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When the water meets the sky
Where your heart is free and hope comes back to life
When these broken hands are whole again
We'll find what we've been waiting for, we were made for so much more.…

General Information:
Name: Gwenne Blagdan
Gender: Female
Race(s): Human (with a mix of fairy and sorcerers blood which makes her magical)
Age: 17
Birthday/place of Birth: 05th of June / The United Isles of Niatara (Mezona, Niatara)
Nationality: Niatarian
Length: 1.72m
Hobby's: Horseriding, reading, drawing.
Horse(s): Elvira Yelena and Desperado.

Hair: Long, white, slightly curling.
Eyes: light blue, can glow when using magic.
Skin: very pale, won't get a tan easily. Has a scar on her neck from a piece of Siyah's mirror.
Clothing: A lot of white, dresses, very often wears jewelry.

Parents: HegonCharlie
Brothers: Diallo (elder brother)
Sisters: Siyah (twin sister) and Shaleen (little sister)
Relationship: None
Children: None

- She is a pure white soul.
- Controls magic in pure white form.
- Is a very good learner and studies a lot.

When Gwenne was born short after her twin sister Siyah, the people praised her like she was a gift from the heavens. It doesn't happen very often that white souls are born with humans. On Niatara, white souls are seen as angels who bring light and luck in the life of others. They say you can see the soul right through their body. They called her: 'The white one' or 'the pure' very often. Her mother saw her as her little angel and did everything for Gwenne. She had a pretty easy life. Everybody loved her and she got to do whatever she wanted. She wasn't allowed to speak with the sister who lived in her shadows. They were afraid that Siyah's darkness would affect the pure Gwenne. Her mother thaught her how to use her magic when she was six years old. She learned quickly and used her magic to help people all her life. She studied a lot and is just like the rest of her family a very quick learner.
One day when she was almost 17, she was studying in the garden. Just reading a book that was so interesting that she didn't hear anything around her, just sucked in her book. She felt how someone grabbed her hair and cut her throat with a sharp object. She passed out because of the bleeding which covered her pale skin and white hair. The first thing she remembered after that was waking up in Cascada's healing waters. They told her Siyah did this to her but she didn't understand why. Why had Siyah tried to kill her... Did she do something wrong to her? She wanted to ask but heard Siyah got banished.
She went on with her studie but what happened opened her eyes. Something seemed wrong with her family. Her father was always gone. Not that she really liked him... he never paid any attention to her but she didn't mind. What she didn't get was the fact that her mother didn't like Siyah? Why didn't she love her own daughter? Gwenne got told that Siyah was dark and bad and all but she couldn't imagine that that would hold you from loving her... In the years after what happened she tried to figure out what was going on.

Gwenne is a very sweet girl who is always there to help others. She walks around with a smile on her face and looks always cheerful and happy. A lot of people like her. She is pretty shy when she's around strangers and is not a big talker. She is not a very adventurous type and doesn't like fighting. She is scared pretty quickly and doesn't dare doing a lot of things. She is very careful and doesn't take risks.
She wants to do good and spread light with her pure white magic. She is very clever and likes to learn new things.
Altough her mother did a lot of things for her and gave her everything she wanted, she is absolutely not spoiled. She is always kind to everyone even to the ones who are mean to her.

The second character of the new story! :la:

Tools: Wacom Bamboo Fun pen&touch
Programmes: gimp 2.6
Time worked on this: about 8 hours

Please don't use this anywhere without my permission

Winner of the Best Daily Artwork :iconbeyond-art-music: at :iconbeyond-art-and-music: 
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She looks amazing!! :)
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Thank you very much! C:
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waauwiiee heel erg mooi noer :)
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The white princes has arrived :dummy:
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yes yes :D here she is :dummy:
The sweet white angel :')
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