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Rules for Members

Anyone who wishes to join will be automatically accepted! :dummy:

1. Only members can submit art, and all types of art are accepted.
2. Please make sure to submit to the correct folder. If you are unsure where your art belongs, submit to the "Other" folder.
3. You may submit a maximum of two submissions per folder each day.
4. You may submit a maximum of one submission into the "Critique Me" folder per week.
5. For mature art, please select the appropriate mature filter when submitting to deviantART.
6. Group affiliate requests are always welcome.

Please be respectful to other deviants. :huggle:

Folder Submission Guide

For the most part, our gallery follows the same type of categorization as deviantART's gallery submissions.

:bulletred: Members cannot submit here
:bulletgreen: Members can submit here

:bulletred: Featured
Features the winning entries of past group contests.

:bulletgreen: Wrong Folder
If you do not select the correct folder to submit your art to, your art will end up in this folder. Every once in a while, the admins move the artworks in this folder to the correct one.

:bulletgreen: Current Prompt Challenge
Submit your entries to the current prompt challenge here. Prompt challenges are held twice a month.

:bulletgreen: Digital Art 3
Digital drawings and paintings, photomanipulations, pixel art, fractals, etc.

:bulletgreen: Manga and Anime 2
Regardless of the medium, any artwork that is done in manga or anime style belongs in this folder. This folder accepts traditional, digital, or mixed media manga and anime work.

:bulletgreen: Traditional Art 2
Traditional drawings and paintings, collages, printings, etc.

:bulletgreen: Fan Art
Fan art done in any medium

:bulletgreen: Artisan Crafts
Ceramics, jewelry, weaving, culinary arts, plushies, woodwork, etc.

:bulletgreen: Cartoons and Comics
Cartoons, comics, and mangas done in any medium

:bulletgreen: Resources, Tutorials, and Stock Images
Textures, fonts, brushes, stock, tutorials, etc.

:bulletgreen: dA Related
Stamps, memes, adoptables, journal skins, etc.

:bulletgreen: Photography
All types of photography, including people and portraits, abstract and surreal, still life, nature, etc.

:bulletgreen: Literature
Any kind of literature including prose, poetry, screenplay etc. Please do not submit journals here.

:bulletgreen: Other
Submit here if you are unsure where to submit your artwork, or if your artwork does not fit in any of the folders above. The most common submissions into this folder are artisan crafts, designs and interfaces, and deviantART related.

:bulletgreen: Critique Me
Submit here if you would like your artwork to be critiqued by one of the admins of this group. Because of the number of submissions, not all of the artworks in this folder will receive critiques. However, we try our best to give out as many critiques as we can each month.

:bulletred: Critiques
The admins' critiques on artwork that had been submitted to the Critique Me folder.

:bulletred: Past Contest Entries
The entries to all of our past contests and prompt challenges.

:bulletred: FULL Digital Art 2
Our second folder of Digital Art (now full)

:bulletred: FULLDigital Art
Our first folder of Digital Art (now full)

:bulletred: FULL Traditional Drawing
Our first folder of Traditional Drawing (now full)

:bulletred: FULL Manga and Anime
Our first folder of Anime and Manga art (now full)

Rules for Admins

Same rules apply for the admins, except Co-Founders can submit an unlimited number of critiques each day into the Critiques folder.

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HellMagik666's avatar
excuse me can i submit flash game? if i can then where?
TrinitySage's avatar
So would you submit journal into the other folder or?
SimplySilent's avatar
Journals can go in the other folder. :)
TrinitySage's avatar
oh okay, thanks for getting back to me on that ^_^
Kohaya7Koizu's avatar
I'd love to join... :blush:
Shancuss's avatar
i have a few questions :?
SarcasmNymph's avatar
I dont mind helping you if you may. 
Shancuss's avatar
Is yaoi alowed and if so like hardcore or just a littel 
SarcasmNymph's avatar
As long as it follows the deviant art rules and has an appropriate folder ( as in mature, strict or moderate, what type of mature content, etc.) its allowed. Also you can only submit two submissions daily. Please submit to the correct folder and Thats all folks :D
Shancuss's avatar
thanks sooooo much 
SarcasmNymph's avatar
You are most welcome. That's my job. :D (Part of it anyway)
r3ach0ne's avatar
What's your question?
Shancuss's avatar
ummm can u submit stories and can they be yaoi hard.core or no and also what is the limmit on the drawings like how much they can show :? 
r3ach0ne's avatar
Well I put it this way.
Generally we have no rules on what you can submit, but always be sure to turn mature tag on (if needed). And do take into account that people may be offended by your art, so keep it at a reasonable level. Also be sure to follow DA policis on what is allowed to submit.
Shancuss's avatar
thank u and i will :) 
Cody-H's avatar
No rules on what exactly is allowed to be submitted?
PizzaPotatoNBacon's avatar
That does make sense; but there's the "wrong folder" folder. Oh well.
SimplySilent's avatar
Akiyata's avatar
I don't believe we have any rules against that. As long as you put a filter on things that should have them, I think it's fine. But don't submit anything really offensive toward other people. That's pretty much it, I think. Just remember to submit to the correct folder :D
H-U-G-G-A-B-L-E's avatar
hey, i'm interested in joining your group if you need more help, let me know :)
SimplySilent's avatar
Sure, that would be wonderful! ^^ Would you like to be a contributor or a co-founder?
H-U-G-G-A-B-L-E's avatar
I'm pretty active on Dev, so i could probably fulfil the needs of a Co-Founder.
SimplySilent's avatar
Awesome! Here's what you can do:

Whenever you're up for it, pick any artwork from the Critique Me folder, do a critique, and send me the link for it (you won't be able to submit it to the group yet)

Guidelines and rules for critiquing can be found here: [link]

I'll take a look at the critique to make sure everything's alright and then I'll invite you as co-founder. Feel free to comment if you have any questions (:
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