and opened it, the scent of strawberries rippling into the air as he sliced the envelope open and pulled a letter out. He read the letter and smirked lightly to himself.  "Abbigail."
Asumei hurried to the kitchen, the basket of herbs in hand, her heart beating quickly from more than just the running.  'Better not be busy with someone else' Her mind played the words over in her head. What did he mean 'busy with someone else'? "Surely he couldn't mean...." Asumei stopped running, her left hand clamping over her on mouth in shock. Was he saying for her to not be doing the same thing that they had done with someone else? Asumei shook her head a little. 'He couldn't mean that' she assured herself, 'cause if he meant that.... then he might be annoyed if I were to be with someone else.'  Asumei blinked the thoughts from her mind and hurried to the kitchen. She got there just as food prep was starting. The Head Maid of the kitchen looked at her and nodded.

"Perfect timing Asumei. I hope that you can be a good example to the others here about punctuality." She glanced at Trisha and clapped her hands together once as Trisha glared at Asumei. " Let's begin."

The cooking and baking was all a blur as Asumei did her best to not be in the way. Some of the food she knew how to make, others she hadn't heard of before. Today, she was to shadow Trisha so that she could learn how to make each meal. Even though Trisha didn't have more than two words at a time to say to her, Asumei caught on very quickly. Each measurement measured exactly to recipe and not a drop more or less. Asumei watched astonished, her mind like a sponge. Trisha paused in her working and looked at Asumei, "Must you stand there? You're annoying me. Go do something useful." Trisha's eyes narrowed at Asumei, who sighed and walked off to go look at the other foods being made. When she got to the dessert area, the male servant recognized her.

"Hey there, little one. You remember me, I hope. It's been a while. "  This older man of forty, Kalis, was familiar to Asumei, having been the servant who caught her in this kitchen eating the blood food as a child. "Aren't you supposed to be shadowing Trisha?" Asumei nodded and sighed. Kalis smiled lightly, "Wanna make a dessert instead?" Asumei smiled thankfully and nodded.  

"Yes, Kalis. What desserts need done still?" Asumei looked over the vast cart of beautiful delights. Kalis motioned for Asumei to look at the a short list that held a spot next to him on his station.

"Go ahead and pick one." Kalis watched as Asumei looked down the list. After a moment she pointed to a simple cake.

"I know how to make that one." Asumei smiled lightly to herself. She had snuck in and watched cakes be made by Kalis so many times that she knew exactly what to do. Kalis stepped aside and out of her way.

"Show me."

Asumei nodded and got to work making the cake. She didn't need the measuring cups or measuring spoons. All she needed were her eyes and her instincts. In no time she had the batter almost ready. She looked around and quickly located the last ingredient she needed: vanilla. She looked at the bottle for a moment then poured in a little more than most people would. It was just the right amount for her. She stirred the batter and poured it into the round cake mold and and quickly set to work on making the icing. Kalis watched intrigued as she blended the ingredients for the vanilla frosting to go on top of the cake. She hands worked gracefully as she stirred and mixed, her eyes always searching the station for the items she needed. She dripped in enough red food coloring to give the frosting a bloody red look, before she finally paused. "I need blood." She turned to Kalis, "What do I do for blood?"

"There are a few options for that." Kalis went to the fridge and grabbed the white blood wine and returned, placing the bottle on the table. "There's the wine. There's also the blood fruits." Asumei shook her head.

"I need something more potent then those." Asumei frowned. Kalis glanced at the little parring knife next to the station.

"What about that?" He gestured to the knife. Asumei nodded and grabbed the knife and pricked her finger, letting the blood drip into the frosting, milking about ten drops from her finger after about five minutes.

"That should work." Asumei put her hand to her mouth and licked the blood off of her finger then washed her hands as Kalis stirred the frosting right next to her. "I won't get in trouble for that, will I?"

Kalis shook his head and handed the bowl back to her, "No, we won't. Although, I will say, no one in this kitchen has done that before." Asumei took the bowl back over to the station as the oven with the cake beeped. She put the frosting down and went to retrieve the cake. Grabbing some  pot holders she brought the cake from the oven and put it on a waiting platter to frost. She paused for a moment and cut a couple groves into the top of the cake. She looked to Kalis, who was watching her carefully, before frosting the still warm cake. The icing started to drip down the sides as she frosted the top. She smiled to herself as she  finished the cake just in time. The frosting dripped a little down the sides, the warm of the cake causing the red vanilla icing to run like blood. Kalis nodded to Asumei and placed the cake on the cart, the cake looking only a little out of place.

"Alright everyone, it's time." the Head Maid of the kitchen called, clapping her hands together. Asumei took her place in line and moved her hair to her left shoulder, so that she could show Kilik her respect even though her hand were full. She took a deep breath as she was handed the tray that she was to bring to the table. The Head Maid turned to face the doors and lead them to the dining room. Asumei tightened her grip on the tray and went along with the other maids properly, her eyes focused on her path ahead until she reached her destination: Kilik's side. Kilik's eyes glanced up at her for a moment then followed the tray to the table as she leaned down beside him.

"Thank you Asumei." Kilik said as Asumei straightened back up, her black hair falling over her shoulder a little, the scent of cake batter catching Kilik's nose. "Did you fall into the flour in the kitchen?" Kilik looked up at her once more.  Asumei shook her head and glanced over to the desserts quickly. Kilik's gaze followed hers to the red cake.

"I made a dessert today." Asumei bowed her head down only just in respect. Kilik looked at her then back to the cake as it was placed almost perfectly in the empty spot in front of him, just past his food. "I need to get back to the kitchen to help clean, my lord. Please enjoy your dinner." Asumei lowered her gaze and turned from him to hurry back to the kitchen. Kilik's eyes look one again to the cake and he got up and grabbed the cake and placed it in front of his food. He dipped one finger into the cake's frosting and brought it to his lips, tasting the sweet vanilla. As the icing thinned on his tongue, Kilik felt a pull in his stomach as images of Asumei and his night together played in his head as though he were seeing it all through her eyes. Kilik's irises colored red as they shot to the door where Asumei had disappeared to.  All eyes in the room were on their food, except their father, who had noticed this familiar change that he had experienced before, when he took his first sip of his beautiful Dana's blood, now resonating in the eyes of his son. He looked to the kitchen door shortly before locking eyes with Dana, who also looked to the door then to their son.  Drave waited a moment before turning to his own meal.  

