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Hole in My Soul

First of all - lazy Riskikoi strikes again and borrows the title from somewhere else. HA. (love this song though, it holds some memories)
And the story of this image for those who are interested; I started making this painting somewhere in 2014. I love the progress in this one. The painting started from something colourless, dark and cold, angry piece of venting art, representing my feelings back then. But as I worked on with this, the more I breathed life into it. I transformed something dark and cold into something colourful and beautiful, as I hope I did as well. I certainly am in a happier place right now, mentally and physically.

I've learned to not give up. I've progressed as a person so much in the past year and that's what I'm proud of. This painting might not be a masterpiece, but personally, it holds a greater purpose than that. :> Thank you for those who were watching the progress in streams.

Apocalyptica - Hole in My Soul

It’s getting dark and I’m lost in the woods
I’d find a way out if I knew where to look
If I could, I’d rip this page out of my book
Confused and misguided, my faith is beside me

I’ve got a hole in my soul where you used to be
There’s a thorn in my heart and it’s killing me
I wish I could go back and do it all differently
‘Cause now there’s a hole in my soul where you used to be

A fire inside but my bloods turning cold
I’m walking alone down this desolate road
Yesterday feels like a life time ago
The memories are fading, my dreams are all changing

There’s a hole in my heart in my life in my way
And it’s filled with regret and all I did, to push you away
If there’s still a place in your life in your heart for me
I would do anything, so don’t ask me to leave

I’ve got a hole in my soul where you used to be
You're the thorn in my heart and you're killing me
I wish I could go back and do it all differently
I wish that I’d treated you differently
‘Cause now there’s a hole in my soul where you used to be

Koi reference by Riskikoi
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Hello there, I was wondering if it was okay if I use this for a banner on a roleplay site called "Animal Jam Clans Wiki"?
I will give you full credit in your name with a link to your gallery and I will not change the image in any sort of way.
If not then I understand!
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Truly, a wonderful story behind an powerful drawing <3
BrnoCZ's avatar
alpha vs. beta
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Stunning work of art! Bravo   By Kmygraphic-d7zlfvc by WhiteTigerForever  
VickyStrife's avatar
I'm proud of you too, and beautiful drawing and song :D
EmbersOfWolf's avatar
This looks amazing!
>w> and my god teach me how to draw like that
Kokamiii's avatar
Its pretty! I like the intensity of the blue and red in the background and the expressions are just fab <3333
kylohnn's avatar
how do you fur so good :stare:
wolfytg's avatar
oh my gosh its finished! and holy crap does it look amazing. Fantastic job on this Riski! 
SecretAgent9's avatar
I absolutely loooooooove the melding of the colors. |D
Mad-Ga-L's avatar
OMG I was not sure if the title was linked to this song but there's no doubt now... :heart:
And even whitout the title I would have come, because you're drawing is absolutely amazing ! ♥ Amazing work and amazing meaning :heart:
(Im really sorry for my awful english by the way ;_;...)
Riskikoi's avatar
MajinBanzai1's avatar
omg omg omg OMG <333 
Unique-daze-galaxy's avatar
This is amazing and i love your story <3
VoiceOfVirtue's avatar
Both the story and the piece are really moving and deep. It's great to see your art and you yourself develop - I followed this on streams and the transition was interesting to witness. It's great to see personal growth reflected in the art you produce. I only wish more people could progress the way you did. :)
Riskikoi's avatar
Thank you! And yep, this is a piece I can be proud of :>
Good way of drawing wolf. P.S. I luv wolfs.
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This is really just fantastic. I love the tension. It almost feels ling the larger figure to the left is vibrating. Really nice. ;)
Atumney's avatar
This Picture is amazing! I really love the expressions and the background reminds me of an alternate galaxy. *w*
Riskikoi's avatar
Thank you! And one day I'll become a galaxy senpai
Atumney's avatar
Yes *w* That would be epic.:happybounce: 
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It's amazing, but, sorry, bouth jaws of Riski are in different angles :c
I love how you worked with colors *^*
Riskikoi's avatar
Realism is strong in this one

Thank you very much <3
Zerk-Dragon's avatar
omg yus riski!!!!

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