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Commission for BlueFeatherArchangel

© Do not use my art without my permission.
:iconbluefeatherarchangel: commissioned me quite a while ago and finally I got this thing finished. I hope you're satisfied with it. <:3
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© 2014 - 2021 Riskikoi
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starfox365's avatar
This flowy style is beautiful...reminds me of Okami. ^^ 
WynterrX's avatar
For some reason I really love the coloring used on the fire and crystals- it's just done so well ;o;
DemonousNight's avatar
Its really stunning o-o when I look away from it the design is stuck in my head. Its really beautiful.
Riskikoi's avatar
Thank you for your sweet comments. <3 
Sikkwolf's avatar
This is really beautiful, the design itself is impressive but the colors you used and how you present them are icing on that cake. It's a really, really wonderful piece.
Buta-Sakana's avatar
Look like a bit Entei!  éhéh You never tryed to suggest your work to Nintendo? ;P 
KikiTehEpic's avatar
Your art (Any everybody else's) Puts my art to shame. 

This is awesome doe ;3;
Riskikoi's avatar
As long as you're enjoying what you're doing you're fine. n_n

Thank you!
KikiTehEpic's avatar
You're welcome! 
Eredhys's avatar
The colours are very pretty, wonderful job!
Dark purplish blue + orange is the best <3
Rawr-Horse's avatar
hnnng, I remember watching you work on this in a livestream awhile back.
Great job, it turned out amazing ;u;
Riskikoi's avatar
O.O Someone still remembers I've livestreamed this! Coolio!

And thank you. ~
Rawr-Horse's avatar
;u; yesyes, Can't forget those lines, and the paws ohmygod <3

You are welcome!
Your style is beautiful~
Riskikoi's avatar
Diivon's avatar
wow, just wow o___O
dat is so epic!
i love your anatomy :la: (asdfghj, look at dat paws ;w; <3)
and your lineart and your shadig are amazing! 
Really well done, also the effects! <3
~ love it 
Riskikoi's avatar
Thank you very muchos. <3 *hugs*
Diivon's avatar
no problem dear *hugs back* <3

*whispers* ... you have to do anthros again,
you're the master of anthros! ;3 <3
Riskikoi's avatar
XD For some reason you people like my anthros! Hmm, we'll see if I get some ideas. ;3
Diivon's avatar
ehe, becuse your are the master of them x3
really....all this emotion, and this anatomy (how often shall i say this again 8D)
they are just perfect, 

Well, you are my biggest anthro (and paw) idol c: <3

Your style is just amazing ;D
Riskikoi's avatar
Awh, I'm going to blush! 
Diivon's avatar
i just say the truth owo
LeoKatana's avatar
Everything in this pic is so amazing! :wow::love: love the stylish flames, and his armor :love:
Riskikoi's avatar
Thank you! 83 
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