"This dessert is mine." Kilik declared, causing only Rory to look up and nod lightly. Kilik finished his food faster than he ever had and cut a slice of the cake. By the time he had cut into the cake the blood red icing had already seeped into the moist cake, and leaked down the knife like blood itself. For a moment he thought just to eat the slice without touching a fork to it, but he composed himself and ate the piece as calm as he could.

The memories that still laced the icing were fast, muffled, and filled with emotion. First the tears reflected on the foggy window of a car as her father let her be taken to the Alucard estate by the head butler, followed quickly by her hiding behind the butler's leg as she was introduced to Kilik, the young lord of eight at the time. How she was bewildered by him, confused and curious.

He saw her memory of him on day sitting alone upset on what he remember to be his tenth birthday. He knew why he was sad, however he didn't know she had decided then the same secret vow he swore that day, after he was told he was to learn how to take over for his father. 'Do everything I can not to let them down.'

More images past faster but most of them were of her life, followed by a memory that he was once again part of. He saw her run over and open the door of the twins' room and grab a candle and toss it at the intruder that loomed over a beaten Rory. 'Run!' He could hear her voice scream as Rory clawed his way free and ran to her. Rory shook as she tried to calm him down, her arms around him like their own mother, caring and kind. She looked at him as his bruises finally fully healed and nodded before taking him to Kilik's room, watching around a corner as Kilik opened the door and letting his brother in.

Finally, he saw the night they touched, the once hindered emotion not blocked by politeness and now drenched in longing. This time the only sound he could hear was that of her voicing his name in ecstasy "Kilik" The images stopped and he looked at his plate and realized that he not only had eaten the the slice on his plate but the entire cake. He smirked lightly and leaned back in his chair full as everyone else continued eating, other than his father and mother had watched him eat.

"My love.." Danna began under her breath, her voice reflecting the same thoughts that were in Drave's head, "Isn't that how you looked when-" All she received was a nod. "Does that mean the he is-" Drave looked at her and shrugged lightly.

Kilik caught up to Rory after dinner just as Atticus was heading out the front doors with another date to the movies. "Have a good night, Atticus." Atticus waved then Kilik lowered his voice, "You didn't tell me that Asumei was the one who saved you."

Rory smiled sadly, "You never asked and I was too shaken up to mention that. i take it the she did what you wanted without knowing it." Kilik nodded, causing Rory to turn to him and smile a little brighter.

"She has lived a determined life. I have to give her credit, but there is one thing that bothers me." Kilik looked out the still open door and the gentle breeze rolled pass the threshold. "Not once has she asked for anything. So what does she want?"
Dinner clean up was easier for Asumei, Trisha even stayed to clean up until there was only the last few dishes to dry and the trash to take out. "I have somewhere to be so finish up, kay." Trisha said heading towards the door. Asumei sighed annoyed and finished the dishes up before gathering up all the trash and headed out to the dumpster.

The air seemed to greet Asumei with sweet scents of freshly cut grass and the wolfsbane flowers that grew near the manor's door that lead outside from the kitchen. She took a slow deep inhale of the smells of nature then rolled the lighter than usual trash can over to the dumpster. She paused for a moment, her mind returning to the cake that she had made. 'I wonder if he liked it...' she shrugged and pulled the trash out as Kilik came around the corner.

"The cake was good,"Kilik nodded lightly to her as she hefted the bag into the dumpster ad wiped her hands on her apron before pulling her hair to the side and curtsying lightly. "I actually eat all of my food at dinner. Less to throw away I guess."

"Thank you, my lord." Asumei smiled, her hair touching just the corner of her lips. She stood and looked at him, "Is there something you needed of me?" Kilik looked around casually, his eyes seeing no other soul around, before leaning against a nearby wall.

"Where are the others?" He scanned over her features quickly before locking eyes with her.

"Others?" She looked confused.

"There are usually three maids taking out the trash. Is it just you tonight?" His question recieved a hesitant nod. "I see."

'Maybe Trisha does have it out for me after all....' Asumei thought as she stretched lightly.

"You know, I saw some of your memories through that cake of yours." Kilik stepped from the wall and walked over to her. When he stopped she could smell his very subtle woodsy-vanilla musk. "You're lucky that I liked the cake so much." He chuckled, his breath on her hair as he leaned closer still. "Thank you for saving Rory that night." Asumei looked up at him, her face kind but serious.

"I thought I had heard something from his room, and when I got closer I heard that man threating him. I only did what I should have." Asumei looked down in thought. "It was dark and I couldnt see who it was, but it didnt sound like Lord Atticus..."

Kilik looked around again and pulled Asumei into the dark of a nearby group of tress just past the dumpster. In the dark, he pulled Asumei into his arms and gave her a grateful hug. Her hands hesitantly reached up and rested in the nook of his arms. "My family is everything to me. Not many would go out of their way to do anything, vampire or not." He rested his chin on her head, "You can ask for anything you want," He lifted her chin so that their eyes met, "and its yours."

"I can't." Asumei freed herself of his arms and turned to head back inside but he blocked her path.

"Why? What is it? Clothes? A better room? A house? Your freedom? I can get that arranged if thats the case." He guessing was stopped by her lips meeting his. When they parted it was Asumei who spoke.

"I can't, my lord." She stepped around him and started to walk away but paused long enough to look back at him. "The only thing I have wanted since I first got here, is someone I can't have." And with that she left him standing there, retrieving her taste off of his lips one by one.
Blood Lust Chapter 3
Here ya go loves, CHAPTER THREE!!!!!!

Chapter Two:…

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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*This is my novel. Its not based on anything. Warning: The romances in this novel are not for the judgmental or the faint of heart. So read at your own risk.*

Chapter 1
The wind seemed to swirl in untamed spirals across the grounds of the Alucard estate as night fell over the giant manor of pale tan stone. 'Just great,' Kilik thought annoyed as the blonde-haired woman underneath him moaned loudly in pleasure, obviously enjoying what he was not. 'This isn't working...' His thrusts quickened, his member pressing deeper and harder into the female. His own thoughts strayed far from the woman, however, in order to keep himself aroused. Kilik tried to imagine the blonde under him as nothing more than a shadow figure of a woman. He deepened his thrusts even more, his eyes locked onto the headboard of the bed. He sighed in a secret relief as the girl under him arched her back with a loud moan and climaxed, her cool center tightening around him for a few long moments before her entire body relaxed. His shadow lover dispersed as the woman reached up to touch his cheek. He recoiled subtly, pulled out of her with ease and laid on the bed of silk that matched the smoothness of his skin. He ran a hand over his forehead, wiping away only a little sweat as always.

