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Within the ruined streets of Andalusst City, one can see the desolation and destruction by simply glancing either side of themselves. Along one of these streets, a Pidgeot, Meowth, and Pansage could be seen walking along. Their merry way..

Looking closer to the three, it appears the the Meowth is admiring an odd purple hat in his hands, the Pansage with a new bow-tie with a sunflower attached is surveying the ruined streets on both sides of them, and the Pidgeot is ahead of the two, leading the way to somewhere...

“I can't believe that fluffy what-ch-ma-called made this!” Devin gasped in amazement at the hat in his hands, “This hat that looks just a Sableye near mountain caves at the Shrouded Forest outskirts. The detail looks so spot on!”

Hearing the cats amazement and pleased with it, Julia the Pidgeot glanced backward, “For the record Devin, Chantelle is a Furfrou. Second, I did tell you that Chantelle is a Master Tailor. Third, she has more than enough to to make works of art since she has a firm business tailoring clothes and accessories to the citizens and Guild members”

Taking attention to the conversation, Renji looks away from the ruined streets to Julia, “So I presume that red scarf you're wearing is from Chantelle's Tailoring as well?”

“Well not exactly.” She replied with a tilt of her head, :I received this scarf when I was a young Pidgey and have grown with it. It's one of most cherished possession...”

“Oh...” Was all the monkey could say as he resumed walking. Yet with his eyes focused on the area around him, he had noticed that they were heading in a direction unknown, “Hold on. This doesn't seems like the way we came from the Researchers Guild? Where are we going?”

Glancing back to the Pansage as they continued to walk, Julia grinned as she began, “Well now that we have your registration and accessories in order, I thought I would show you a place where you can start working and ask around for you friend.”

“No fooling?!” Devin asked with a mixture of surprise and rhetoricalness, “Where?!”

As Julia's grin faded glaring at Devin, she returns her gaze to the silent monkey, “As I was saying before I was interrupted, there are these small open areas located near each Guild Headquarters where Pokemon gather to mingle, look for help, or relax.”

“So you're saying it'd be a good place to ask around right?” Devin asked once again in a more realistic tone.

Once again, Julia's face stayed still on Devin for a few moments, then returns her sights to Renji, “I'm sure if you two start your Researching reputation helping out others, then they would gladly exchange information if asked.”

Seeing the bird flat out ignore him, Devin glares at Julia realising she's gonna ignore him until she hears something of interest. Taking his sights off of the group to around them, he sees something interesting in the distance, “Is that that place you're talking about?” He asks pointing to an open area ahead of them

Now saying worth interest, Julia take a look ahead of them. There was indeed and open area similar to a park or market ahead, with the unusual exception of a crowd of Pokemon bundled near what looks like a message board...

“What's going on?” Renji asks Julia  as he look to as he too notices the area and situation ahead, “Is there something of interest in this area today?”

Gazing ahead and taking quick looks and the message board, Julia stops, resulting in the others behind him to do so, “If my assumption is right, then this is something to 'help the process along'...” She ominously replies as she flies off to the crowd.

Also intrigued yet afraid of those words, Devin and Renji ran ahead to the crowd. Then in mere moments upon reaching to the group, the two wormed their way from the back to the to the front. Once there, they found out what captivated everyones attention was indeed a message board. Filled to the brim with small notes, fully written letters, and scrolls of paper pinned to it... What was so special about it?...

Still puzzled, Devin pushed Renji to see them witness a Haunter and a Ralts grab a note of paper of the board, “Okay!” The Haunter said aloud, “This seems easy.” Then with this, the duo walk away...

Now more puzzled at the message board, Julia flies in from above the crowd of Pokemon to the Meowth and Pansage's left beside them, “Just as I thought.” She spoke up as if knowing the answer to their questions, “The Pokemon here witnesses Guild Leaders instating Errands Board.”

“Errands Board?” Renji asked as he looked back of forth from the bird and board, “It looks like a regular Message board where one writes down news and other things for a community to see.”

“I guess that indeed does seems similar.” Julia replies nodding her head, “But this message board is different as it doesn't display news or current events, but Errands. In simplicity, they are small requests that can pop from time to time. They can be completed regardless of ones Guild or stats, and will typically reward 1 or 2 star coins, making them a good way for slacking or disabled teams to participate with the Guilds if they feel unable to meet full blown Guild Missions.”

“So that's what you meant by 'help the process along'...” Renji muttered in realisation as he placed his hand to him chin, “If there is a main location of small tasks to help out the citizens, then that eliminates the need to scour high and low looking for them. Immediately quickening you proposed idea.”

Getting tired of sitting around listening to two 'geniuses' talk about everything, Devin looks to the two 'mons with irritation, “So does that mean we can hurry up and do some errands?!” He asks with obvious irritation in his tone, “The sooner we do one, the sooner we get it done, ask for info on Kel, and get our reward.”

Then before Julia could glare at the cat or Renji could complain about his one track mind, he walks up to the Errand Board and quickly scans it. In a few moments or so, he takes a note of paper off the board and returns to the group.

“Always so easy for you to just go and 'do' something huh?...” Renji mutters face-palming himself with embarrassment, “So what errand did you get?”

Grinning slyly, Devin shows the paper to the Pansage, “Don't worry Renj. All we have to do is change some words and graffiti made around the Downtown areas, in alleyways, even on some restaurant walls.” As Renji scans through the paper Devin continues, “The way I see it, we could ask around Downtown if there's been an overly happy Water Type asking to help others out.”

After finishing the errands contents, he folds it up and puts it in his head bush for safe keeping, “While that does seem a tad  odd to look at, it does fit Kel's characteristics to be oblivious happy to where ever she goes...”

“Just who is this girl to be so oblivious to her surroundings?” Julia mumbles, unsure if there friend was just dense or something else all together.

Looks up to Julia, Renji places his hands this chin and thinks,  “It'd take more time to explain than her other odd habits. Instead, could you please show us the way to the Downtown area?”

“Of course.” Julia nods as she flies a foot above them in the air, “But before we do, I suggest getting some water, scrubs, and paint...”

Not leaving room for back chatting or otherwise, Julia flies off, leaving the new;y Researcher duo to follow behind on foot...
Part 1: HERE
Part 2:…

Team True Connection:…

Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

OKAY!!! So I've got a day or so to submit my FIRST ERRAND for my new team in a new world!!! GREAT!!!
Anyway, This chapter was more of an introduction to Errands, story plot for my team, and new interactions between my new NPC (App will come out soon).

NOW! Let's get on to see what will happen for Errand 1!!! :D:D:D

Devin, Renji, Julia belong to me.
Haunter (Dread) and Ralts (Serene). AKA Team Darkos belong to :iconlordgengar:

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Ohohoho. Dread is being cocky. Thanks for the cameo anyway