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Wuthering Heights Book Cover

Book cover design for Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
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Hi! I have a question. When people make book covers , do they do it from scratch? Or find some resources? Especially books that need things like , Realistic Ship,Houses and etc? 
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According to the modus operandi of the designer if he is a digital 2d artsit and work on programe like pgotoshop he using a stock and put them in a case Express of book .. or create a materials by him self like take photos by cam. or create illustration if he is a illustartor

my last book cover :)…
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simple and eye-catching ! <33
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love the minimalist approach - black, white and red always look so clean and crisp
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Hi.....I am an upcoming author....I also need a book cover. Pl advise me of your price and send any more samples that you have of book covers etc.....


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simple and beautiful
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I love the clean style
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This is nice, did you make the book mokup yourself? If not, where did you bring it from?
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very nice, loving the tree its all the cover needs
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oh i like this!
looks like something i would do :D

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Simple and Nice!
Nice Work!;)
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very nice - and i agree, clean.

have you read the book? or do you base the design off the summary?

i am getting into book design and album art, though i am not much of a reader :-\
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I've read the book about 5 times. I'm usually not much of a reader either, due to lack of time. But Wuthering Heights has been my favorite book since I read it in high school. :)
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haha, well that's helpful :)
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nice work by the way. very clean and well presented.
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