The young woman looked over at him, breathing unevenly as she sketched his half-vampire body with her red eyes. His toned, masculine body glistened faintly with sweat in the moonlight, the remnants of her climax glistening more than his golden cream skin. Her body rippled with pleasure as her breathing began to even out and she opened her mouth to speak.

"What." Kilik voiced, even though it sounded more like a statement rather than a question.

"Was it good for you too?" she asked, shifting her body so she was resting an elbow on her pillow and perching her head on the palm of her hand as to get a better look at him.

"Why do you ask that?" Kilik asked, putting his hands under his head of wavy black hair that barely brushed his shoulder blades, "You know the answer, Marvina."

Marvina walked two fingers along the middle of Kilik's abs, the action causing his body cringe under her touch. "I was hoping, for your sake, that the answer had changed after two months." she huffed, pouting.

"For my sake, huh?" Kilik said, his icy steel blue eyes not moving to give her the acidic look that was being stabbed into the pale teal ceiling. He didn't like the way she said those words, let alone the way she spoke in general.

"Kilik, I didn't-," Marvina started to say, but the shift of his eyes from the ceiling to her was so fast and venomous that she decided not to point out the Coven deal, the entire reason that she was here in his bed. He just glared at her out of the corner of his eye, determined to keep his cool. Killing her would be more trouble than it was worth. After all, the entire point of their marriage was so that her father's army would come to the Alucard's aide if danger arose. Her father had made it very clear with Kilik's father, through endless boasting, that his underground army was twice the size of the Alucard army and that if Kilik were to marry his daughter Marvina that he would help protect the Alucard lands. Being a reasonable son and knowing the polictical perks of such an arrangement, Kilik agreed. But there were not personal perks for Kilik, who didn't like Marvina in the same way she liked him.

He took a deep breath through his teeth and sat up, "I don't have the time nor patience for your lectures. I going to get something to eat." He growled as he wiped the remnants of her peak off of himself with a towel and put his pants on. Without even a glance at his protesting wife, he left the room to go to the kitchen, hoping the trip and some food would clear his head. He had only wished that Luciena, his old maid, could be there to greet him one last time.


"Wow." Asumei breathed to herself as she walked into the kitchen and looked around. This was the first time she had been allowed to be in the kitchen without getting in trouble for it. It was merely a few hours before, at bedtime, that she had found out that one of the elderly maids had passed away and she was to take her place as a personal Food Maid. Where as there were just the regular food Maids that did the cooking and the cleaning in the kitchens, she would have another job as well: taking a tray to one of the vampires during every meal and whenever they required sustenance.  "From Laundry Maid to Food Maid," Asumei said as she ran a hand along the counter top, "this is a step in the right direction, I hope."

She scanned over the kitchen until her pale passion-purple eyes fell on upon one of the large stainless steel fridges. She walked over quickly and opened it. The fridge was stocked full of foods and drinks called "Blood Food." The Blood Food was scientifically cultivated here at the Estate by the family scientist, Eric Alucard. The fruits, vegetables, and other food products in this fridge were laced with enough blood for a vampire to not get sick from consumption, and to get enough melanin for the sun to do less damage to their skin. The vampires of this home where the only ones who had access to this food and the process by which it was made. The blood food was a blessing to the Alucard estate to say the least. Vampires could eat their fill of their favorite foods from life with the Blood food, but humans would get sick if they ate too much. Asumei knew what she wanted from her vast selection, The Blood Wine. Her hand shot out to the Red Blood Wine and brought the cool bottle out of the fridge. She bit the cork and, with a bit of effort, pulled it out of the bottle then spit the cork into her empty hand before putting the bottle to her lips. The wine slid passed her soft lips and over her tongue, touching every inch with such pleasure that it took most of her control not to gasp with delight. She closed her eyes as she swallowed the first drop, the sweet red liquid leaving a trail of passionate kisses down the inside of her throat. She smiled to herself before taking a big swig of wine into her mouth.

"What are you doing?"

Asumei choked, her grip tightened on the bottle as she spit out the rest of the sweet liquid.  The wine shot out of her mouth and landed all over the front of Kilik's pants and his abs.

"I am so sorry, Lord Kilik!" Asumei said panicked, putting the bottle down on the counter, "I didn't mean to get wine on you! I'm so sorry!" Asumei curtsied very lowly, her left hand moving behind her long jet black hair, that matched Kilik's, away from her neck and baring the right side of her silky flesh of her throat in respect. It was the way that the servants were to show their respect at the Alucard Estate, through a trust that the vampires they served would not bite their exposed skin.

Kilik looked at Asumei and said simply, "Don't worry about it. I need to get these pants cleaned anyway. But what are you doing in the kitchen, in the middle of the night, drinking wine that was made for us vampires, Human?"

Asumei stood up straight, letting her maid outfit straighten itself and said, "I'm sorry, my Lord. I couldn't help it, I like the Blood Food so much. I know that it could make me sick, but I like the way it tastes." Kilik watched Asumei carefully as she continued rambling, "I'm sorry for being up so late, it's just that I got promoted to Food Maid before bed and I wanted to get a better feel of the kitchen so that I didn't disappoint on my first day. Oh, that reminds me! The wine!"

Asumei dug into her black maid dress pocket and pulled out a tiny bottle of clear liquid and a towel, knelt down in front of Kilik, and started to clean up the area around the zipper. The clear liquid took the wine out with ease and Asumei's touch was like nothing Kilik had ever felt before in his life. Maybe it was the heat of her skin or the way her fingers moved over his pants as she worked, Kilik couldn't quite place it. As Asumei took her hand away, Kilik's body seemed to beg her not to pull away. Asumei blushed as Kilik's member started to harden.

"Um, Lord Kilik," Asumei said looking up at him, her blush matching his pale red blush, "Are you ok?"

"No... but don't worry about it." Kilik said as he started to move away from her. Taking what she feared could be her last deep breath in, Asumei grabbed the bulge on Kilik and started rubbing like she did before. Kilik, taken aback at first, groaned in a purr-like whisper as Asumei continued her cleaning. He was sure that long before the black-haired human had cleaned up the spot on Kilik's pants he was far more aroused than he had ever though possible. "Wh-what's your name, human?" Kilik managed after a moment, his mind not letting him remember anything but her touch. Asumei paused in her cleaning and looked up at him.

"Asumei. My name is Asumei, my lord." she looked back at his pants, her mind trying to block out his obvious attraction to her, or at least what she was doing, before looking back up at him. "The spot is clean, my lord. Would you like me to try to attend to that?" she tilted her head shortly to the bulge. If she was going to die, she figured she would do her best to serve until the very end.

