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My Bio

dA only lets you pick one set of pronouns but while I primarily use they/them or it/its, he/him is fine too!

My ARPG account. I specialize in Aurotian Dragon Horses, Terravarians, and Thoroughbreds, but I'm trying to expand into other breeds. I also have Shedus and a few cervine breeds in other facilities!

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If you're looking for my other art, you can find me at Ieval-Anjael

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mother Mother, The Dead South, Hozier, The HU, Alan Walker, Wintergatan
Favourite Books
Les Miserables, Good Omens, Dune
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaiman, Maia Kobabe
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Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Horse Isle 3
Tools of the Trade
Wacome One tablet; traditional media (mostly coloured pencils and ink)
This was such a blast last year, so I really wanted to do it again this year! I really do love this community, and it always feels nice to give back a little bit. For those of you who weren't here for my giveaway last year, some quick little rules (and a little refresh for those of you who participated in 2022) : :bulletgreen: If you're new and have 5 or less Shedus (including genos), you can request a pair of slots. This pair must be used together. I make no promises that it'll be anything spectacular, but I'll try my best to at least give you something fun! :bulletblack: These slots must be used by the end of 2024 (December 2024 season). If that doesn't work out for you, though, please feel free to contact me and we can try to work out an extension (; :bulletgreen: These slots cannot be sold, traded, or gifted but can be split. :bulletblack: They'll be mostly male slots, just to ensure there aren't any double-bookings on any of my female cats. I mostly have classics, Asians, a
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Before I get any crap for the journal i'll be posting shortly (because istg it happens every year lmao; usually multiple times a year) -- show judgings are still in progress. Judging my Pride show is always a very long process because I sit down and give every single entry the same amount of attention in my judging to keep things fair, and with the sheer amount of entries to the HARPG one alone it's gonna take a while. Add to that the fact that I've gotta do my part of the judging for the Shedus one, too, and that just tacks on even more time. Then on top of that, my tablet is still out of commission, so even after I get results journals out it'll likely be a while before I'm able to do ribbons and trophies and such. TL:DR, just be patient with me lmao i'm literally just one guy
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ugh ok so like i know i still need to judge the pride shows; i intend to do that around nov 2-5 since i (hopefully) won't have a car during that period if ford can get their act together and get the part they need to fix my car. i know i still owe like 2 people art, which i will get done once i replace my tablet pen hopefully after i get paid on the 1st that said, my finances went to shit this week. a bill that was supposed to have gone through weeks ago went through last night and i'm now sitting on a $30 overdraft, but i need to get gas so i can get to work today — and again, i don't get paid u til the 1st, possibly later since they said they're not direct depositing this check. I’m looking to sell a lot of arpg stuff for usd via paypal. slots, imports, genos, whatever. i mostly have shedus and a handful of harpg breeds, as well as of course my real breed horses like king. feel free to offer on whatever you're interested in; I’m less willing to part with critters I’ve drawn a lot
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breaks down your door

Do you happen to be selling slots to this absolute bean?

Mishka F-90132

Would love to nab a slot or two to him if so! Would also be open to a split and will have a 50% female slot once the permission gets unlocked for a split(AP checking bleugh ) :D

Otherwise would be willing to do any PBs and AP to unlock new slots c:

sdsdgkjlsdkgjsdg i fully thought i'd already responded to you here but i guess not; sorry!

i'm not sure whether i plan on selling/trading/splitting many slots to him but we'll see; i'll def poke ya once i get him healed up (bc liv def wouldn't let him breed before he gets a medical a-okay) and we can see (:

Sweet! I’d love to be poked :D

(for any cub sales as well if it isn’t any trouble 👀)

Thank you so much for the fav! :D Happy Pride Month to you! rainbow flag waving

you're so welcome!! happy pride to you as well rainbow heart

Happy day of borth! xD :heart: