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Soul on Fire

"Sometimes I still feel like I get surrounded by fire.
Sometimes I still get caught by the smoke and the heat.
but deep inside me lies this burning desire,
deep inside me golden flames and embers meet.

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
I survived because the most powerful weapon in the world is a soul on fire."

~Charlie Cahiera

It's kinda funny how I can go in all kinds of directions, but in the end of the day I always remember where it all started with. 
This woman here, ladies and gentleman, is the very first original character I have ever created. She is almost 13 years old now and has always been a big part of who I am and who I want to be.
Fire is not her only magical power, but somehow I have always admired her fire powers most. For me her fire resembles strength, courage, desire and many more things for me. She will never give up fighting.
She has been my imaginary friend, my role model, my inspiration and the reason I started painting Fantasy.
This lady is Charlie Cahiera, my rising angel.

A song to listen to while watching the painting :3 Listening to this song always reminded me of Charlie:…;
Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark

General Information:
Name: Charlie Cahiera
Gender: Female
Race(s): Half human, half Fae
Age: 40
Birthday/place of Birth: 25th of February / Fidylia 
Nationality: Niatarian
Length: 1.70m
Hobby's: Horseriding (mainly just for fun), painting, hanging out with friends.
Horses: Elvira Yelena, Furyno, Caldarado'najDesperado

Hair: Long, golden with hint of red, curly.
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Skin: slightly tanned, freckles.
Clothing: Dresses in all kinds of colours.

Parents: Jarindir x Cassidy
Brothers: N/A
Sisters: Kelly, Myrthe, Linara
Relationship: formal husband Hegon Blagdan 
Children: Diallo, SiyahGwenne, Shaleen

- Controls elemental magic: Fire, water, earth and air.
- She can switch between her human and fae appearance
- Knows how to handle a bow and arrow.
- Can also use her powers without using magic.
- Always sees the good in people even if they seem to be completely evil.

Charlie Cahiera was born in Fidylia, an old and now a deserted world. When Fidylia was under attack Charlie was still a baby. Dark forces threatened Charlies life and her parents sent her to another world to keep her safe. Charlie was raised in an orphanage. She has always been kind of a rebel and the people of the orphanage didn't really know how to handle her. All that the young Charlie wanted was break free and one day she did. She escaped from the orphanage and met Chirlie. A girl from her age who was born on the exact same day and turned out to be her soulmate. Chirlie taught Charlie how to use her magic and together they wanted to save the world. They were only 8 years old when they saved life after life. But everything changed when Charlie met a boy named Hemal. A boy with pitch black hair and icy blue eyes. Chirlie didn't trust him, but Charlie saw the good inside of him. She fell in love with him, but after a while Hemal disappeared. A few years later when the girls were 15 years old, Chirlie died in a tragic accident. Charlie saw it happening and was devastated after the death of her soulmate. A part of her died along Chirlie. 
A year later a messenger came for Charlie. Asking her for her help. Charlie refused at first, but decided to accept in the end. She went to another kingdom, Niatara, that was covered in darkness by the hand of the Blagdan family. Charlie had to train the lost princess, Lenora who one day walked back into her own realm, to fight. It ended in a battle and Charlie was shocked when she saw that Hemal was her oponent. Hemal had just been a fake name. His real name was Hegon Blagdan. He told her that Chirlie's dead had not been an accident. He killed her. Charlie got furious, but her rage got only turned against her and she got wounded in the war. Cascada healed her in her healing waters. It took Charlie a long time to recover. In the meantime she met a girl she knew from the orphanage and had been her best friend there, Celin. A lot had happened to her too in the past 15 years. 
In the end Charlie decided to face Hegon again, she wanted to know why he did this, but Hegon took control of her body and spirit and made her his wife. The Blagdan seer, Hegon, had other plans for her...

Charlie always wanted to be free. Free from the worlds prisons and she would do everything for her freedom and the freedom of others. As a child and teenager she was somewhat wild and rebellious. She choose her own path and did things her way. She had many dreams and plans to make the world a better place. Her fire burned bright and she was a cheerful and helpful child. She endured a lot of suffering and pain later untill she was finally freed from Hegons magic. Now she tries to make the best of what happened and to be the mother to her children that she wanted to be, but never could be under Hegons control.
She has been broken and has fallen to the ground many times, but she will always rise like the phoenix she is.
She shines a light for those who need it and lives by the words: Just one spark starts a fire.
She still wants to make the world a better place and will continue that mission for the rest of her life.

"The smallest spark ignites the fire that lies deep inside you,
and suddenly everything is possible."

omg I'm pretty proud on the outcome of this painting! :la:
After 2 years I have finally drawn her again! :wow:
for this painting I have tried to play with the lightning a bit and practiced curls! it was a lot of fun to do :la:

Name: Soul on Fire
Character: Charlie
Tools: Cintiq 22HD
Programmes: Photoshop CS5
Time spent on this piece: +/- 20 hours
Reference used:…
Prints of this painting are available!!:

Please don't use this without my permission! Content is all painted by me and is not for public use.
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Omg she is so beautiful :la: Gorgeous pic :la:
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Charlie... it's good to see you back c:
Ohh she looks amazing Angelss <3 I'm really impressed by her hands and hair honestly :XD:
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it's been so long :nuu:
Thanks Poison! :la: 
omg they were a pain in the butt but fun to practice! :D
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too long :stare:
You are very welcome :dummy:
Yesss! It seems like you're improving in humans as well!
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I'm sorry :cries: time just flew by :cries:
thanks! I'm trying XD and still learning new stuff every time!
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Well you don't have to apologize to me :lmao:
You know what, I still remember the big plottwist where in the end Siyah gets to hear that Charlie was manipulated by Hegon :')
(because I didn't suspect a thing and I was like 'whaaat' *mindblown*)
That's good, keep it up :la:
RisingAngelss's avatar… plottwist XD
you remember! :la:
yeah it was all Hegon's plan from the start :')
I'll try! :la:
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oh god :rofl:
of course! Because I just COULDN'T belieeeve Charlie would fall for a man like that, or that she'd treat her children like that ;n; so when I read that...
I was kind of proud that it 'wasn't really her'? (hope this makes sense haha)
Yeee :3
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yeah Charlie herself would never have done that xD I mean it's pretty crazy. 
Charlie did kinda fell for him though... his good side she believed in... but she couldn't change him xD
yes that makes sense! :3
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