"Try? What do you mean by try?" He eyed her curiously, his ears listening to her quickened heart beat. He couldn't deny that he liked hearing the sound, it told him things about her that she probably wouldn't say.The fear, the nervousness, and the subtle hint of something he couldn't place.

"Well, I.." Asumei looked to the side shyly, "I've never done anything like that before, I've only seen it done." Kilik raised an intrigued eyebrow before replying. Walking past some of the servants outside at night had taught her what was expected at least.

"Well, if you wish to try, give it your best shot." Kilik dared with a small shrug, not caring too much if she chickened out or not, not even that he wasn't supposed to do things like this with anyone but Marvina. It didn't matter to him right now, he wanted something to go his way tonight. Besides the female human had offered and he had hoped that she would.

"Yes, my lord." Asumei carefully unbuttoned Kilik's pants and then undid his zipper. Kilik slipped the pants down, letting them hit the floor with a gentle thud before kicking them off and waiting.

"No, call me Kilik for tonight." Kilik smirked, Asumei's blush returning swiftly. Asumei nodded and wrapped her hand firmly, yet gently, around Kilik's hardened shaft and started stroking him. Kilik let out a hushed groan. "Your hands are so soft, Asumei." Asumei began stroking him faster, her flushed face showing clear enjoyment in the compliment. Now all she had to do with her final moments is not displease him.

"Thank you, Kilik." she blushed as she looked up at him for a moment before pressing her lips gently to the tip of Kilik's member. The sweet taste of Blood Wine lingered on his skin as if determined to erase any hints of Marvina being there, to its own delicious success. Her tongue slowly slid out and licked the tip in curiosity. A shiver shot through Kilik's body as Asumei slipped her hot mouth over the tip and licked more thoroughly, her hand stroking his pulsing shaft in slow, firm pumps.

"Mmmm, not bad, Asumei." Kilik said, a groan tinted his words. Asumei blushed and looked up at him, their eyes meeting and Kilik blinked. "What?"

Asumei pulled her small mouth off of him and smiled lightly, "You taste like blood wine. I guess I didn't get it all through the fabric." Kilik smirked at her remark and tilted his head slightly. His own half-vampire heart beating a little faster this time.

"You should clean that up too then, huh?" he chuckled. Asumei nodded and slid her mouth quickly down over his member again, her lips reaching about half way down him. "Oh, hell yeah." He groaned leaning back against the counter top behind him, his fingers gripping the edge of the cold surface. Asumei groaned lightly in pleasure against his shaft, the vibrations moving in waves through Kilik. "Oh damn.. more." Kilik moaned, his hips moving his hardened shaft deeping into her mouth.  Asumei blushed and went as far down as she could and bit him just hard enough for him to feel it.

Kilik's head flew back and he let out a growl before he pulled Asumei to eye level with a human level of strength and kissed her. Their lips were pressed together for mere moments before he picked her up, spun them both around, and pressed her back against the nearby wall to the left of the counter that he was leaning against seconds ago. He pressed his mouth against her neck, his lips on her pulsing flesh as he inhaled her light scent of warm vanilla. A light growl pushed past his lips and vibrated along her shoulder as he ran his lips along her collarbone, making his way to the middle of her chest before glancing up at her. Her head was back against the wall and she had her teeth sunk around the knuckle of her right pointer finger as to not cry out.

"No." Kilik took his hands from her bottom, his hard bulge pressing Asumei against the wall, and took her hands into his own right hand, pinning them just over her head as he nibbled at the right side of her neck, purring, "I want to hear you." Kilik leaned back down and cupped her left breast in his hand before taking her pale pink nipple into his mouth, causing a startled gasp from Asumei. He let the sound send another shiver through his body that he played off as a simple roll of his shoulders. "That's a start, Asumei."

"But what if someone catches us? I'll be in so much trouble, my lord-" Kilik's lips slipped off of her nipple and to her lips again, stopping her words as well as her heart for a split second. Kilik couldn't deny to himself that he liked this. The way she moaned, how her body seemed new to all of these sensations, how much she didn't know about what to do with his arousal, it all excited him in a way he didn't think was possible.

"I told you to call me Kilik, human. Besides, I don't care what anyone thinks tonight. I want you right here, like this, right now. They can screw themselves. You're mine tonight, Asumei. What do you think?" he asked holding her butt again in his hands, her dress smooth in his grip.

Asumei nodded and looked at him, "Yes, Kilik." causing Kilik to smirk as he slid his right hand smoothly under her dress and to her clothed center. The underwear she was wearing were moist and Kilik could easily feel the heat from Asumei as he rubbed his middle finger along her entrance. Asumei bit her lip lightly and let out a hushed moan, gaining another smirk from Kilik. "My- Kilik?" Kilik raised an eyebrow in response. "I've never-" Asumei looked away from him, but he leaned back into her view, making their eyes met once more.

"I know, I can tell. It won't hurt for long, but I'll be a little patient with you." He leaned over and nipped her ear lightly, pulling another startled moan from her, "but only a little patient." his lips pressed to hers once more as he slipped his middle finger passed her underwear and along the mouth of her arousal. The smooth shaven skin was untouched by anyone and tonight he needed to be the first.  


"Are you even listening to me, Kilik?" Marvina asked annoyed the next morning over a breakfast of blood laced eggs, under-cooked bacon and fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. Kilik rolled his wrist around lightly, the mild ache leaving it with a quick cracking noise.

"Yes Marvina, I heard you. You were talking about your father visiting in a couple weeks." Kilik glanced around at the dark red room. The room was lined with six golden pillars and two large doors at the end of the hall made of reinforced cherry oak as well as two smaller double doors at the opposite end of the hall leading to the main kitchen and double doors leading to the hallway.

"You seem to never hear me but yet you know everything I've said." Marvina quipped glaring at him as his gaze fell on her. Kilik's eyes were impossible for Marvina to read and it upset her. "Why do you have to be like this to me? I'm your love, right?"

The moment of awkward silence was interrupted by the hallway doors opening and two pale crimson-haired male twins walking in, holding each others' hand. Although they looked close to the same, their family knew the subtle differences that told them apart. The Alucard twin to the left sported hair that grazed his shoulders as the breeze blew through it. The twin on the right had his hair about half a centimeter longer than the other and was styling a low pony tail in the back with a few strands cupping his face. The twin to the right smirked, his red eyes glowed lightly as he glanced at his brother.

"Looks like we interrupted a lovers' quarrel, Rory." The right twin chuckled darkly, as he flashed a fanged smile at Marvina, who shuddered in disgust. The other twin looked to Kilik.

