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Countdown to end of Prompt Challenge #31

Countdown ended
Sunday, April 1st @ 12:00am

Last Event: Prompt Challenge #31 - St. Patrick's Day

The results for Prompt Challenge #31 - St. Patrick's Day are now here! Congrats to all, and thank you to everyone who participated!

:party: Have a birthday in June? Leave a comment below with your birth-date so we can feature you at the end of the month! 

209 deviants said I don't have a birthday in June! (Don't worry, your month will come!)
90 deviants said I have a birthday in June! (Make sure to comment below with your birth-date!)

Feature O' Friends #100

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 7:45 PM by iSeppe:iconiseppe:

Hello everyone! iSeppe here with another issue of Feature O' Friends! this series is meant to develop and nurture a community spirit! We allow members to suggest a friend to feature in the next issue, and those who suggest can have their artwork featured as well! :deviation:

How to Feature

Interested? Come on, we'd love to see who you're willing to suggest! But before you do any suggesting, here are some guidelines and steps you should take in order to participate:
  1. First, think of a friend who you think deserves a feature, and write up to 5 sentences why you think your friend should be featured.
  2. Choose two deviations from their gallery and paste the thumb codes of them here. Make sure to delete the last : from the thumb code so that it is easier for us to copy and paste.
  3. Also include the thumb codes of two of your own artworks.
  4. Submit your suggestion as a comment on this journal, and wait for you and your friend to be featured in the next issue. :happybounce:

:la: While not necessary, feel free to use the form below upon suggesting (in case you feel confused about all of this):

I'm suggesting:
[Insert write up here]
Examples of their gallery: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000
My work: :thumb000000000 :thumb000000000

:iconkaisakuris: kaisakuris

She's one of the kindest persons I've ever met! She's extremely supportive and always favors communication when there is a conflict.
Art wise, she really likes colouring, which makes her one of the best collab partners in crime =D And when she doesn't do colouring, she makes some very creative and interesting shapes ^^

Suggested by: LualaDy

Friend's Works

Mermay 2018 by kaisakuris Inktober #1 by kaisakuris

Suggester's Works

Masters of deception [collab] by LualaDy Misty [Patreon reward] by LualaDy

:iconclumsydemonwithfire: clumsydemonwithfire

She is the VERY first Deviant to EVER follow me and has offered the truest most endearing support for over 10 years! She is also creating her very own manga called Devil's Path! I've had the privilege of seeing her art grow and improve + Little sneak peaks of the full story!!! She is dedicated to her work and has come so far! I'm pleased to call her a true friend! (And since I STILL haven't managed to mail her her B-day present, I owe her one- Please consider featuring her work)

Suggested by: Pink-Hare

Friend's Works

Daily Drawing: Give Me a Real Smile by clumsydemonwithfire OC Jon: Acting Casual by clumsydemonwithfire

Suggester's Works

Across Dimensions by Pink-Hare Concept Page 3 by Pink-Hare

:iconrevivedracer209: Revivedracer209

The reason I 'm suggesting him is that he does amazing video game artwork. But the most favorites I've liked from him is his F-Zero artwork. With graphics and colorful designs, he makes the most wonderful F-Zero artwork in this entire website. He also has friends that likes F-Zero as well. So, if you are a F-Zero fan, then go check him out!

Suggested by: BerryWatterson777

Friend's Works

Black Shadow darkness by Revivedracer209 Black Shadow's Trap by Revivedracer209

Suggester's Works

Mature Content

Mature Content

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and suggested these amazing artists! Congrats to the featured artists and again, if you hope to be featured next time, don't forget to get your friend suggestions in!

Skin by SimplySilent
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Feature O' Friends:

Feature O' Friends

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This weekly series (published on Thursdays) is meant to develop and nurture a community spirit! We allow members to suggest a friend to feature in the next issue, and those who suggest can have their artwork featured as well!

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