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December 19, 2012
My Neighbor Jake by ~rismo
Featured by alexandrasalas
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My Neighbor Jake

Finn, Beemo, and Jake waiting for the Cakebus :)

Update: I made animated version! [link]

Update2: A limited edition of 40 prints will be available at Mondo's Adventure Time art show on 4/27 at their gallery in Austin, Texas. Swing by if you are in the area!

Update3: The prints were a smash! They were the first release to sell out at the show and Pen loved it! So happy right now!

Update4: Boom Studios asked to turn this piece into a limited edition cover for the choose-your-own adventure issue of Adventure Time comics! You can order it now from Dynamic Forces!

Thank you all SO very much everyone for the kind words!
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We can still take a bath.
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Hey Rismo. Great work!

I really want to buy this image hi-res from you. Would that be possible?

Saw posters of it on Ebay but sending paper prints across the globe doesn't make sense.

It would be awesome if I could get the image in 300dpi, about 20x28 inches.

Please get back to me, jacob(@)
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My cousin bought this shirt for me a few years ago. I apologize so much.
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hot topic is a asshat.
PeriHasDeviantArt's avatar
It wasnt hot topic or da it was boom studios that caused this
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Can someone please explain what EXACTLY happened, and in short words? because i don't really want to read a big text, and no, i don't understand contracts, or policy or any of those stuff, so can someone please explain it the best way possible? because from what i heard in tumblr, is that DeviantArt let's anyone use any of the stuff you posted here the way the want, but some people said it was fake and rismo signed some contract bullshit, and i've heard the post in tumblr a year ago, and i'm still confused about it, my art is shit, it's getting better, but if i ever become good to the point of being famous, i don't want to use a site where people can use my art the way they want without crediting me
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The artist didn't realize their contract with Boom stated the artwork could be used in merch. Rismo explained this years ago. It had nothing to do with DA, Boom themselves licensed the art for use on shirts. It's not an uncommon practice in comics and why you should thoroughly read your contracts before signing them.

I dunno why the "DA sold the art to hot topic" rumor circles around again like once a year but it's been long-since debunked. Nothing illegal happened, just an unfortunate case of an artist not realizing what the full terms of their contract were.
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I'm only replying here as commenting on DevART is neater than amending a reblog on Tumblr.

Further information can be found at…
StansWithoutJams's avatar
In DeviantArt's terms of service, it says, "6. Payment Unless otherwise agreed between Artist and deviantART in a writing from deviantART, the license granted to deviantART under this Agreement is royalty-free."

So, in other words, people may use your art and sell it without your permission or crediting you if they like it enough.
Nah, you're interpreting that wrong. That statement says that deviantART may re-use stuff you post royalty-free, not that OTHERS may use it royalty free.

Note that it says "the license granted to deviantART", and not "the license granted to everyone once posted on deviantART".

edit: Turns out it wasn't even technically stolen; it was technically used with the artist's legal consent, but without the artist's awareness.
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When I said "people" I was referring to the people dA would sell the work to royalty-free; it just didn't come out the way I wanted it to.
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Is it true hot topic stole this without your consent?…
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oml my sister has that fucking shirt i cant believe this
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**Why you should watermark all your fanart
Sonicsis's avatar
it's sad when you need to watermark your fanart, in my opinion it just kills the image entirely but sadly it must be done.
Mmkaay's avatar
Used to shop there all the time. I never will walk into that store or Boxed Lunch again. Thankyou for the reply.
Mmkaay's avatar
Ah sorry bout that replied to you instead of original artist but again thanks for the link reply
Mmkaay's avatar
Unlike other unfortunate artists, were you ever financially reimbursed by Boom! Studios a d have you been commissioned by other animation/comic companies?
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no, but i understand that it's horrible. it's like art thieft, but even worse.
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