"I don't think brother minds us interrupting, Atticus." Rory, the left twin, looked to his twin and then back to Kilik, "Right Kilik?"

Kilik smiled to them in a quiet gratitude,"I don't mind in the slightest, Rory. Atticus, did your date get home alright last night?"

Atticus grinned a little, letting the memories flooding black shortly, and rolled his shoulders back lightly. "She got home just fine. I called the human a cab." Rory let go of Atticus's hand and walked over to the table and sat down on the left side of Kilik where only one chair was placed, other than Lord Alucard's seat. Atticus raised an eyebrow at his twin's choice of seat then walked over to the chair on the other side of Kilik and sat down. "So how was your night, 'husband'?" Atticus teased.

Kilik narrowed his eyes at Atticus and then turned to Rory, who was looking at the food on the table with an feigned interest. "Where did you sleep last night, Rory?" Rory looked up at Kilik with gentle red eyes that seemed far away as he continued. "Sorry you weren't able to stay in my room last night."

"It's ok, Kilik." Rory smiled lightly. Marvina rolled her eyes, annoyed that Kilik wasn't paying attention to her anymore.

Kilik shook his head, "No, it's not ok. I don't want you alone at night with-" Rory slipped his hand over Kilik's mouth before his could finish what he was saying. Kilik and Rory locked eyes before Rory quickly glanced at Atticus, who was looking at him with a suspicious look and half a piece of toast dangling from his right fang.

"Of course it's ok for Rory to not sleep in your room, Kilik," Marvina huffed annoyed, "I'm your wife, not him." Atticus stood up and walked over to Rory's seat and pulled Rory's hand away from Kilik's mouth. Rory looked back at his plate, hiding the look in his eyes that betrayed his emotions.

"What is going on?" Atticus asked, doing his very best to keep calm. Kilik shook his head then looked to the door. "What's going on, Kilik?" Atticus let Rory's hand fall from his grip. Rory let out a relieved breath and went back to picking out his first serving of food.

"The rest of the family is up." Rory mumbled, the door opening once again seconds later. A pale slender brown-haired girl of sixteen walked into the room chuckling with a tall male of twenty-three. The tall male had a lean but toned build hidden under noble wear consisting of a long pair of black pants and a red T-shirt with the crest of a raven with blood red tipped wings and blue sapphire eyes. His own blue eyes matched the raven's eyes perfectly, looking at everyone through a couple strands of gold and red teased hair that reached his upper back and looked like fire when he walked. The little girl was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a grey-green hoodie, her brown hair reaching all the way to her middle back with beautiful tight curls that swayed in a perfect bounce rhythm when she walked.

"Looks like almost everyone is here before us, Cassandra." The man looked down to the girl, who crossed her arms casually.

"I couldn't find my hoodie, Connor." she said as though shrugging the answer out. She walked over to the side where Marvina was sitting alone and sat across from Rory. Cassandra looked at Atticus with emerald eyes. "Aren't you gonna sit and eat, big brother?"  Atticus blinked and looked to her before nodding.

"Yeah, of course, Cassandra." Atticus smiled to her before casting a glance at Rory then returning to his seat.

Connor looked at them all and raised and eyebrow, "What's the deal with everyone this morning?" He sat on the other side of Marvina, who felt trapped between him and Cassandra, and laid an arm on the table before laying his head on it his eyes peeking out through the fiery locks. "Did everyone have a bad night or something? I mean I woke up to Rory knocking on my door around eleven last night."

"I'm sorry Connor.." Rory mumbled as he reached out and carefully picked up a tea cup and a tea bag.

"No need to apologize, little bro." Connor said as he stood up smoothly and patted Rory's head lovingly across the table. A crack was heard and everyone looked to the noise to find a broken plate in front of Atticus. Connor chuckled to himself and let go of Rory as Marvina did her best to avoid Connor as he sat down once more.

Rory looked over at Atticus with worry, "Atti, are you ok?"

Atticus looked at him and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. Where's mother and father? Are they coming to eat with us?"

"Not this morning," Kilik said tilting his head towards the plate in front of him. "Eric called them to the lab."


Dr. Eric Alucard was the family scientist and Lord Alucard's best friend. Eric used be human centuries ago when Lord Alucard met him. The insanity that pulsed through his human veins interested the young Lord and he longed for a companion in the long dark. Unlike most of the savage vampires in the world, Alucard longed for a better life, not one of screams and cries of horror in the night.

When he approached Eric Drave with his proposal the tall black haired man smirked, saying, "As long as I have forever to do all the 'science' I want, then I will wear the banner that you fly." It was then that vampire gave Eric his last name, Alucard, something he has since done for anyone he has brought into the family. Since then they have stuck together through everything, even when Lord Alucard took the first name of Drave in honor of Eric saving his life. A couple bachelor fun filled centuries past before Lord Drave Alucard found his true love, the human Danna Heret.

Danna fell in love with Drave the moment he offered her a white rose. His and passion for the arts pulled Danna in as much as his love for her. Two years after their first meeting they were wed, despite Danna still being human. It was six months after that their love bore fruit, a half vampire child named after his father's original name, Kilik Alucard. It was during this birth that Danna died and became a vampire.


"Now what is this about Eric?" Drave asked, walking through the door of the laboratory with the Danna on his heels.  

Eric looked up from the dead female body on his examining table and grinned. "Ah, there you are! You have to see this! I found this body just outside Grimwell while I was looking for supplies. It looks like it was attacked by some kind of monster."

"That doesn't seem out of the ordinary, Eric." Danna said shrugging lightly, her blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail that spiraled halfway down her back in a long curly spring.

"But that's just the thing, my Lady, "Eric's red eyes seemed to glow brighter as he gestured at the mangled and bloodied body, "I've never seen an animal make these kind of markings before in my life."

Drave raised an eyebrow intrigued, looking to his wife, who wore almost the same look. "What do you think it means?" he asked Eric.

The scientist tilted his head to the left in a quick, almost unnerving way and in a quiet voice spoke. "I think there is a new monster walking among us."


"Rory." Atticus said walking behind his twin, who was briskly walking down the long polished wood floored hall to their shared bedroom after breakfast, "What's wrong?" Rory glanced over his shoulder at his twin and continued walking. Atticus followed him silently until they were both in the safety of their room before he closed the door and in a swift movement had Rory's wrists pinned against the wall, gently and yet escape was nearly impossible, before Atticus pressed himself close to his twin, his head on Rory's neck and whispered, "Tell me twin." Rory bit his bottom lip in silence, not saying a word to Atticus but shaking his head in response. Atticus's grip tightened a little bit, causing Rory to shut his eyes tightly and let out a gasping moan causing Atticus to lift his head from Rory's neck and look at his brother. "Rory..."

