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CMSN - Sister Transformation

Commission for :iconnaruto212: who wanted a sequence transformation into Hinata's design here k1tty-marshmell0w.deviantart.c…
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So good 😍 ----- Hey! My name is Juniper. This little bit of text just appears on all my comments. I'm a queer artist in Scotland, really looking to find a lovely creative community here on dA: if you check out my work and think it's cool then I'd love to be friends 🥰🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Thanks for reading!

geez you guys sure are uneducated. the tags say thong. that is not a thong.

How to get that type of panties

I am loving this...😍

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And that's how it began . . . for me. I wanted a sister so I became my own.

Funny things is, many trans girls will sneak panties warn by a female with the hopes the closeness would change them

Sweet home Alabama

if only it were that easy

IWannaBeAMergirl's avatar

Aww she looks really cute!

She told him not to enter her room. Without asking. Two not to go through her lingerie drawer. Three because because you didn't listening too me. I decided to take precaution .Which you like them. You can wear a pair of your only, and I always wanted a sister too.

Why does that not happen to me? 😭

IWannaBeAMergirl's avatar

Ikr? I can't even get someone to tg role play with me xD

I'll be honest. I would do that. I could easily make a discord server for that

10darkbass10's avatar

wow well i would like to with you lol i'm not sure why no else wants to

IWannaBeAMergirl's avatar

You would!? Message my your discord!

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I find funny how the sister isn’t caring about the fact that #1 his brother just turned into a clone of her and #2 WHY he WAS in her room in the first place

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I love this drawing. Thats’s the reason why I asked SugarSausage to draw this:


It’s Sticks the Badger (Sonic Boom) dresses up as the girl in the comic.

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Ich hätte mir so eine "Bestrafung" gewünscht.
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Me no speak holocaust

IWannaBeAMergirl's avatar

That's not very nice.

noonehastookenthis's avatar

It wasn’t supposed to be.

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Es ist ein Traum. Sehen, "anprobieren", erwischt, gefangen darin.
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