Feature O' Friends #41

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Time for another issue of Feature O' Friends! This series is aimed at developing and nurturing community spirit by allowing members to suggest a friend to be featured in the next issue. Those who suggest a friend will also have their art featured as well. :deviation:

How to Feature

Interested? Come on, we'd love to see who you're willing to suggest! But before you do any suggesting, here are some guidelines and steps you should take in order to participate.
  1. First, think of a friend who you think deserves a feature, and write up to 5 sentences why you think your friend should be featured.
  2. Choose two deviations from their gallery and paste the thumb codes of them here. Make sure to delete the last : from the thumb code so that it is easier for us to copy and paste.
  3. Also include the thumb codes of two of your own artworks.
  4. Submit your suggestion as a comment on this journal, and wait for you and your friend to be featured in the next issue. :happybounce:

:la: While not necessary, feel free to use the form below upon suggesting (in case you feel confused about all of this):

I'm suggesting:
[insert write up here]
Examples of their gallery: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000
My work: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000

:iconeggbalm: eggbalm

I'm suggesting eggbalm. She's my best friend IRL that has only just joined deviantART and so naturally she's really unknown in our community. She's been around for me as a mentor-figure, helping me out with anatomy and composition- really a backstage figure behind my own big pieces. She deserves so much and so I just want to shine a light on this lovely artist for the world!

Suggested by: rainbownote

Friend's Works

Suggester's Works

Elsa the Snow Queen by rainbownote Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica! by rainbownote

:iconn-a-v-r-a-s: N-a-v-r-a-s

I'd like to suggest my boyfriend, N-a-v-r-a-s. He started his adventure with art not so long ago, but is making really amazing improvements. I'd like to feature him because he needs some motivation and exposure, he is doing his best to improve but is greatly discouraged by the lack of feedback. Besides, his art has something to it - a soul on it's own and a great story behind every piece. He has a great ability to make the viewers connect with the world he creates and nurtures.

Suggested by: vexnir

Friend's Works

:thumb482735059:  :thumb469942928:

Suggester's Works

the defiled utopia. by vexnir :thumb484750671:

:iconwesley-souza: Wesley-Souza

I'm suggesting@ Wesley-Souza. This is a my friend, good and talented man. His work is very interesting and emotional. I think that he deserves, that his work was rewarded.

Suggested by: MariaSemelevich

Friend's Works

Enter Here by Wesley-Souza   Amazonia - Desktopography Exhibition 2014 by Wesley-Souza

Suggester's Works

Cyber- Eve by MariaSemelevich Memento Memoria by MariaSemelevich

:iconmitchera-elroy: Mitchera-Elroy

He's actually my brother, even though he feels like the greatest friend I ever had in my entire life. He makes amazing artwork! Which sadly doesn't get the views he REALLY deserves. He specializes in traditional manga artworks using graphite. It is an honour to feature my amazing brother. He has pretty good artworks you should check out!

Suggested by: XTheFreedomFighterX

Friend's Works

The Protagonists by Mitchera-Elroy Yukharri Tassharri {old} by Mitchera-Elroy

Suggester's Works

Red vs Red by XTheFreedomFighterX Something Special for Grandma (Old) by XTheFreedomFighterX

:iconayelk: Ayelk

She is so very talented! She has a colorful, cartoonish-like style and has a good eye for composition. She's been a deviant member for so long too, I'm really surprised she doesn't have more watchers. I really hope you consider featuring her. She could use some love.

Suggested by: Marsamel

Friend's Works

Sunflowers by Ayelk Kimono by Ayelk

Suggester's Works

:thumb475581603: :thumb478571810:

:icontajii-chan: Tajii-chan

I've been an avid watcher of Tajii-chan for years now and I'm often amazed at her awesome art. Aside from being an awesome artist she is also an awesome contest holder and a deviant with a kind heart. She is very generous in her comments and her art is always made with love. I mean just look at that TRADITIONAL colouring!

Suggested by: moonlight-fox

Friend's Works

Harper Heart Character Sheet by Tajii-chan Amethyst by Tajii-chan

Suggester's Works

Gaia Commission: I Ichigo Senpai I by moonlight-fox Gaia Commission: Ornithogale by moonlight-fox

That's it for this week quys! Beautiful artworks, as always! Keep up the good work! :happybounce:

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Hi, I'd like to suggest Woodsie-one ( woodsie-one.deviantart.com/ ); He's an Ashlander strolling through the internet, leaving some really thoughtful comments and helping me improve. And also giving me lots of motivation by making a lot of progress himself! He mostly draws game-related pictures (Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Dishonored), which are definatelly worth checking out!
His artwork: :thumb474132681 :thumb441677022
Mine: :thumb487763210 :thumb485421642
Wesley-Souza's avatar
thank you :happybounce: and thank you dear MariaSemelevich  :tighthug: Meow :3 
MariaSemelevich's avatar
You're welcome! For a true friend Hug 
rainbownote's avatar
Thank you so much for putting forward my suggestion for the feature! This is such a lovely feature that you guys run, keep up the great work! <3
Tajii-chan's avatar
Aw, this is so sweet! And that little comment there just made my day ;v; Comments like this really make me feel warm inside :heart:

Oh, but I believe my username is spelt wrong. ouo There are two ii's in it :D But thank you for the feature, really appreciate it!
moonlight-fox's avatar
You definitely deserve it! :D 
Glad I was able to suggest you!
Thanks Rising-Artists  
Tajii-chan's avatar
:icontearplz: //sending you infinite amounts of love <3
Falonian's avatar
Ah, my bad, I fixed it for you! Trails of ashamed.
Tajii-chan's avatar
No, it's okay! ^u^ Thank you so much once again :heart:
Falonian's avatar
You're welcome!
ZauriArt's avatar
I'm suggesting :icon12hinata: 12hinata
She's a special friend for me, as we share many similiar hopes. She was who showed me DeviantArt and thanks to her I'm here now. She draws very cute magical girls, but it's a shame she has not many time to do many drawings, so at least I would like to give her a little surprise with a feature :)
Here are two of her drawings: :thumb285067208  :thumb321172571: 

And here are two of my drawings:  :thumb487548639  :thumb451425941
RgDraw's avatar
Hello !
i'd like to suggest Ayane45 (ayane45.deviantart.com/ ) a really good friend of mine, she's really good but lack of confidence so that's why i think she deserved to be more known. she's amazing and she don't realize it.
She's a traditional artist and does some digital work sometimes, it's mostly fan art of french youtubers recently but it's really cool ! :D
so here's some of her artwork : :thumb482451525  :thumb488238573 ( in case the thumbs don't work : fav.me/d82onal fav.me/d7z8lz9 )

here's mine : :thumb476485012: :thumb485200987:  ( in case the thumbs don't work : fav.me/d7voq6s fav.me/d80vjh7 )

hope the thumbs works, sometimes it does sometimes not :(
edit : it doesn't work :/
Mitchera-Elroy's avatar
Hey thanks man for featuring me I appreciate it
blekimaru's avatar
u r welcome ^^
u have lovely style, keep practicing :) (Smile) 
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