"Y-yeah?" Rory opened his eyes slowly and look back at Atticus. Their red eyes seemed locked in a moment as Atticus released Rory's right hand in favor of letting his own hand trail along Rory's side, making his way inch by inch to Rory's waist.

"What are you thinking about?" Atticus asked as Rory bit his bottom lip again to not make any noises. Atticus paused for a second before running his free hand along the front of Rory's pants. The fabric of Rory's pants was all that separated the older twin's hand from the hardened bulge. Rory's fangs pressed deeper into his bottom lip as Atticus's fingers ran along the front of his pants. When Atticus gripped him firmly through the pant fabric, Rory's fangs broke skin. The blood dripped from his bottom lip and down the side of his mouth as he looked away from his brother.

"It's n-nothing." Rory managed as the blood dripped from bitten flesh once more before closing up slowly leaving nothing but blood covered smooth skin. Atticus lifted his free hand up to Rory's chin and slowly turn Rory's head to meet his eyes. With a slight smirk, Atticus tilted his own head to the side and leaned close to Rory's chin and licked the blood off of his brother's chin before bringing their lips together passionately. Their mouths move feverishly, each wanting more and needing the other's lips deeply. Fast and rough then slow and deep, their tongues met and fought for dominance. when they finally came up for breath it was Atticus that spoke first.

"Nothing huh?" he chuckled and pulled Rory into a close hug, letting his wrist go and running his hand through Rory's soft red hair. "That doesn't seem like nothing, Rory."

Rory looked up at Atticus for a moment then looked away again. His grip on Atticus loosened until Rory's hands fell back to his own sides. "If I run, would you follow or would you watch with barely the slightest bit of interest?" Rory asked Atticus, who arms were still gripping the younger twin close.

Atticus leaned close to Rory's ear and whispered, "Neither. I would drag your ass back to here, Rory. To me, to where we belong. Our home."

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Chapter Two

The day so far almost failed in comparison to Asumei's current thoughts. She bit the inside of her mouth lightly, not biting enough to bleed but just enough to bring her back to reality, her reality. Her lord Kilik was so close last night but so far away it seemed now as she began her new job in th kitchen. "It's almost time for lunch, is everything ready to go?" The head maid called out as Asumei picked up the plate she was to serve. The serving maids, in two lines facing each other, held their dishes at chest-height for instruction. The head maid walked between the lines and glanced at the dishes, giving her approval to each tray. When the head maid stopped finally to Asumei, she looked at her for a second and said, "This one goes to Kilik. Welcome to the kitchen, Asumei."

Asumei nodded, "Thank you." Asumei's heart raced a little as the head maid flicked her wrist towards the doors that lead to the dining room. The servants gracefully faced the doors and walked forward as the doors opened. The lines filed out of the kitchen and into the dinning hall. All of the Alucard clan was sitting at the long table, looking at the entering servants and their cargo. The kitchen servants had been told not to make eye contact with the Vampires they were to serve, but Asumei couldn't help but sneak a quick glance at Kilik. His eyes were currently on his wife, Marvina, who was talking to him about something that she seemed to find important. Asumei looked back to the ground and the plate of food, making sure that she didn't drop his food. Each of the the servants stood next to the chair of the vampire whose food they were serving and placed the food on the table in front of the vampire. Asumei placed the plate down carefully, the plate landing with the softest thud. Kilik glanced at the food then up at her.

"Thank you." Kilik nodded to Asumei, as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Kilik gave her a quick once over with his eyes, not letting on to anyone what had happened the night before. "You're the replacement of my Food Maid Luciena, then?"  he took a fork and a knife of the table and started the cut his meat, "Good luck, miss?"

"Asumei, my lord." Asumei offered with a gentle curtsey her eyes still not meeting his. Kilik nodded and then motioned for her to follow the other servants back to the kitchen.

Kilik looked back to the food and took a bite before feeling the eyes of his wife looking at him. "Yes, Marvina?" He locked eyes with her, pretending to care about what she would say.

"You're so talkative to humans, aren't you?" She said narrowing her eyes with a pout. The twins glanced at each other and chucked, issuing a glare for both of them from her instead.

"I always talk to my personal servants, Marvina, ever since I was little. I talk to people and it gets them to be more persuasive to my will in the end."  Kilik looked back down at his food, cut off another piece of his steak and popped it in his mouth.

Lord Alucard looked at everyone before looking to his wife. "Danna, I think we should tell them."

Danna paused in her chewing of her side salad to meet his eyes and nod, "But not now, maybe later, my love." Danna tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear and continued eating.

Connor looked over at his father for a moment then to his mother before making a mental note to ask about it later and returning to looking at his food with his fork in his right hand and a book in the other.  Cassandra, who was sitting between Connor and Danna, looked at the book and raised an eyebrow.

"You can't eat with your nose in a book, Connor. You'll get blood all over the pages." Cassandra chuckled, receiving a smirking glance from Connor in response before he looked back to his book once more. Kilik smirked as he looked around the table at his family, from his parents, to his brothers and sister, then to his wife. Her beauty and grace was certainly unmatched in any coven or clan he had ever encountered. Even still, he felt there was something lacking between them. He looked to his parents again, their eyes glancing lovingly between each other and their food, and he knew what was missing from his marriage.


Asumei returned to her room with a silver tray after lunch, her stomach grumbling for the food in her grip. She placed the tray on the bed before taking a seat on the bed next to it. Her room was simple, light tan wallpaper with a white ceiling and soft grey carpet, that she had picked herself years ago. Her king-size bed was covered in white sheets with a warm comforter of royal red covering it. Her two pillows matched the comforter and were laid flat against her comforter up near the headboard. Although she was just a maid, Asumei was a very wise spender. She save up paycheck after paycheck in order to get the nice stuff in her room. Facing the window, Asumei crossed her legs and pulled the tray onto her lap before beginning to eat.

The window had a beautiful view of the garden outside, it's flowers and vegetation painted a labyrinth of color in the large space that separated the house from the forest.  The forest was all part of the Alucard estate, its thick foliage protecting the family as well as their human servants. Asumei watched as a red bird landed on the tree outside her window. It hopped a couple steps towards the window before flapping its wings and flying away towards the sky. Asumei looked after the bird, her heart longing to fly away with it. She looked to her food again and bit her lip thoughtfully. "Will I ever be able to live for me?" she mumbled, her hand going through the motions of feeding herself. She thought back to the other night. Kilik had been so close, but it was only by chance that it was her. After all, it could have been anybody. "Why me?" the fork slipped out of her hand causing her to jump a little. She grabbed up the fork quickly as someone knocked on the door. "Yes?" she asked standing up and going to the door. When she opened it, there a woman standing there. Asumei recognized the woman as Trisha, one of the kitchen staff. The tall ginger looked Asumei once over before replying.

"You are needed to go and get supplies for dinner in town." Trisha turned on her heel and motioned for Asumei to follow. Asumei nodded and followed Trisha obediently. "I'm to show you what to do as part of the kitchen staff, so pay attention." Trisha led Asumei to the kitchen before continuing. "Did you get an idea of where everything is from this morning's meal?"

"I believe so." Asumei glanced around the otherwise staff-less kitchen, her eyes lingering on the wall that Kilik had pinned her against the previous night, before looking to Trisha again. Trisha headed over to the blood Fridge and placed a hand on it.

"This holds all of the Blood Food that has to stay cold," she paused and added, "which is most of it." She gave the kitchen a once over with her eyes. One of the male laundry servants walked into the kitchen, his knuckles tapping on the wall lightly, causing Trisha to look to him and smile lightly. "I have some more pressing matters to attend to, but if you have a question just ask." She waved at the male servant and left quickly with him.

Asumei looked around the kitchen then back to the empty door frame. "Ask who?" she muttered to herself. With a sigh she took out a piece of paper and a pencil and started looking around the kitchen to write down what she had to get for dinner supplies.


Kilik paced impatiently around the lounge, its wooden floor echoing his footsteps into the hall. Rory walked into the room, his presence only halting Kilik's pacing for a brief moment. Rory tilted his head to the side in concern before going over to his brother. "What's wrong, Kilik?"

Kilik glanced up from the floor, "Rory, have you ever wanted something you probably shouldn't? I mean, like you wanted to keep that thing close and examine its every detail."

Rory blushed lightly, "You alone know I do." He sat down on the edge of a nearby lounge chair and looked to him to continue. "What is this object that holds your gaze?"

"A human. A child that I met when I was younger. She was brought here to pay a debt to my family. But now she is older and-"

"You're married." Rory looked down at his hands now.

"Not by choice, and that has nothing to do with this. I just want to..." Kilik paused.

"To what?"

"To know her. To find what makes her tick." Kilik glanced at the window.

"You could just use her blood to get the information, you know. You just need to want the answers badly enough to be able to pull the memories from it, right? I'm sure that she wouldn't refuse."

"I don't know. No one in this clan has done that before to give me pointers." Kilik stopped pacing and turned to his brother. "Where is she?"

"Which one?" Rory asked standing up from the chair and walking over to Kilik. "The human or your wife?"

Kilik narrowed his eyes at Rory, "My food maid, Asumei. My ' wife' is asleep right now. She hasn't gotten used to the different sleeping schedule."

Rory thought on this for a moment. "I believe all the food maids are in the kitchen getting the list for supplies together for dinner." He turned towards the door to the hall before continuing, "You'll see her at dinner though, can you wait till then?"

"Whether I can wait isn't the point, brother." Kilik looked to his brother, "I'm bored now, Rory. Besides, I can't just tell her to sit down and join us. I want to have fun."

Rory reached for the doorknob and took a deep breath, his heart urged him to tell his brother to do what Rory himself wasn't, he looked at his brother once again, their eyes locking in a moment of silent understanding. Rory looked away first, his gaze returning to the door. It was Kilik, however, who spoke.

"I'll be careful, Rory. You have my word." Kilik nodded to Rory who grabbed the doorknob tightly and opened the door.

"No offense, Kilik, But it's not you I'm worried about." Rory left the room and closed the door behind him.

Kilik smiled lightly to himself. He went over to the window and looked outside at the bright sky before slipping his sunglasses over his eyes and leaving the room as well to search for his prey.

Asumei walked the bustling streets of the city with her shopping basket in one hand and her list tightly gripped in the other. Her face firm with determination as she walked down the sidewalk minding the cars and the oncoming traffic, her eyes glancing into the bright fashion stores as she walked, her gaze held so strongly by the beautiful clothes in the stores that she didn't even notice that she was being watched as well. Asumei turned the corner to the right and found herself at her destination: The Herbarium.

The Herbarium was the only shop in the city that carried every and any kind of herbs and spices that one could think of. From cinnamon to Thyme, this store had been an important supplier to all kitchens in the city. When she opened the door a little bell rung over the door and a strong mix of scents hit her nose. There were too many to pinpoint what the mixture was. The shop keeper was an older woman, her body not yet beaten by the sands of time, but her wisdom shown well in her shining green eyes. Her white hair was pulled tight into a bun that sat high on her head and out of the way of her oval light blue glasses that just barely hid the wrinkles around her eyes. The lady was wearing a light sky blue dress with a white full apron. When the bell rung she looked to the door and smiled.

"Hello dear. Welcome to The Herbarium, I'm Abbigail. What can I help you with?" Asumei walked over to Abbigail and offered a hand to her. Abbigail's smile brightened even more and she shook her hand lightly.

"I'm Asumei, nice to meet you." Asumei looked around the large shop at the shelves lining the walls all stocked full of hundreds of different herbs. "I come from the Alucard Estate. I'm here to get some supplies."

"Oh, How are the dear Lord and Lady Alucard doing lately?" Abbigail let go of Asumei's hand and placed her hand instead on Asumei's back and led her over to a wall towards the back. She motioned to the wall and added, "This wall is specifically designed for the Alucard Estate. So get whatever you need."

Asumei smiled kindly and looked at the wall carefully, grabbing which ever small bottles and bundles of each herb and spice she needed. Her eyes stopped on the bottom most shelf at the far right of the wall. There, separated from the the rest of the wall by two stuffed ravens, were seven small herb bottles each one labeled differently. The first bottle had a black label with the Alucard Crest on the front, the second had a white label with the Alucard Crest on it. The third had a science beaker containing a raven in a red liquid on it's white label. The fourth also bore the Alucard Crest but had a fire-print label instead. There was a space between the fourth and the fifth bottles. The fifth bottle had the Greek symbol for Gemini on its red label while the sixth bottle had a blue label under the Gemini symbol. The seventh bottle had an orange label with the silhouette of a cat on it. Asumei looked at each one carefully then turned to Abbigail.

"What doesn't Kilik have a bottle?" She asked tilting her head to the left a little bit. Abbigail blinked lightly, taken back by the question, before smiling gently.

"I haven't figured out Kilik's favorite herbs yet. The young man is a hard one to read." She nodded then added, "Have you found everything you needed, dear?" Asumei looked at the bottles again, and picked up the each of the seven bottles before nodding. "All right then, lets get this stuff tabbed out, shall we?" Asumei walked over and put the items on the counter in front of Abbigail, who began scanning it all. When she finished she took an envelope out of the drawer to her left and slipped it into the basket with the herbs and spices. "See that gets to one of the Alucard Family, will you dear?" Asumei smiled lightly.

"I will, Abbigail. Thank you." With that Asumei left the shop. She looked at her list for a moment to make sure she had everything she needed and headed down the street, her feet carrying her as she thought about Kilik. Why didn't he have a bottle? She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the wrong turn until it was too late. She looked up just before she ran into the wall at the end of a narrow alleyway. "That could've been bad." She muttered to herself. As she turned, however, she realized she had spoken too soon.

"Well, what do we have here?" A tall male with short spiky blonde hair asked as he stepped closer to her, his long dark pants, his dark grey shirt, coupled with the way he carried himself giving him a dangerous aura. Asumei blinked for a moment to catch herself before she stood her ground.

"Kindly get out of my way." Asumei said, her voice only shaking a tiny bit. The guy chuckled a little, as he drew a knife from his pocket and flipped it open.

"You're not going anywhere." he smirked, "We're gonna have a little fun." The guy stepped closer to her, attempting to press her closer to the wall, but just ending up right in front of her. "You'll enjoy it I promise." He licked his lips as he ran the knife lightly along her neck, the blade, to Asumei's relief, not breaking skin.

"You'll pay dearly if you try to lay a hand on me." Asumei retorted, her hands tightly around the basket handle.

"Stop with the act, you little bitch." his empty hand came up and landed swiftly on her right cheek with a crack. Asumei stumbled back a step, before glaring at the man.

"You're going to regret that." She growled.

"What are YOU going to do?" he growled back arrogantly. Neither of them noticed as a shadow jumped down into the alley behind the male.

"She won't." a familiar voice growled, "I will." The guy turned around in just enough time to see Kilik's fist make contact with his face. The guy fell to the ground holding his jaw as Kilik walked over to Asumei. He glanced at the male, "You could smell that she's one of mine. Don't get cocky because you're an ancient. Try that ever again with any of my servants, Nathan, and I'll kill you myself. Let's go, Asumei." Asumei blinked her shock away and followed Kilik out of the alley.  The man glared after them as they turned the corner and out of site.

"Thank you my lord."Asumei said quietly,her grip loosening on the basket handle a little. Kilik glanced over his shoulder at Asumei, whose eyes were on the basket handle, and sighed to himself.

"So what were you going to do?" Kilik asked, his eyes returning forward.

Asumei looked up at Kilik's back and blinked shocked, "I would have hit him with a glass bottle in the face. Or even bit him." Kilik stopped and looked at her as the sun shined down brightly on the sidewalk.

"So you wouldn't have let him touch you again then, huh human?" Kilik rolled his eyes and started walking again. Asumei followed him quickly. "And what would you have done if he had stabbed you?"

"That's simple, I would have made sure I surprised him when his guard was down and if his guard never wavered then I would have fought that knife from him and made sure he apologized." Kilik stopped in his tracks and raised an eyebrow, "then I would have made sure to get the herbs back to the estate." Asumei nodded bumping right into his back. Kilik turned around to face her, his eyes looking Asumei up and down.

"You're a determined little human aren't you?" He chuckled and turned back around before he could see her blush. "Let's get back." He looked up at the sky for a moment. "It'll be time to cook dinner soon, right? They'll  wonder where you are." He glanced around for a moment then headed down a nearby alley, Asumei closely at his heels.

"Where are we going?" Asumei asked carefully. Kilik looked up the walls, noticing every little nook and grove of the worn red brick. He nodded to himself then turned back to towards Asumei.

"Come here." Kilik offered his hand to her. Asumei walked over and hesitantly took his hand. He pulled her close and scooped her legs from under her and cradled her like a bride over a threshold. "You walk too slow. My way's faster." He smirked lightly as Asumei put the basket into her lap and gripped it tightly. Kilik grabbed the hem of her dress and twisted a handful around so that it was tightly around her calves and tucked it between her calves. "Wouldn't want you embarrassed." And with that he took a few steps back and took off running towards the left wall.  Asumei leaned her head against Kilik's chest, willing her eyes to stay open so she could see what he was going to do. With one last step he pushed off of his legs hard and headed straight towards the wall. Just before they crashed into the wall Kilik pushed off the wall with his right foot hard, launching them upwards and towards the middle of the right wall of the alley. Kilik pulled Asumei's body closer to his, causing a tin gasp from her. Kilik's left foot met the right wall with ease and he push off the wall  once again heading this time towards the top of the left wall. As they reached the left wall he landed on the edge of the roof  and took a step forward to not fall back. Kilik glanced down at Asumei, who slowly looked up at him. "Still breathing, human?"

"Of course, my lord." Asumei huffed, a light blush on her face, "We're not done yet, right?" Kilik nodded and took off again, leaping across  the rooftops as he headed to the Estate. Once they reached the Estate, Kilik landed at the edge of the trees, just out of view from any wandering eyes. He put Asumei down and headed over to the main path, just a few feet away. Asumei fixed her dress and hurried after him. As she caught up to him, he turned to face her.

"Think you can get there from here, Asumei?" Kilik looked her up and down, his memories running back to the other night. He leaned forward towards her, secretly inhaling her warm vanilla scent. "Or do you need me to hold your hand?" Asumei's face turned red and she turned towards the manor.

"I think I can manage, my lord." She pulled the envelope from the basket and handed it to Kilik, "I was told to get this to the Alucard family by Abbigail. Is there anything else I can do for you, Lord Kilik?"

Kilik looked at the envelope and picked up a subtle scent of strawberries and chuckled a little. "I'll deliver this, thank you. That is all for now, Asumei. However," He step into her path and locked eyes with her, "If I call for you to attend to me, you better not be busy with someone else. I don't like to wait for my food, understood?" Asumei nodded and curtsied, moving her hair from her neck in respect. Kilik resisted the urge to inhale her sweet scent once more. He nodded in acknowledgment and turned from her. "I am your priority, now." He stated over his shoulder to her then left.
Blood Lust Chapter 2
My original novel that I'm working on. I posted the next chapter cause a certain someone kept telling me "Write more!" So here's for you~

New! Chapter Three:…

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